Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~September 30, 2009~

Tomorrow I get my maternity photographs made. I'm a little nervous and I hope that at least some turn out ok. After all, I'm not one of those cute little women with a little baby belly! So wish me luck! Hunt is coming with me and maybe I can talk him into being in a few pictures. The photographer said that they can let him paint my belly. I bet he will like we'll see.

Friday I have an OB appointment, so grandma is picking up Hunt at pre-school and taking him to McDonald's to eat lunch. He's already looking forward to that!...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~September 29, 2009~

One more day left in the month of September...can you believe it?!

So here are the photos that go with yesterday's post. The quilt, bunny, bibs, burpies and Hunt's deer lease photos...

leaf bib...

Deer lease...

Today Hunt and I made a trip to the library. We had not been in a while(like since Spring), and needed to start going back. Hunt didn't want to go to story time, just to get books. Afterwards we made a stop at the park for about 45 minutes and got to run some stink off of us...and get some of our energy out. It was a nice morning to be outdoors.

Tomorrow is Pre-School and Thursday I'm planning on having some maternity photos taken. I know it's kind of late to be doing so, but I really wanted some to look back on and reflect upon. I didn't have any made when I was pregnant with Hunt and now wish I had. So with this more than likely being my last pregnancy, I wanted some. It will just be me in the photos unless they can talk Hunt into being in a few. Hubs will be working. I hope all goes well and some if not all turn out good.

I called Hunt's pediatricians office today to ask about the flu shots. They ALWAYS send a post card in the mail telling us that they have the vaccines ready and to make an appointment etc. Well this year I never got one! So like I said I called them and was told that they are already out of them! So I kindly said that I never got a notification through the mail that you were administering them. She told me that they were calling everyone this year instead of mailing a notice! Well isn't that nice...calling EVERYONE???? As in who, because I never got a phone call! I guess they started with the "A's" and ran out before they hit the "H's"! Which to me is kinda unfair. At least with mailing the notices it gave EVERYONE a chance to go as soon as they can, not just certain last name letters. And now they won't have any more until the end of October! So now I'll have to take him somewhere else to get one! It just sort of hit me wrong I guess!!!

::Pregnancy Photos 37 Weeks::

Monday, September 28, 2009

birthday wishes and prenancy worries...

~September 28, 2009~

I Can't believe the weekend flew by so fast! Where did it go?

I did have a nice one though. Did some re-arranging/cleaning and sewing/crafting. I made a quilt for Miss Emma that Hunt will give her on the day she's born as well as finished a stuffed bunny. So he will give her the quilt, bunny and the Emma bracelet. And he'll get, from her, the army vehicles(that I posted about in the last posting or so),some army men and 2 big brother books. I'll post a photo of the blanket on the next posting. I didn't get the photo of it yet. I also worked on a bib and burp cloth set as well as a burp cloth to go with a previous bib that I made.
I started to paint some of the wooden people that I got Hunt to go with sets for Christmas to.

Hunt and daddy had a fun time at the deer lease. Daddy said that he behaved pretty well and didn't give him too many problems. The stayed Friday night in a hotel and Saturday night in the mobile hunting trailer. Hubs said that Hunt didn't want to go to sleep Sat. night. I guess too much excitement. It was Hunt, hubs and two other friends there. Of course he couldn't was like a big slumber party in the woods! Hunt had a couple of run-ins with the cactus, but other than that was fine.
They were there to work and stuff so I'm surprised that hubs took any photos at all. I guess he knew I would enjoy them and would be a little upset if I didn't get just one photo! So he took about 4 for me.
I'll also load up the deer lease photos next time and show them as well. Mama's kinda lazy right now!!!

Today would have been my dad's birthday. And although we didn't speak much before he pasted and I still resent him for so many things, I do wish him a Happy Birthday!
And tomorrow will be my cousin Gary's Birthday "Go-gee"!

I'm at 37 weeks now!
I had an OB appointment today. The sonogram looked good, but by the measurements it seems that baby E only grew a weeks worth in a 2 week period. But Tracy(sonogram guy) said she looks good and is doing what she's suppose to.
So when I saw Dr Luna I asked her if I should be concerned. She told me not at all. That all 10 things that they look/check and test for on the sonogram was perfectly fine. Well...I'm still worried a little! It just doesn't seem right! Maybe his measurements were a little off?! Yeah...that's it!!!(my attempt at making myself fell better)
Anyway she weighs 6 pounds 3 ounces now!
Dr Luna said that depending on how she and I are doing this Friday when I go back, we may have her next week or the following week. So at the latest she'll be a week earlier than her due date I guess. I would just rather it happen naturally and not have to be induced! But I know that with my issues of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes it may be best.

Friday, September 25, 2009

22 days...

~September 25, 2009~

We all made it to Friday!

And thank goodness for that! Our week has been a little tough since Hunt decided to act out alot the last few days. But we made it and now he and daddy are out of town.
Now for a little rest and arranging time for mama and maybe some sewing and crafting thrown in there to.

Actually not much...Miss E is still looking good(compared to the sono) and sounding good(by the heart rate Doppler thingy). I had an appointment today with the OB.
22 more days until her official due date! Oh my!!! Will I make it??? We'll have to see. And I'm still thinking about getting photos made. I need to check into that early next week! I'm so bad at waiting and thinking and waiting and contemplating!!!!!

Oh and I got my hair done today! Yay! I'm not even going to tell you how long it has been since I last had something done to it...let's just say...months!!! So I'm feeling a whole lot better. Don't we always feel better after getting our hair done?!

Have a Great Weekend and we'll catch up a bit next week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

~September 24, 2009~

Happy Thursday to you all!

Hunt and I didn't do much today. I was low on energy for some reason. We did take a walk around the block this afternoon and ran to meet up with another KECPTA mom(our treasurer)to hand off the Casa Manana play payments that I received. Afterwards we made a quick trip into the Walmart Market to grab a few odds and ends and back home.

Hunt and daddy are planning another guy weekend. They will be heading out to the deer lease tomorrow to spend the weekend. Awwww a quiet house again! I could get use to it! Although I do miss them when they are gone. 2 days without my little will I cope? I know they will have fun and Hunt will get to wear his new hunting boots daddy bought him. He's super excited! Hope my guys are safe and have lots of FUN!!!

I whipped this little skirt up last night. I needed some relax time and this was just the trick. Hunt and I were not seeing eye to eye yesterday and it was not pleasant!
It's around a size 12 months, but the waist seems a bit too large. I may have to adjust the elastic some. I went by the instructions...sort of, so that's probably why it may not be just right.

Can you tell I'm trying to do better on my posting? I hate to have them run a week or so behind. It's harder for me to get everything on here and longer for you to read the blog...right?!...

If I don't talk to you before end of day tomorrow or the weekend...Have a Happy Friday and a Super Fun Weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hands to yourself...

~September 23, 2009~

Hunt and I made a little bracelet for lil sis a while back, but I thought it needed some silver, so here's the revised version.

So today at pre-school Hunt was somewhat better. On Monday Miss Rebecca had a chat with me and it seems that he had a problem keeping his hands to himself. Ughhh...hugging and pushing seems to be a problem. We explained to him that it isn't ok to push and that not everyone likes hugs. And if he feels he must give out a hug, go to Miss Rebecca or Miss Presley and give them one.
Today he had an issue with climbing on the table and he had to sit time out. I hope he's better Friday! Even at home this afternoon and evening he's been a stinker! Not listening or making good choices. I'm not sure what his issue was today at home.

Look what came in the mail today! Yippee!!! All from ETSY!

The wool felt birds nest I had made for Emma's baby mobile and some wooden army vehicles I got for Hunt. The vehicles will actually be given to Hunt by Emma at the hospital when she arrives. A sweet Big Brother gift from her to him! He'll love them! And for the nest I will add ribbon for hanging and some sewn birds I made for her baby bed mobile. My vision of it seems cute enough, so I hope when I get it put together it will look adorable.

That's about it. Just thought I would send this little post out today...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

oh computers...

~September 22, 2009~

Gotta love computers and blogger...
I was going to post this yesterday, but I couldn't get all the photos to download! So it's going out today. And I still didn't get to add all the poop I wanted to on this one!!!...

Hunt and Hubs made it home Sunday afternoon! Hunt pucked in the truck twice on the way back though! My poor little babe! But he seems to be feeling fine! Maybe he got a little car sick or something. He's never got car sick before...who knows!
He and daddy had a great time! He told me all about the military museum and the tanks, helicopters and trucks that they saw. "There was even a truck with a big cooker on it mama!"...he said. Hubs said it was a small truck with a tank looking back. And the back was a grill/cooker. Kinda cool! They ate at one of our favorite Mexican food places in Kerrville and stayed at a hotel. After dinner they drove around and spotted lots of white tail deer and axis deer. Hunt and daddy also drove out to a place that has huge rocks and statues like Stonehinge and Easter Island. I've been before and it's pretty cool!
Hunt came back with some post card pictures, military patches(one made especially for him with our last name on it) and another play gun.
And look...hubs did take photos! Yay hubs! Here are some from their weekend...

Side note...hubs said that while he and Hunt were eating he saw Sandra Bullock! Or at least he said she looked JUST like her with a camo ball cap on pulled way down. I've heard that she did have a place out in the Hill who knows...

Here are the photos of the multi-sensory adding/workbook activity I partially made. I purchased the workbook and made the felt veggies and buggies.

The veggies are to be taken out of the grocery bag and put in the bowl for our imaginary turtle. While this is done, we work on our adding as shown in the workbook. The buggie one is as simple as going by our workbook and adding the bugs in our bug jar.

This weekend I ran into Hobby Lobby just to check on some little wooden people that I've been seeing on ETSY. You can add a felt hat and cape to make gnomes out of them or paint them to look like people. So anyway, I went to Hobby Lobby to see if they sold them unfinished. And they did. Two different sizes. So I got one bag of each. Then I saw a paper mache house that they would fit in and decided that they needed a house now. So now I need to paint the set or glue felt/fabric on them. Hunt loves houses and people sets, so this will be a cute, homemade and really inexpensive gift. I need to go back and grab a few other things to add to the house. I'll post photos when I get it complete. It may be while though!
I also bought some wood blocks and flat wooden rectangles. The blocks and rectangles will become story blocks and story cards. You glue/decoupage a picture of an object on each one. Then use a sealant or glaze to finish it up. You roll a couple of the blocks and use the pictures to make up a story. With the cards you close your eyes and draw 4 out of the box and make up your story. And got some larger blocks to decoupage for Emma. I picked up two boxes(and need to get one more) to store each of these ideas in. I can't wait to get them done and see what kind of story Hunt and I can come up with. With him, it's sure to be silly! I may even keep a small journal with each set to record our stories on. I figured if I go ahead and get these things that maybe I'll get started on making them and have them done by Christmas!

At 36 weeks and counting...
I had an OB appointment yesterday. The sonogram showed everything to be fine. STILL no new photos of Miss E(face down). It's difficult when you get this far along. But Tracy said that she looked great and the fluid was good to, as well as the heart rate. So now I got twice a week just to be sure all is still going ok...WHAT A PAIN IN THE BLEEP!!!! Dr Luna did mention today that that we may get her a week or so early. Meaning I guess she may want to induce. Which is NOT what I would like. I would rather it happen naturally. Emma coming on her own! But I know I'm high risk, so if it's for the health of the babe and myself I should listen to Luna. I go back this Friday...and wish me luck that I make it there and back in between Hunt's pre-school class. If the Gods are on my side I should!

My aunt went into the hospital a few days ago. It seems her leg gave out on her and she had no feeling in it. So test are being ran. She has diabetes I know. Please pray that they find out what happended and she gets well soon.

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs today and saw a cute bunny rattle I want to make our Baby E! It's so simple. And a sweet Christmas gift...or... maybe a gift for Hunt to give to his new sister when he comes to the hospital to meet her! I have a couple of goodies for Hunt from Miss E. I'll get you a photo of those when they arrive from a ETSY seller!...I just LOVE ETSY!!!

I have all of these ideas and not much time to do them!!! What's a mama to do??!!!

Forgive for any spelling and errors...mama was too lazy to re-check...

Friday, September 18, 2009

~September 18, 2009~

Well, I made it...less than a month now to go! I'm not sure why I was so frightened on the 17th. Maybe it was due to the fact that Bubba came a month early and on the
17th it was exactly a month until my due date. Silly me, i know all pregnancies are different! Still I was leery!!!

Our first Keller Early Childhood PTA meeting was good. The speaker, Maria Smith, was great and gave us some good tips on multi-sensory learning. I bought one of her dvds and cds. Now I regret it...hahaha! Only because I can't get some of the songs out of my head! "Vowel Village, Vowel Village, Vowel, Vowel, Vowel, Vowel, Vowel Village....A, E, I, O and UUUUUUUUUUUU!" Hunt loves it though, which is the reason I purchased them. I knew he would enjoy them. Honestly I do lots of multi-sensory type teaching with Hunt. It involves using your 5 senses! I've made felt counting bugs and Hunt puts them in a jar while learning how to add. Also felt veggies in a grocery sack that will be added to a feeding bowel for our imaginary pet turtle. Hunt has to add a certain number of veggies to others as he puts them in the bowl. Just a couple of math ones I've made. Yes it does take time to make them, but it makes the learning more fun! I'll post a photo of these two examples in the next post so you can see what I'm talking about. I got the idea partly from a number/adding work book I bought.

Tomorrow Hunt and daddy are taking their out of town trip. They were suppose to be going to the deer lease, but with all the rain...those plans were scrapped! So now they are just taking a little road trip. Maybe to Fort Hood. They both will like that. Their staying overnight at a hotel and driving back Sunday. I'll be here at home doing some much needed cleaning and readying!

Wish me luck tomorrow that I don't go into labor! Especially since hubs will be out of town!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

one month to go!...

~September 16, 2009~

Well with a month to go I'm counting down the days! I'm just hoping she holds out a little longer. Bubba came a month early, so I'm a little nervous!
Check out my shirt! I forgot I had it. It says Lovin My Buddha Belly! SO appropriate!

So many of you will think I'm crazy for this one! I ordered cloth diapers to use on Miss E! Yes I know what you are thinking...YUCK, WHAT A MESS, WHY???!!!!
Well partly because I will be here at home with her, so the clean ups won't be that bad. And it will save us lots of money to. I ordered 24 from Nubunz and they come with 48 inserts. These diapers will fit from newborn to full size(which is another reason I liked them). I will not need to purchase different sizes.
Here's what they look like. I ordered half in plain white and the rest are colored...

I also made 2 just to see how they would turn out...

I have 3 more I've cut out and need to sew up. The instructions were easy to follow.

About a month ago I made this little base. It's just a little smaller than a bank bag. I used linen and muslin fabric and one of my mother's vintage zippers. So a little bit of her is in this project. Inside it I keep hand sanitizer, calendula,band-aids,neosporin, lip balm,a few handy wipes, a sun screen stick, and a bug bite stick. Just some necessities to take along with us on trips or to the lake house or where ever. I embroidered a bee on it because it needed something cute!

This weekend hubs and Hunt were going to make a trip to the deer lease, but with all the rain, that trip won't happen until the following weekend. Which, ruined my plans! I was planning on doing some much needed cleaning and stuff for the baby's room. It's SO much easier when I don't have a 4 year old under my feet(and a husband)! I'll still need hubs to move and put together furniture and help paint, but the arranging and cleaning I can do better alone. So instead my two guys are going on a small road trip. Maybe out toward the Hill Country. And I have to say that I'm jealous! I want to go to the Hill Country to!!! Darn the Luck! Oh well, I have so much to do though. I hope they have a nice time just the 2 of them!

Tomorrow is the first Keller Early Childhood PTA meeting of the school year. It will be nice to see most of the moms again and new faces to.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the days keep rolling by...

~September 15, 2009~

Has it really been this long since I updated?

Hunt is LOVING pre-school! He started last Wed., Sept. 9th! I think it's good for him to go and be on a set routine in a class room with a teacher and class mates.
We still do work books and phonic and Montessori stuff here at home to, but being away a while will do him good to.
Hunt made cards for the teacher and assistant teacher and a Teacher's Prayer magnet.

I purchased Hunt a plastic folder for his class work papers and homework. I had him write his name on a piece of lined writing paper we had and taped it on the front.

Then I bought a really $2.50 cheap!... back pack at JoAnn's and sewed/glued a clear vinyl pocket on the front and did a school type scrapbook theme with a picture of Hunt. I cut out and put together some school items(school bus, apple and pencil)and had him write his name again on the lined paper to put inside.

Since it's pretty cheap, I'm not sure how long it will last. But it did come together quickly and didn't cost much at all!
He did so good his first day of school! I was so very proud of him! And proud of myself! I didn't break down and cry in front of him. In all honestly I did tear up some on the way to the Tahoe. And my voiced did a little quiver and cracked a little while talking to hubs on the phone on the way back home that morning.
Maybe this will prepare me a bit for kindergarten next year! I have almost a whole year to get prepared! I should be good by then right???!!!
Here's some photos of his first day...

AWWWW...isn't he adorable...with the I LOVE YOU !!!! Hair combed so nice and neat!

At home getting ready to leave for pre-school.

He really likes wearing his backpack.

Heading into the building.

Going into the class room.

Helping find his name tag.

Finding his name on his cubbie/locker.

Giving the teachers their cards and Teacher's Prayer magnet gifts.

Later that day...picking him up from school.

Homework already...

I wanted to crochet these apple sweater/cozy/jackets(I've seen them called all three names).

I thought they would be neat to give to the teachers, but alas...I've been trying to teach myself to crochet and still my work looks strange! I'll still try in hopes of getting it down by Christmas. I wonder if there are instruction on how to do them using a knitting loom??? Hummm...I have those and have made a few things using them. Maybe I need to research to see if they do...

Here's an idea I got from a site called Chasing Cheerios...

This mama does a lot of Montessori activities and I thought this idea was great! Since we already use workbooks, why not have some that I can re-use. We put them in page protectors and then in a binder. You use an erasable marker and wipe them clean when done. Of course there are some workbook pages I want to keep with some art work and know to look back on and think about when he was younger and weep! But this idea of re-using them is good. I have since bought a few more books to add to the binder.

Hunt and I hit a couple of thrift stores a few weeks ago and here's some of the goodies we found(and came home with)...

clothing for little sister

A wooden bowl, perfect for my bread making!
We also picked up some books of course, onesies(to tie dye with others we have), a few more clothing items for little sister, and a purple VW bug for big brother.

WOW...a little over a month to go!!!!

The OB visit Monday went well. Emma is about 5 lbs 12 oz(about in the 47%)!
And now I go every week! So that means that I have to do the urine collection every week to! UGHH!!! The Dr checked my cervix this time. That was fun...hahaha! Kind of painful truthfully. My next visit will be on the 21st.
I had my specialist appointment on Sept.3rd. It went well and Dr Castro doesn't need to see me until March 2010...YAY!!!! My glucose has been good and my blood work came back good to! But I still have to keep checking my blood until then. So maybe after Little Miss E is born I won't have to worry about it.

And these have been tasting really good to me. Not like a craving though, just refreshing.

I've made a few more goodies....
Some taggies squares with crinkle paper inside.
And a taggies giraffe.
Also a re-purposed tee- baby gown(see below under Green Mama)
Baby leg warmers...from women's knee high socks
Pouch slings


I found this cool idea/instructions for a baby gown made from an old t-shirt that is no longer worn. I used a XL tee, but had a lot of it left over, so a med. should work well. You cut it out, sew it, add elastic and ta-da...a gown for your babe! Simple and easy. I do need to adjust my stitches or needle or something, because it pulled some. I'm always scared to sew with stretch fabric.
Re-using an old tee for baby...a good green mama thing!

And since I'm so behind, I haven't blogged about our Labor Day weekend and such.
We headed out to the lake house for a long weekend. Daddy was off 4 days so it was really nice. We also drove into Lawton, OK. There we drove and walked some through the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and drove up to the top of Mount Scot. Hunt loved seeing the prairie dogs and buffalo! I've created a slideshow of photos from that Saturday...below...

For dinner we HAD to stop in Mere's! They have super good burgers...if you want to wait in their very long line! Which we did! About an hour or a little more as a matter a fact. But it's kind of the place to go while there in Lawton, OK.

It was a nice weekend!

Oh and another First for Hunt is boxer shorts instead of undies. I bought him some(like daddy's)and he loves them! And yes I snapped a photo of him wearing them...

I was thinking of taking Hunt to a little apple orchard not too far from home. It's called Henrietta Creek Orchard and they have several different kinds of apples to pick. This is a pick your own place kind of like the strawberry farm we went to in the early summer this year. Well I checked their site and it seems that the apple are reserved for school field trips only...BOOOOO!!!! I'm not sure if it's just this year. Maybe due to the weather conditions or something. But man...I was upset upon reading that! I had visions of fresh apples, apple butter, apple sauce, maybe even apple pie! But not this year! BOOO!!!!

So I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out that I wanted to add to this post, but I really need to get it keeps growing and growing!...