Saturday, October 24, 2009

fall and halloween activities...

~November 2, 2009~

We've been sort of busy around these parts(as you will see from this VERY long post). So bare with me please...

This time of year(actually from Sept. through the end of the year) it seems there is never enough time to get everything done. But we have managed to complete most of our fall activities.

Hunt, Emma and mama meet Great Uncle Philip and Cousin Jonathan for lunch last Saturday the 24th. They got to meet Emma and we visited for a bit before someone decided she was hungry. It was good to see them and catch up on family news and stuff.

That evening the three of us went to the Halloween Bash in our town. It was a Halloween festival/carnival of sorts and kind of a mess. Hunt had fun though. He got to play some games, jump in the jump houses and even entered the costume contest. Since mama hasn't finished the costumes for this year, he went as last year's costume, a robot. Emma wore a white t-shirt with a ghost face and black leggins and a candy corn bow I made. Needless to say we didn't win any places for Hunt's costume and he was a little upset not to be taking any toy prizes home. But a trip to McDonald's afterwards helped out. He didn't mention it again. We saw Hunt's pre-school teachers there and one of his class mates(photo below with his friend). While there we also saw one of my old best friends' mom. We grew up together, but lost touch during high school. It was nice to see her and do a little chatting. We really need to get together and spend some time having a sort of reunion. We missed out on alot of each others lives and years of family changes.
I took my camera of course and managed to shoot some photos while there...

Also, Saturday was a crazy day to go to JoAnn's, but I needed to get fabric and stuff for the kiddos costumes. Everybody and their dogs were there! But we came through it! Suffered through the long lines and waiting. Maybe I wasn't the only one at almost the last minute getting costume supplies. I'm pretty sure I got most of if not all the fabric I needed. I know I will need to pick up a few odds and ends for accessories at some point.

I found a cute Montessori activity thanks to Chasing Cheerios site and Montessori For Everyone. The life cycle of a pumpkin! I printed out the cards and the key/answer sheet. Hunt had to put the cards in order as to how a pumpkin started out, grew and etc. It was a fun learning activity for him. I plan on printing and having Hunt do several other Montessori teaching things from these sites in the future.

I also took copies to Hunt's pre-school. I thought it might be a good learning activity for the class. And it was because when I picked him up all the kids had glued copies of the cards onto paper. I guess the teachers approved.

Sunday Hunt, Emma and I made our yearly trip to the Pumpkin Patch! Well, it was Hunt and my yearly trip and Emma's first one. The Pumpkin Patch was very busy and a little nerve racking, but still a fun time. I wanted to take my babes before Halloween and with more rain on the way I wasn't sure when we could go this coming week. So I decided we better go. Hunt picked out a large pumpkin for us to carve and two smaller ones to decorate for Halloween to. We missed getting to ride the hayride this year. With just Hunt, Emma and myself I decided we would pass on that bit of fun. I wasn't sure if I could manage all three of us on there.
Here's the photos I was able to get(all the while trying to keep up with Hunt and an eye on Emma in the stroller)...
See the slide show below...

Hubs started back to work last Monday. He had been on maternity leave for 3 weeks with me. It had been nice with him here. Although I'm not sure he would agree. I think he was ready to go back. Especially since Hunt has had some behavior issues the past couple of weeks. It's been tough at times with him...since he's not the center of attention at home now. My time has to be divided up between 2 babes now.
Since I'm nursing I've been the one getting up at all hours to feed her. Of course he's been woke up to her cries a few times to.

Our family made a run in to Best Buy after dinner Sunday, since it was right next door to the restaurant. We got a few new movies and I was excited to get another one of Hunt's Christmas gifts purchased. We bought the 100 Storybook Classics movies collection.

I've been wanting to get it for him since last year, but the price is steep. So we bit the bullet and got it. That's one I can mark off our to get/Santa list.

Tuesday we finally got Hunt in for a flu shot. And boy was it a busy place. With the Dr's office out of them for a while I guess everyone was there trying to get theirs while they could. Hunt was a big boy and did great! No crying this time!

Wednesday we headed outside to carve and decorate our pumpkins. It was a little windy, but nice. We decorated one of the smaller ones for Emma, a princess one. And the other smaller one a cat. We carved our large pumpkin with a traditional jack-o-lantern face.

Friday was a busy day for us. First, Hunt had his pre-school Halloween party. All the kids dressed up. We brought juice, water and these witch hat cookies.

We also brought some pumpkin buckets full of party favors.

At their party they enjoyed playing, snacking on yummy Halloween treats, watching a Halloween movie and heading to the gym for a quick game of duck-duck-goose!

Afterwards we headed to the Keller Early Childhood PTA Halloween party. We didn't get to attend it all and missed the costume contest, but we still had fun! Hunt made a spider lolli-pop, but declined the dunking for dough-nut game. To bad to, it was too funny just watching the others do it. We all headed outside for our trick-or-treating "mommy line". All the moms get in a line with their treats and the kids go around to each one and trick-or-treat. Then time to play on the playground!
It was good to see alot of the moms and Hunt's little friends. We haven't done much lately with the group. Being pregnant was tiring and now with Emma here and her still so tiny it's not as easy to do a whole lot.

So as I stated above, I got the fabric I needed to make my young-uns costumes...right?!....Welllllll.... As you can see from the photos, Hunt ended up as a police man for Halloween.
I worked on Emma's first thinking it would be the more difficult. And completed hers...not too bad!

Then started on Hunt's. Come to find out I didn't get enough material and tried to make it with what I had. Bad choice! It didn't work out!!! I was so frustrated with myself and way too tired to go and purchase more and start over again. So luckly we had this police costume that Hunt had got as a gift a while back. It had been in his closet because it was too big at the time. So I drug it out and had him give it a try. It was a little big, but fine. And Hunt was really excited about it! I think he liked it more than the idea of Max from Where The Wild Things Are costume. Afterall it had handcuffs, a badge, a pad with tickets to write, a police radio, hat and whistle. So yay!!!

Also Friday we baked our pumpkin seeds. Hunt had already told me he doesn't like them! Funny...last year he did!
So I put the worchestershire sauce on them and sprinkled season salt and baked.
After they cooled I called Hunt to come try one. And what do you know...he liked them!!!

And wouldn't it be nice if we all could be carried around and snuggled like this...

Emma enjoys her slings/pouches and mei tai wraps!

A certain little someone got her first real bath this week! After her stump came off we wanted to be good and sure that the umbilical cord/belly button area was healed good. She didn't have any complaints about her first soaking, until she was out of the water and getting dried off and lotioned up. She was giving off some real dirty looks!!!

What a fun day we had today! We hung out at home until around 2:30 then we went to grandma and grandpa's house to show off our Halloween costumes. Hunt and Emma got some books, money and goodies from grandma! Grandpa and daddy were talking about guns and grandpa brought some out. Hunt was thrilled to get to check them out a bit and hold them. I know a lot of people aren't into guns and hunting, but our family is. Both hubs and I were both raised in a hunting/gun owning family. We both know how to use them(me not as much of course) and have ALWAYS been taught, when younger, you NEVER touch them!!! Until you are showed how to use them properly and safely! And that they are never toys! So showing them to Hunt is not shocking and unusual to us. Anyway Hunt got to hold them some and thought he was in heaven!

After our little visit we headed to Mimi's cafe to have some dinner with Kelley, Kenny, Stephanie and Nick. Then to Kelley's house for trick-or-treating. Hunt, Stephanie, Emma and I made some houses...then Emma started to get upset. So I headed back to Kelley's with Emma and Stephanie took Hunt to some more. Kelley stayed at her home and passed out candy and the guys watched the tv and talked. Hunt enjoyed trick-or-treating and seeing everyones costumes!
Thanks to our Super friends for a fun time as always!!!

Ok, now you can take a deep breath...this long post is over...