Monday, October 1, 2012

A boo boo for Miss Em and Scouting...

                 ~October 17, 2012~

How is everyone doing on this 17th day of October?

So let's see....happenings...yes we've been sorta busy around here. I have lots to talk about and photos to post.  I may need to take a few posts to catch up!

First off, Miss Em fractured her collar bone on September 26th! OUCH!!! She and Bubba were horsing around on the floor in his room and I guess he rolled over on her or jumped on her and fractured it. We made a trip up to Cook's Urgent Care Center and after x-rays some medicine... that she spit out on us both and a grape Popsicle we were doing better.  All they could do was put her arm in a sling.  She had to wear the sling for 4 weeks! Night and day! Today was her last day!!!! This really put a damper on her birthday party planes(which was to be at a jump house location).  We changed it to Chuck E hopes that it might be a bit safer! HA!
Miss Em sporting her sling!

We got out our Fall books this past month.   This includes fall themes, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I did decided to take the Thanksgiving books out until November.

I tried this recipe from Pinterest! I {heart} pinterest!!!!!!!
Cheerio Treats!  They were yummy!!!!

Hunt joined the Boy Scouts in September! He loves going to the meeting and doing fun activities with the other boys!

We took Hunt to the Boy Scout store and purchased his shirt, scarf, belt, scarf slide, book and cap.
Little sister wanted to help hold all his goodies!

Here are a few photos of Hunt's first ever Cub Scout Meeting!
Doing some physical agility test!  It was suppose to be a forward roll...not sure why he decided to do a headstand...that's my boy! HA!
Balance beam walking!
This was his second meeting.  He got his dull pack 321 t-shirt! HAHAHA! can't miss these kids!!!
Here they were working on how to tie knots.
And then making paper airplanes. Hunt had to come over and let Daddy help him fold his.
My sweet boy! Love him so much!
And now for the air plane race.  Poor Bubba didn't do to well, but still had fun!  Guess Mama should have folded his air plane for him. HA!
Here's Hunt holding his temporary Cub Scout Card! He was kind of excited!
This photo was from last Monday.  We decided to wear his cub scout attire. Isn't he a cutie?!
I sewed on the patches and he was ready to go!

Doing his cub scout salute!
Bubba and Em!
The back of his scarf.
The third meeting.  They had a to go around and recite the cub scout motto and etc.

Then they learned how to stand around the flags. After that they headed upstairs to learn the proper way to fold the flags.  I didn't get any photos of that.  I stayed down stairs with the parents.
Miss Em! My sweet baby girl! Love this little toot!
Ok, so that's some of what's been happening.  I got lots more to put up, but this is a start! 

Catch you later!