Monday, May 16, 2011

51 ! ......

~May 16, 2011~

5 1 !!!!

The number of days since my last entry!!! Ridiculous really! I'm not very happy with myself!

So here's a quick post...
Hunt is playing flag football{more on that a bit later} and the team got to go to Cowboy's stadium and do a tour and play a game on the field. It was a neat experience and the kids loved it! We won just by an extra point.
Here are some of the photos I took...
{Hunt posing on the field at Cowboy's Stadium}

{sweet sissy}

{my beautiful kiddos!}

{Em posing on the field}

{she had a blast running around like crazy}

{practicing with Daddy}

{Hunter shed some blood on the field due to a football pass to the nose. It was bleeding pretty good. I'm so horrible...I tried to get a good photo, but he would not let me! Kids! Ha! was only after I made sure he was going to live and stop most of the bleeding.}

{Em made a new friend. her brother plays for Hunt's team to. she's 4 months older than Em. They were SO cute}

{taking the field}

{getting directions from the coach}

{cheerleader's locker room}

{Em with her little buddy}

{Mama being silly}

{Daddy helping Hunt into a jersey and pads}

{mean face!}

{in the press room}

{look at sister! HAHAHA!}

Ok, this one much more to follow! Lots more to blab about...I'm so very behind!