Monday, June 29, 2009

We made it through the HOT weekend and into another week. It looks rainy, but I haven't checked the weather forecast...come on rain!

Today Hunt and I took a trip out to JoAnn's to purchase a few goodies. I bought a quilt kit for baby. I'm thinking I may use the colors pink(med.-dark color),brown and green(kind of a lime-ish color). This quilt kit was brown and green and a little white. I'm planning on adding a trim of dark pink pom poms, pink monogrammed initials in the center and maybe a little extra pink fabric added to the quilt. I'll see how easy it will be to add pink in the quilt. I really liked the colors of the brown and lime green together and knew the pink had to go in there somewhere. It seems to look really neat together. Now if I can just find a baby bedding set with browns, pinks and greens I'll be doing good.
I also purchased some fabric to do star appliques on a shirt for Hunt for the fourth. I figured I was going to put 3 red and blue stars on a white tee. Simple and yet not too baby-ish. he's getting older and I can't just applique anything.

This past weekend Hunt went with Steph to the party. He had a good time and it was a nice break for mama and papa. So we drove out and did our firework buying for the 4th weekend. We spent a small fortune as usual on them, but the fire works show is sure to be better than ever! I bought a few kiddy ones for me and Hunt to shoot...trains, hens, parachutes etc...I always like these and usually not intimidated by them.

Hunt and I made some fire works of our own to hang up as decoration at home. I found the idea in one of my parenting magazines. We used pipe cleaners, glue, glitter and some string. We hung them by some of Hunt's art work and stuff. Simple and I didn't have to go out and buy any thing.
Here are some photos of the making of them...

(oh...please ignore our mess in the's our craft/activity table and junk-not the greatest of photos)

We leave Friday morning to go to the lake for the weekend.
I may be back with a new blog before the weekend, but if not have and Fun and Safe
4th everyone!

Friday, June 26, 2009 seems I need to do a little updating.

Yesterday Hunt and I just hung out at home. I did some laundry and some cleaning, or was suppose to be doing laundry and cleaning...but you see where I ended up...on this dang computer! But I do need to update the I did.
Hey I also got some chores done!

I had an OB appointment on Thursday to re-check my blood pressure. It was fine thank goodness! I was seen by my regular OB/GYN, Dr. Luna. I like her a whole lot better than the PA. So I go back in 3 weeks now(and will leave another 24 hour urine sample jug then to).

I finally go to the Endocrinologist on July 1st. Man I'm not sure they know what they are doing in that office. All of a sudden they have an opening in the afternoon on the 1st. Funny...when I called a week ago no afternoon openings were available until July 15th. And I was also told at the time I would be notified of a cancellation if one came available in the afternoon. So that just means someone cancelled or they didn't check their appointment book very well.

Monday Hunt and I attended a Birthday party for one of his playgroup friends at Chuck E Cheese. Vincent turned 4. Of course Hunt had a's Chuck E Cheese what 4 year old wouldn't love it!

We stopped in at Hobby Lobby earlier this week to check on some sewing fabric and ribbon and such. It's never too early to get started on goodies for our little girl on the way. It's a shame there isn't much cute stuff for boys out there...especially as they get older. But girls...there's hair bows(of which I have some boutique bow instructions on the way to me), dresses, tops, etc, etc...
I found some cute polka dot fabric for a little dress and ribbon for a bow. Hunt wasn't completely left out though. We bought a t-rex wooden unfinished dino to paint and some little doll house size guns that he HAD to have! He's so funny, he loves small things. And guns, ohhhh how he loves guns!

Hunt helped me bake some muffins this week so I snapped a few shots. He's graduated up to cracking eggs for me now(mama still needs to check for egg shells though). They turned out yummy.

Last weekend we ran up to the lake again with Ken and Kelley. We had a nice and very warm time. Hunt played with his water gun and we had a nice Father's Day that Sunday. Hunt got to give daddy his gifts that he made. Below I've included photos of him making them(on a slide show). He made a bird house type rain gauge and tooled a leather key chain. He also made a cute "Rock Star" card for daddy to.

Father's Day

Slide show of Hunt making the goodies.
(the cards, tooled key chains and rain gauges)

I completed a few more baby goodies this past week or so. I made an Angel's Nest. It's like a little sleeping bag that ties with ribbons on one side. And another quirky bib with bacon and an egg on it. Kinda silly, but fun. I kept it unisex just in case. The sleeping sack has a name plate buttoned on the front, but can be removed and another added just in case the gender isn't a girl. I used vintage buttons on it from hub's grandmother's stash. I got some of her sewing things when she passed and a tin with some buttons...a real treasure! Oh and did you notice the name on the sack...Emma? We are thinking that this may be our little daughter's first name. We wanted something sweet and girly and thought Emma was a great choice. Still debating on the middle name yet.

Last week Hunt finished his 2 weeks swim lessons session. He didn't seem interested in going any longer this year, so that will be it for this season. Unless I can talk him into going another 2 weeks next month. It makes me feel safer since we go to the lake alot and are on the boat most of the summer. We'll see...
I took a few more photos when he was there...

Today Hunt will be going with Stephanie to one of her nephews birthday parties. I'm sure he'll have fun, I just hope he behaves without us there.
And we'll be heading out to some fireworks stands to load up on fireworks. We always have a huge turn out at the lake and every year it seems we have to get more and more fireworks. It seems that the guys have to up play the year before on the fireworks show. So we'll go and spend a small fortune on them and shoot them on the fourth, next Saturday. We'll be at the lake for a long weekend.

I think that pretty much catches us up on stuff...I think...

Until next time...

Monday, June 15, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!...


It seems that my sonogram dude(I call him dude because I can't remember his name or what his official title is) said he was 99% sure it was a girl! He said that in over 20 something years he has never been wrong...or at least not to his knowledge(he says)!
Watch, I'll be the first one that will be wrong. Oh how upset I will be to be thinking I'm having a girl and when the day comes to find out...WHOOPS, it's a boy...he was wrong!!! So I told him that I'm not getting my hopes up for the baby girl just yet. He replied..."I think you can get your hopes up"!
Our little family is excited to have a girl on the way. Not that I wouldn't mind another little guys, it'll be nice to enjoy the "girly" things as well as boy stuff to.
More pregnancy news is below.

Man is it ever getting hot these days! I realize we do live in Texas, but man each year it seems worse. I think it's just because I'm getting older and fatter...haha!

We had a nice weekend at the lake. It was very warm during the days, and stormy Saturday night. We didn't take the boat out this time. We stayed close to the house and just relaxed some. And the boat was kinda wet any way. The cover ripped and the rain water made the carpet and seats icky. Well take it out next round. Of course I still can't fully enjoy it this summer, being pregnant and all. No tubing, boarding or other jaring fast and fun activities. Oh well it'll be worth it come October when the babe gets here.
Hunt enjoyed the weekend to.
He did some of this...

Found and blew some of these...

Cooled off with one of these...

Slashed in water like this...

Refueld with a chilidog...

Hunt also got to drive mama's Tahoe(in daddy's lap)...check out his face. Did he like it or what?...

And before you freak-out...we were on the dirt road near the lakehouse, so no worries about other vehicles.
Hunt found all sorts of bugs this weekend. Why is it that boys love bugs so much?

Shortly after these photos the locust flew away at the hands of a 4 year old. They don't care much for little fingers to poke at them.


footprint photo

head on right(profile view) baby's feet and legs up almost in a ball.(not a great photo, but maybe you can understand it some)

Friday I had an OB and specialist appointment. The OB appointment was fine, except my blood pressure was too high...STILL. They changed my medicine this time. We'll see how well this new one works. It's called Ziac. I need to research it some before I get the perscription. I don't think they would give me a med. that would harm the babe, I'm just parinoid!!! I told them that the reason it was high was because my appointment was at 9:15 and they didn't call me back until 9:45. And I believe it was only because I went to the receptionist and said something. I was more than a little POed! My name was at the bottom of the list so they could have just overlooked me. BUT...still I was upset. Patients were coming in and leaving and i was still sitting there.
I also had an Endriconologist appointment at 3pm Friday. And of course it was screwed up to. They didn't have the reffural they said and talked to my insurance comp. as well as my primary Dr. on our insurance cards(which we have never seen). The primary Dr told them that they did not have us down as patients and that I would have to come into his office and then get a reffural. WHAT!!! This is ridiculous! My primamry Dr wasn't the one who I was seeing, it was the OB and they are the ones that need to send the reffural. So as I left their office ticked off to no end, I called my OB's office. They were to call the specialist and take care of it.
Well, I never got a call back and so here it is Tuesday and I'm calling the office. I get ahold of the lady I spoke with on Friday and she tells me that she faxed it over to them. I ask her if they will be calling to set up an appointment. She didn't know and told me to call them...UGHHH!!! I hate this mess!!! So tomorrow I guess I'll call them and see what's up. (did all this make any since?)
See...all this is such a pain!!!! I just want to be normal!!! Whatever that is...hahaha!!!
I have to go into the OB office on Thursday afternoon for them to check my blood pressure. I only hope all will be ok.

Oh here are a few quirky bibs that I made for my little angel on the way...

I'm making some other goodies that I will also show when complete.

Hunt also tried out sewing. I bought some burlap material and plastic needles for him. The burlap makes it easy for the plastic needles to go through. We used embroidry floss in blue(his color choice) for the thread.

Here are a few new swimming lesson photos of my little man Hunt.
Learning to sit and dive...

Down the slide...

(I sent through a blog update just before this mistake...I wasn't done yet. Here's the updated one!_)
Anyhow, I guess I've bored you enough. Catch Ya soon...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

survived the storms...

Well, did all the North Texans make it through the storms ok?
We seem to have made it out fine. A few tree limbs down, but that's about it.

Swim lessons for Hunt were cancelled today, only after I drove there and waited 30 min. Oh well... I called this morning to ask about them and was told that they were still having them. When we got there we were told they were running behind about 10-15 min. Then just before the kiddos were to go in the pool area, the electricity went out and back on. All light in the building came back on with the exception of the pool area lights. Then shortly after that the parents were told that the 11:00 class was cancelled due to the weather, lights and lightening. So with an upset child, we headed home. I tried to explain to him why he didn't get to swim, but it was not much good. We will be making up the class next Wed. with a back to back class.

Yesterday we didn't do much either. Swim lessons in the morning(in which Hunt was SOOO excited to get to go off the water slide...and I didn't work quick enough to get a photo). We also made a trip to drop off books at the library and then to Academy sports store. Did I tell you they built one just down 377 really close to us. Yep, how nice!

That's about it. Kinda of boring days.

Had to throw this picture in...silly Hunt! He came to me and said..."look at my hat mama"! Just in case you can't tell what the heck it is, it's his toilet seat!

Tomorrow is my OB appointment and my appointment with the specialist. So hubs will be taking Hunt to swim lessons while I go to the OB. And I will take Hunt to my cousin while I go to the specialist. Busy day for sure! I'll be getting another sonogram to. Those are always fun to see.

Oh today I'm doing my 24 hour urine collection, I thought you should be reminded...I know how you look forward to hearing fun news like that!

Catch you soon...

Monday, June 8, 2009

swimming and other stuff...

And how was everyone's weekend?

Our's was good. We stayed close to home this past weekend, but it was still nice.

Saturday we did some running around. Went to a few stores. Hunt was acting like a little stinker, so it wasn't a very pleasant experience. But still ok. I found a skirt and dress at Bass Pro Shops. Which is kinda cool because the way they're made, I can wear them for a long while(if not the entire pregnancy)...yay!
I knew you wanted to see them...haha, so here's a pic of each...

Sunday was celebrated Father's Day with the grandparents. They are leaving for their trip on June 11th, so they won't be around here on the actual day.
Just listen to where they are going...Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Rome and flying out through Spain! Man what an awesome trip! The only place we've been to on this list is Spain. I tried to talk them into taking me as a stand in for grandpa, but didn't have any success...on well...grandma said my time will come! I guess I'll have to wait till then...MAN!!!!
Any-hoo...the kids played at grandma's and then we went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. We had a nice time. Photos of the gifts Hunt made will be coming soon.

So here's what we started today...

Today... Hunt started his swim lessons!!!

He's in the Pre-school 1 class. He did super! I just hope he keeps doing well and learns even more than last year.

Oh and remember the alligator towels I bought at Ross? Well I took one large one and a wash cloth and sewed them together to make Hunt a swimming/bath hooded towel. Here's a picture of how it turned out...

Photo not so good, I took it just after Hunt finished swim lessons and we were in the changing room.
I think I will go back back to Ross and purchase a few more, maybe a few of the fish ones to.

Pregnancy News::

I'm going to try to post more photos as my belly grows. This one isn't very good. It's a little difficult to do it by yourself(as in this photo).
Also, it appears that my glucose testing was still abnormal after the 3 hour test so they're sending me to an Endocrinologist. Oh great! Now it seems that I have Gestational Diabetes! Just more more thing I have to worry about! I know I don't eat as well as I should, but I don't eat horrible all together. I just like good for you foods and bad for you foods! So now I'm sure I'll have to watch what I eat more and do more exercise. Start walking more I reckon. I just hope that it goes away after the babe is born. I have an appointment to go to the specialist on Friday, but I may need to change it for next week.
Wish Me Luck When I Go!!!
I have a regular OB appointment this Friday and sonogram also. And yes I still have to do the 24 hour urine test on Thursday to take in on Friday to. Am I ever lucky or what?!

That about wraps it up for today, catch you soon!...