Thursday, August 30, 2012

Darn it! This posted and I was not finished...not sure why?  I need to figure out this new blogger stuff! UGHHHH! GRRRRRR!!!

~August 29, 2012~

Happy Wednesday!

Hunt started school this Monday. My Big 2nd Grader! Here are a few photos I took of his first day of school!
He had a good day! There are a few friends in his class this year that were in his first grade and kindergarten classes...that always helps on the first day huh?!
Emma and I missed him!  I was certain that she was going to be driving me crazy asking..."where's Bubba?", but nope.  She asked twice and that was it. The house was much quieter than the past couple of months...HA! But they made up for that when Hunt got home!

I made Hunt the lunch box he is holding.  He picked out the paper and decided on the paint and letter colors.  It turned out so cute.  I see one for Emma in the future!

Last Thursday we had meet the teacher night. Hunter met his teacher, Mrs. Collins! She seems sweet and I heard from his teacher last year that she is a good one. Yay for 2nd Grade!

Also, yesterday my uncle had heart surgery. He is having a very rough time and it wasn't looking good for him this past evening. Any prayers for my uncle and my family will be more than welcome! The news this morning is that he remained stable through the night and is a tiny bit better! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

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January is 7...

~August 19, 2012~ GOOD GRACIOUS!!!! ...was I ever shocked to see that the last post I sent on this almost non-existatnt blog was back in January! January people!!! What is 7 months ago?! We have done SO much since then! I am going to try to figure out this photo issue I had back then. This was the main reason I had stopped posting to our family blog diary in the first place!
It did let me add this photo...silly me... So we will see if I can keep it going in the future. We are in "gettting Hunt ready for Back To School" mode around our house. He'll be a second grader this year!!! SECOND GRADER!!!! I swear the summer has flown by and is gone already! We did some fun things, not as many as I had hoped to do though, but still a fun summer non-the-less. Well I'm gonna end this post for now until I get some photos ready to upload. Let's hope it will come through ok. Holler at ya'll later!