Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~April 1, 2010~

And a Happy April Fools Day to You!
{no gags here}

Well we made it to see the Easter Bunny this morning. Both of the young'uns did great. We couldn't get Em to smile...she didn't want to take her eyes off mama!
But at least she didn't cry. I just love the pink and navy sailor dress she's wearing...oh so cute! Those kids are so darn cute!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

our busy-ness...

~March 31. 2010~

{WOW...We've had a some-what busy several days so this post is long and with MANY photos!}

We celebrated Grandma's 60th birthday this past Sunday at Joe's Crab Shack.

Here is a photo of the card that Hunt made her. Look how perfect it was...it matched her gift bag...And we didn't even plan it!

My guys have been working on their leather tooling her lately. Both Hunt and daddy enjoy it. I think it has something to do with hitting things! It is kind of liberating I guess!
With a little help from daddy, Hunt made grandma a bookmark. And daddy made her this awesome card holder! Grandma loves to play bridge so maybe this will be a gift that gets plenty of use. Way to go hubs, you did a great job!
We also gave her some tallies and bridge score cards and tablet.

Just look at my goober son! Silly thing! And his sweet cousin mick.
Those two did get into a bit of trouble at the Crab Shack. I mean there is only so much still-ness and calm-ness that these two can take before they get a little rowdy and wound up! And those stinking Joe's waitresses and workers...egging them on with those flashing lights, loud music and dance moves!!!

Daddy with Em.

Grandma with the boys. They had to help her open her gifts!...HA!
I almost forgot to get my camera out and snap a few photos. But I did get a few even if they weren't the greatest.

My little tender heart...Before bed at night we read a story of two as we've done since Hunt was very small. We usually read the books that we borrow from the library. One booked that I picked up was "The Tadpoles promise". It's a cute storey about a tad pole and a caterpillar that are friends. The tadpole promises the caterpillar "beautiful rainbow"(that's the caterpillars nick name) that he will never change and through the story he changes. First he gets back legs, then front, then loses his tale. The caterpillar gets sad then mad and finally crawls up the tree branch to make her cocoon. A short time goes by and the tadpole is now a full fledged frog who sits on a lily pad by the tree branch that hangs down to the water waiting for his caterpillar friend. The caterpillar emerges from the cocoon and is now a beautiful butterfly. She decides to fly down to the water and find her "black pearl"(tadpoles nick name). She flies over to the now grown frog and before she gets a chance to ask about him he eats her. See he didn't know she underwent a change to. And still to this day he sits there waiting for his beautiful rainbow.
After I finish a story I usually ask Hunt a question or two about the book or ask him if he liked it. Well...I looked over at Hunt and he had a tear rolling down his face. So I asked him what was wrong and he decided to cover his face in his blanket and hide under the pillows. After telling him that it was ok to feel sad about things and to not be ashamed he finally admitted that he was feeling sad about the story.

Oh and we found out that some loser in Maine some how used our Master Card account and charged $773.00 at the Newport Walmart! Darn it!!! What a hassle!!!! So now new cards are on the way and an investigation is underway. I still don't know how it happened. With all the "security" measures...sheeeee...yeah right! Don't you have to have the card to do a purchase in person? And if it was on-line, they should still need an expiration date and the "security number" on the back of the cards?! Anyhow, it is maddening!

My silly 5 year old...
The other day we were watching Shrek(for the ummmm...100th time)and it came to the part with Puss and Boots. Anyway Hunt told me that he wished we had a cat that talked. I had to break his heart and tell him that animals don't talk. I think he knew it, but thought maybe Puss and Boots was special. Silly boy!

Tuesday we went with our early Childhood PTA group to the Keller Fire Station to get a tour and check out those cool fire engines!

Heading up to the station.
Hunt decided he needed to wear his cowboy hat, boots, holster and even a gun! He has several toy ones, but luckily we only found the water gun when doing a quick search this morning. I wasn't about to go looking too deep in his horrible messy room. You should really see it. He/we need to go through and weed out some toys and do some major spring cleaning...BUT...that's a whole other story!!! HA!
When we arrived we noticed that no emergency vehicles were there. So we assumed they had gone on a call. That's just how it is, tour planned and kiddos coming or not, they must still be available to go on calls. So we decided to head across the street to the park. Just as we crossed the curb, kids running their little hearts out, we saw a fire truck coming. So with sad faces we gathered them up and crossed the street again. We got to the front of the station and was lead in by a fireman to the living room area of the building. We learned that the fire fighters who normally "live" there were still out on a call and these were "replacement" ones that came from another station to give us the tour. The kids were reminded about important things like the stop, drop, cover and roll technique, never play with matches and lighters, 911 and etc.

Hunt gives "5" to the fire fighter.
One fireman put on all the gear to show the children what all he has to wear. We got to see the kitchen and pass by the weight room and office, but didn't get to see their "sleeping/bed" room. The fireman doing the tour said that since it was not their fire station that he didn't want to go in there..understandable.

{Grandma...(above photo)hubs wanted me to ask who Hunt looks like standing like this?}

Hunt asking a fireman about the exhaust hose in the garage.

Hunt gets help getting into the drivers seat.

He looks pretty happy!

He got his fire hat.

And now to try out the back seat.

Sitting there wasn't enough, he wanted to put on the seat belt.

The group of kiddos who were there.

Then we went out to the garage to see what everyone really came to see...the fire trucks!!!! All the kids checked them out, or as much as they were allowed. I told Hunt to ask a fire man if he could sit in the fire truck because no one was. So he did and one said yes of course. After Hunt got in then all the others wanted a turn. Just look at Hunt, is he a happy little guy or what??? He isn't shy about asking sometimes!
Afterwards everyone got a fire hat. The kids loved them! Hunt immediately wanted to take off his cowboy hat and put on the plastic fire fighter one.

After leaving the fire station I decided to continue my search for Em some sandles.

I saw these really sweet ones that I wanted to get her at Target. Our Target had some last week in her size, but I decided to wait. Well, bad decision! Today when I went they were out of her size on the rack. But around the corner Hunt found some cute fire fighter rain boots he LOVED! I had to tell him that I wasn't buying anything there today since they did not have sister's shoes. Boy was he upset! I mean major melt down at Target isle 2, shoe section! And after talking, reasoning, and demanding that he quit acting like the way he was we were out the door, WITHOUT rainboots!
Later, after naps and cooling down of tempers, we were off to the Target in North Richland Hills. And of course they didn't have a size 2 in the sandles either! UGHHHH!!!! So as a worker came strolling by I grab her and asked if they had a back inventory of shoes. YES they did, but wait......there, on the shelf, WAS a size 2!!! YAY!!! I tried them on Miss Em and after all that came to the conclusion that maybe she should have a size 3!!! But of course this store did not have a size 3! But the worker checked her scanner and noticed that my Target did infact have one, in the back inventory! Well crap! My crazy luck! So after denial of yet another pair of rainboots(much easier this round though), we were off again...back to MY Target. Got there, had a nice Target employee go fetch them from the back and we were done!!! Sandles had not won! It was Mama who won this time!!! Whoop Whoop!!!
And yes Hunt got his fire fighter rain boots!!!

Man, when this mama gets something in her head, she will do just about anything to get it, or get it done! UGHHH...is there a medical condition for this?! HA! CRAZY MAMA!!!

Hunt's class had their Easter Party today, since Friday they will be closed for the holiday.....Our contrabution was favor goodies. I always love to do those!

I found these cute felt buckets and added some fun Easter grass and a bag full of goodies like cracker sticks with cheese dippers, candy, stickers, crayons and a plastic egg with candy and a toy frog.
I came up to take some pictures of the egg hunt.

Get ready...

Get set...

And GO!!!!

After the egg hunt the class played on the playground for awhile.

In the class room before we left.

We plan on going to see the Easter Bunny tomorrow and dyeing/coloring our eggs maybe Friday or Saturday.

Oh yes, and the "pick your own" farm that we go to opens in April! YAY!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Hubs drove by it the other day and saw their sign. We'll be making a few trips out there I'm sure this year! I can just taste the fresh fruit and veggies now...ummm ummm good!

Ok, I think I got everything we've been up to, for the most part, in this post! It's kind of a mess, but it's done.
If I don't post a new blog entry before Easter...I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!
We'll be going to grandma's house to hunt eggs, eat bbq and spend time with family!

Fairwell March...