Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 days and counting...

I'm officially in "Holy Shit it's just 3 days until we leave for vacation" mode...
And of course I have SO SO much to do...Ugh! Cleaners, Salon, pack clothes...mine and Hunt's, take Zoe to boarders, plus I still need to come up with a Anniversary gift for hubs and get Hunt signed up for swim lessons...all this on top of Wednesday's story time, Thursday's mom's group park day and Friday's mom's group planned activity...I'm about frazzled. It seems that I always wait to do most of the stuff I need to do BEFORE we leave for vacation, at the last minute. I work pretty good under pressure most of the time.
This past weekend was nephews 1 Year Birthday. They had a family party for him. He was all smiles...such a sweety. He enjoyed his cake and ice cream...and goodies. It was a nice time.
Hunt and I went to Casa Manana Theatre last week and saw Little Red Riding Hood. They did such a good job on the costumes and performance. It was very cute. We both enjoyed it! Hunt does really well at sitting still and watching the plays there. I'm super surprised...but pleased.
I've been working on some felt story board stories. I've done only one...The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I wanted to do about 3 to take on the trip for Hunt to play with in the car while we drive, but I'm not sure I will get anymore done in time. I'm so detailed on them so it takes me a while. They look cute. I'll have to post a pic of them at a later date. Plus Hunt and I made a gift for a good friend's birthday...shhhh...she may read this and I don't want to give the gift away yet. It was easy to do and I see more of these ideas for others in the future.
Well I need to go and get some things done, so catch everyone later...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rants and raves...

Hey to everyone... bare with me...I just need to rant a little about people..... Why is it that people seem to think McDonald's play area is a set your kids free and not watch them zone? I mean I know that they roam around screaming, running, climbing, etc, etc, but what the hell...I took Hunt to McD's last Friday so he could burn off some energy and plus he did pretty good while I was at my optometrist's picking out new glasses. Anyway, I realize people that my son is by no means an angel, but give me a break! To me McD's is a place to let your kiddos play and have fun...AND...still somewhat behave like human beings and not little shits monkey's! Just because your brats are entertained doesn't mean you can not keep them in line. There were moms chit chatting on phones, talking to each other, reading, etc.... Not even paying attention to their off-spring sliding across tables, climbing on the outside of slides, taking the basket balls outside the enclosed hoop area and throwing and bouncing them in the food court area. Some were way out of control! I sat there trying to watch my son to be sure I knew where he was and what he was doing. And that no heathens were acting like little fools to him(yes I know I may be TOO protective)...but some older kids were rough housing around. IT JUST AMAZES ME HOW PEOPLE LET THEIR KIDS RUN WILD!!! There was even one lady that had 3 or more????kids there and the two little girls looking between the ages of 3 and 4 climbing in and out of the high chairs! Never mind that they could not fit in them very well, what if they fell. And Oh yes their older brother pushing them around the food/play area in them. OY!!! SIMPLY RIDICLOUS(in my eyes)!!!
And yesterday after our Pre-school Nature Center class Hunt and I stopped by Brahms(sp?) to get a bite to eat. There was a middle aged man sitting at a table in front of us. He was enjoying his burger and fries and drink. He finishes his meal and gets up...LEAVING HIS TRASH, TRAY, AND MESS...ALL OVER THE TABLE!!!!!! Since I couldn't see the front area or the order counter from where we where sitting, I waited to see if he would come back with an ice cream or from a potty break. NO!!! he never came back. What a total looser! Lazy ass man! What the hell is wrong with people? There was a trash reciprocal right behind him. He didn't even have to get up! Just turn around jerk and dispose of your garb! But oh NO, that may be too much effort! I say...if it's a fast food restaurant and you see a trash can...throw your crap away! Maybe he was a father to one of the crazy kids from McD's Friday night...

Ok maybe I'm done now...

happy place...happy place...

Hunt, hubs and I took a short week end trip to try to spot bluebonnets for some pictures. Not much luck at all. We drove down to the same place we went last year...Willow City Loop. Last year was amazing, this year...really sucked. Just a few sprinkled out beside the road. Not enough to get a picture. I'm sure it's because of the dry fall season last year. We may try Ennis this Sunday. They have the bluebonnet trails that are suppose to be good. But if the showing of bluebonnets we've seen so far is like that in Ennis we can forget it until MAYBE next year.
The Fort Worth Nature Center's Pre-school discovery class that we attended on Monday was great. The director discussed what happens in the spring time season...exp. flowers bloom, baby animals are born, butter flies hatch from cocoons, weather gets warmer and so on. He read a book, talked about the above spring happenings, took the kids on a short hike to hear birds, see flowers and butterflies...etc. Then brought out a baby 1 month old alligator and showed it to them. It was really cute. Then the kids got to make a flower mask. I'll have to show pictures of Hunt with his mask when I get them ready...too cute! Afterwards Hunt and I did some hiking of our own. It was a great day to be outside in nature.
Today we had our music and art class. Ohhh boy was Hunt active today. He was a tad bit mis-behaving and wound up. He managed to hit another child with a tambourine, break a maraca AND drop about 4 flower pots and break all but 1. This all in about 2 hours time. Ughhhh! Hope we don't get kicked out... I really do try to make him behave...he gets so active at times.

This Saturday is nephews birthday. He'll be big # 1!!!! His first birthday, how exciting. Already a year has gone by since I first became an aunt.

I'm suspending the "Ask My 3 Year Old" for now...unless I can get a cute answer out of him or he says a funny...it seems that every-time I ask him something he tells me "I don't know" or "I don't remember". It's entirely my fault that he says it.

Sorry for the rude language in this post...I was just a little peeved...
And I don't have the best writing skills, so a BIG apology for that to...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a bunch of nothing...

Not much to report. Life around our happy home has been pretty uneventful and boring. Hunt and I planted some flowers and greenery yesterday. And then it rained like hell last night so I'm sure it will all be dead soon. At least we didn't have a replay from last year's spring flower planting escapade. Last year Hunt fell and hit a flower pot with his teeth. One of them turned a brown/black color. After a trip to the dentist and a 10 minute battle of mommy VS 2year old x-ray session it turned out that the nerve seemed ok and we still had hopes that the tooth wouldn't fall out...or have to be pulled out. He still has both front teeth and the color is almost 100% back to normal. Thank goodness! I really didn't want to have a kid with a snaggle tooth grin for several years until permanent teeth came in. It's cute when they get to the age where they start loosing them, but another story when they have them knocked out because of a clash with a gardening container.

It's getting closer to warmer weather and summer time. With that, I finally emailed a swim school and inquired about getting Hunt some swim lessons. I want to start them before summer hits mainly because of our friends' lake house(which we spend a lot of time at due to our boat) and then there's the swimming pool play times. I'll admit I'm not the best of swimmers. Hubs is good. They wanted him to be in the JR Olympics when he was a kid. He didn't...he just wasn't interested. I want Hunt to be able to feel safe and know what to do when he's in the water. Hubs and I could teach him, but he may listen better to someone else...a professional...

I also decided(for sure) to attend May sessions of a group of courses called Love and Logic. They cover early childhood parenting issues like misbehavior, power struggles, teaching children to listen(the first time) etc. The sessions are once a week for about 5 weeks. We'll see just how these apply to MY sweet(hellion) Hunt. Who knows maybe they will do all of us some good. I wish hubs could attend as well, but work hours don't allow for it. I've heard good things about the meetings and with it only costing me $15.00(for the workbook) how can I loose...right???

Oh yes...remember I started a list of things I need to get done before we go on vacation?...well I've manage to dwindle it down a little bit. I made an eye appointment for this Friday, reserved boarding for Zoe while we are gone, signed up for Love and Logic sessions(as mentioned above), taken care of friend's birthday gift and inquired about swim lessons(as mentioned above to). Not too bad I guess.
I'm still at a loss for what to get hubs for our anniversary. I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete. There's really nothing I'm set on. And since we will be out of town on vacation on our anniversary day it's made it harder...or at least seem harder.

Tomorrow is Hunt's therapy day. I'm crossing my fingers that he behaves better and listens better than last week.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

moody blues...

22 more days until we leave for the coast! Fresh seafood here we come...yum yum!!!

I hate packing for trips. I ALWAYS bring WAY...WAY...Way too much stuff! And of course hubs can attest to this. I wish I wasn't so messed up in the head thinking that what if.... What if I want to dress a little nicer one evening. What if it gets cool and then I need pants or jeans. What if my swim suit tears, I need a few back ups. What if...What if...What if... And it's SO much worse if you are going on a trip where you need to fly. Ughhhh! It almost came to a point last time we went to Cancun where we had to pay a fee for my HUGE suit case being SO heavy. Hubs just gave me a look. And don't even get me started about the shoes. You need shoes for every kind of outfit. Walking or comfy shoes. Sandals, flip flops and maybe a nicer dress pair. And of course I can't take just one pair of flip flops people. I have to have a few color options. See what I mean? I'm messed up in the head.

I happened to find the photos of the cookies I made for vacation last year...I know you're thrilled!

(as you can imagine...i have a good number of cookie cutters...all seasons and kinds)

And I almost forgot...here are the sailboat popsicles that I made while we were there. Picture not very good. The popsicle is the sail and the bottom boat part is the cup/holder. Hunt enjoyed them!

My little monster hasn't been eating very good for about 3 weeks now. And this week he hasn't done good on naps either. He didn't sleep at nap time yesterday or today at all! Yesterday he also had the worst day of therapy. He would not cooperate with the therapist. He's had a few not so good days at therapy, but never any like this. Maybe he's going through a growth spurt or something. Then again, I've been a little edgy and moody lately I think to. I guess our moons aren't lining up right. I hope we both get over it. It could be that we both need a little vacation away from each other. I love him to death, but sometimes you just gotta get away for a while. Hubs was sick a few weeks ago and had to stay home. After we had lunch and I put Hunt down for a nap I told hubs I was going to Hobby Lobby(woooo hoooo...I know big deal right?). I enjoyed the almost 2 hour break where I could just window shop(and a little buying)at my leisure. Without a little whining voice at my side...gosh he's such a man when it comes to shopping. I always have to rush when we go to stores. After a little while at Hobby Lobby I started to feel guilty. Even though Hunt was asleep and his daddy was there I felt guilty. Guilty for leaving him and having a little me time.

So I noticed that I forgot the "Ask My 3 Year Old" section on the last post...I was so busy blabbing away I totally forgot to do it.

Ask My 3 Year Old...
What is thunder?(I know he knew what it kinda was, but I wanted to hear his answer/definition).
Hunt:It's like that castle building, like fireworks. BANG(sound), Whistle(sound),Peeeeeee(sound)...

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! We're going to our friend's lake house. Not sure yet if we'll stay the night Saturday or not.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

blab, blab, blab...

This post is kind of boring and long and contains a whole lot of me blabbing...you have been warned.
So I ordered some goodies for Hunt from J.Crew today. Can I just say that I LOVE this store! I guess I'm lucky that I'm too huge for their women's clothes. And don't even get me started on little girl's stuff. I would go WAY overboard. J. Crew is pricey, but I love their look. We'd be totally broke if I were to buy my stuff from them. At least one of us will be looking darling for vacation/summer. I love to shop for Hunt at the above store as well as Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, Gymboree and Polo. Yes kids do grow fast, but it's hard to find nice/cute things for them at Walmart and Target. Target does have good stuff sometimes, and yes I do buy Walmart to.
I have spotted a few must haves from Old Navy and Alphabet Soup for me. Oy!!! I might have to get a job! I wish I at least liked only one style of clothing, but I don't. I like preppy, jeans and tees, dressy-ish, sometimes athletic and outdoorsy. I'm also really into monogrammed stuff lately...I guess that's the preppy side coming out. I've always liked them, but here recently I've really been spying some neat-o stuff. I have my eye on a monogrammed cap. I like to wear caps so why not have one with my initials...how sad am I??!!! I think I may add a monogrammed sewing machine to my wish list this year. I know my current machine is only like 2-3 years old, but I LOVE monogramming. I'm sure it will be WAY too expensive and hubs will be like..."you just got a new one X years ago"...but mine doesn't do monogramming. Maybe 30 years from now I'll finally get one. I know, I know, I really don't need it, but...
So I guess my excuse for buying clothes and etc. often(even though I haven't really shopped for me in a while)is because it makes me feel a little better about my OVER-WEIGHT self if I THINK that I look kind of ok/cute. Sad but true...I rely on material things to help with my self-confidence. Material things and an occasional "drink" oh yes and chocolate!
The web makes it TOO easy to shop. However, with a 3 year old it is a HUGE help.

Hubs and Hunt last year at coast...

So with vacation peeking around the corner(23 days!!!!) I've started a list of things I HAVE/MUST get done before we leave. Maybe if I start now I can get most done. Here are what I've come up with...

*confirm Zoe's boarding(doggie vacation) dates
*get hair cuts...Hunts and mine
*try to get a pedi...this would be really nice if I can fit it in
*get new glasses and contacts...this is a MUST!!! Why must I be blind?!
*sign up and confirm Love and Logic classes
*at some point(maybe not BEFORE vacation)get Hunt signed up for swim lessons
*get anniversary gift for hubs...for April 30(14 years)
*get B-day gift for good friend that will be going on vacation with us

As of right now this is all I can come up with, but I'm sure to be adding more daily. I know it doesn't seem like it's too out of reach, but when you're dealing with a 3 yr old and appointments or classes weekly it can be challenging...maybe I'm a wimp.
I've been contemplating on actually signing Hunt up for music and/or art classes. I know it will add to our ever growing list of daily/weekly activities. I mean I always work pretty good under pressure and overbooking us on such functions might be too funny/crazy not to do it. It may give to some funnier posts(I've been not so funny lately). So far our week looks like Monday-free, Tuesday or Wednesday-story time at library or music and art class,Thursday-therapy(unless I can reschedule in which once a month we have our KECPTA meetings). Then if you add swim lessons in there somewhere and other KECPTA activities as well as Hunt's play group which I hope can be added to Monday you've got a good recipe for a mommy break-down. Good Times!!!
Well let's see what else...oh I did more "sneaky" recipes. We've now tried a different mac and cheese recipe(it was ok), and rice balls. I think I must have done something wrong. They didn't turn out right. They tasted good, just not the right consistency when I was preparing them. I'll try them again and we'll see how they turn out in round 2.
Speaking of cooking...is it wrong to "let" your child touch something hot AFTER you've only told them 5 TIMES not to touch it? Hello, HOT means HOT!!! Why must you find out for yourself...I guess mom's a big fat liar and only kidding when she tells me not to touch, it's hot... It's not like I stuck his hand to the oven door while it was down and I was removing a dish from the oven. He did it all on his own AFTER I told him not to. Then wonders why it hurts. I couldn't shut the door because I had ahold of the dish with both hands and told little man "that's very hot, don't touch"...and repeated it over and over and over and over again. I set the dish down and turned around to see his wee little hand on it's way to a burning and crying post event. I just watched and in a split second it was over with. I guess I could have reached across the door and pushed his hand away if a was quick, but I didn't. And then after the incident I felt like shit! Not just sit, but dog shit!!! The look on his little tear coated face was so heart wrenching. Like.."mommy, how could you just watch while I, your angel, reach for a blistering aftermath. You're so cruel". It didn't even blister his hand or fingers so don't get upset with me. I've been told that sometimes kids need to find out on their own or find out for them-selves.
I recon I'm not in the running for Mommy of the Year now. Bummer I was SO close...NOT!!!!