Friday, January 30, 2009

yay, I can upload photos to the computer again...

Good evening...

Good news, I was finally able to upload photos to my computer again. YAY!!! I'm still not sure what happened, but it seems to be working now. So, here are photos(in slide show form) from the Stock Show tour we did with the KECPTA group last Thursday.

So 1 big ol day until Hunt's 4th(and my) birthday! Oh my goodness! I'm making a cake for Hunt tomorrow for us to have at home and I think I'll let him open his gifts from us to. He's been going crazy over this truck and horse trailer he's getting. This child is SO persistent on what he wants! The weekend before last when we where at the Stock Show he saw this truck and trailer set and loved it! We didn't buy it. So when Thursday came around and we did the Stock Show tour I thought I'll just try to be sneaky and get it then along with a John Deere set. We'll, I was able buy and sneak the John Deer set in my bag(it wasn't too large). And after going back to the booth that had the truck and trailer set and looking it over I knew I wasn't going to be able to sneak it, so I just held off on buying it AGAIN. Of course I had to drag Hunt crying away from the booth after he found out I wasn't getting it for him...he really was not very happy about that! Anyway...after talking with Hubs about it we decide that we can go back to the Stock Show(trip #3 mind you) and just buy it, whether he sees it or not. So much for surprises! So we went back, and purchased it and Hunt was SO excited! But still bugging us to play with it. Daddy told him he had to wait until his Birthday.
So the lesson learned...just buy it at least by the second trip and get it over with...surprise or not. Too bad it wasn't just in a store and not at a booth at the Stock Show! Darn kids!!!!!
So that was what we did Saturday and then meet friends for dinner. Sunday, since it was the first Monday of the month(and Canton was out of the question),I came up with the bright idea to go the the Weatherford flea market. It would give us something to do and would only cost gas. So we headed out Weatherford direction and arrived at the flea market. It was pretty sad and not too many people there so we decided to just keep driving. we then stopped at the farmers market. Not too much there either(season not good). I did buy some tomatoes, onions, squash and new potatoes. From there we drove a little ways to Gibson. Gibson's is a store that has a little of everything. We always go to the one in the Hill Country when we travel there, but I didn't know the one in Weatherford was still open. Anyway we bought a few odds and ends and left. Driving down the road a bit we came to TSC(Tractor Supply Company). This is only one of Hunt's favorite stores, so upon seeing it and hearing Hunt yell from the back seat "YES, YES, Go There...Go There!" We had to pull in. They had some killer sales on John Deere tractors and sets that we couldn't pass up. So more gifts for Hunt were bought there(and snuck out by daddy to the Tahoe).
Oh and I did it! I went ahead and got some seeds and soil and pots. So it looks like Hunt and I will be trying our hand(or green thumb)at a little bit of gardening. The seeds we picked were carrot, onion(yellow and green), tomatoes, cucumber and radish. We'll start them in a jiffy pot and plant them later on. Now we'll just need to pick a little spot in the yard to plant them(providing they make it). And then there's the issue of Zoe. Will she dig them up? Poop or pee on them? Eat them? Only Lord knows! We may need to fence it off. I'll let you know how it's coming along as we progress through it. And of course there will be photos!

What else...we've been getting back to more and more learning time. I snapped a few photos below of Hunt doing some activity books. He really enjoys them, just hates to sit down and learn to write his name over and over. We've started to get more into that. He has some letters in his name down good, but needs help on others. I'm going to try to snag a shot of him writing his name.

Oh and here's what happens when you leave a 3/4 year old to potty for a while by himself in the bathroom without checking on him until he's finished...

You get your dental floss unwound and ready for a pile on the floor...followed by the words "I'm sorry mama, it was an accident"! Accident I think not! Oh well it could have been worse.

Also, remember a recent post where I bragged about Hunt being able to dress himself and so on? Well I can eat my words. Those darned feety pajamas...tough to figure out I guess. But funny to turn around and see him trying to get up and stand with them twisted so bad. Let's try that again shall we?...

I'll leave you's been a kinda long post any how huh?
talk to you later...

friday and all is well...well almost all...

Good Friday to all...

Nothing going on here today. Just hanging out at home and doing art and stuff.

As I said all is well except... I still am unable to down load photos to the computer!!! UGH!!! Hubs tried to research the problem, but was unable to figure it out to. He even went to the DELL sight and found no help. So who knows when I'll get photos in again. So much for staying up to date with pictures. Man just when I thought I was getting on a roll...go figure!

Today while I sit here and type and Hunt finishes his nap I am reminded that in just 4 short days my babe will be 4! 4 years old!!!! I can't believe it! It's been almost 4 years ago since he joined our little family. WOW how time flies!
We've booked a room at a place called Monkey Business in Bedford Texas. And got a semi truck/Optimus Prime cake on order for the big day. We really wanted to order the 3D semi truck cake, but didn't want to hand over almost $200.00 for the cake! Can you believe that $200.00 for a birthday cake? I mean it's really cute and all, and the cakes at the bakery where we always get them are fantastic, but not for $200.00. This year it will be a sheet cake type. I couldn't believe the price I was quoted when asked about that cake. We've always got Hunt's birthday cakes there and they have always been a 3D type, but never have they cost SO much. His first birthday was a circus tent cake, second birthday was a John Deere tractor cake and last year was the Lightening McQueen car cake. Maybe they went up on their prices.
Never the less, the cake will taste awesome as ever. Hubs wanted to be sure we had a big enough one to have left overs to take home. we need this delicious white cake with this yummy butter cream icing hanging around here. It's not like we need to add any extra poundage. Maybe Hunt, but not hubs or myself.

I still need to pick up some birthday goodies for Hunt and party supplies to. Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend. And I wanted to bake Hunt a cake on Tuesday his birthday "day", since we're having his party next Saturday February 7th. I also need to pick up a gift for a friend's little boy who's having his birthday party that same day, later that afternoon.

Well, no big plan for this weekend. Just finishing birthday errands and the such.

Have a Nice Weekend...if I don't talk to you before it's over!...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

almost there...


I'm almost there...almost caught up on this here blog!

Thanks so much for staying with me.

I believe that I've posted all of the Christmas and Holiday time photos, so now back to where I need to be. I'm trying to do better this new year. Trying to keep this blog updated more often. It's really alot easier to do than going back and putting in photos and stuff that was from weeks ago.

Let's see...

Today we slipped on our long-johns/thermals and braved the cold to join our Keller Early Childhood PTA group to do a tour of the Stock Show. It's a free tour, the only money we had to dish out was to pay to park. Two high school members of FFA from around Texas lead the tour for each school/group. Ours today were from Glen Rose. The children really enjoyed going and seeing all the animals. We toured the barns, inside zoo area, the show arena and milking station. In the past they got to go through the petting zoo area outside the coliseum to pet the animals, but not today. Because of all the school tours the line was horrendous. So instead we paid $4.00 each and let them have a pony ride instead. They didn't seem to care too much. Although Hunt did ask about "petting the animals". I just told him that too many people were there waiting and we couldn't this time. He was ok with it. He was really in "hog heaven" when we went back inside the exhibition rooms and he got to sit on the tractors. The kid will either grow up to be a farmer or semi truck driver I just know it! But...what ever makes him happy! I did manage to sneak in buying him a John Deere truck/trailer and tractor set and 2 more John Deere books for his birthday coming up next week! Luckily he didn't notice I was at the register making a purchase. Climbing on the tractors kept him busy enough. Oh and now Hunt has a little "girl friend". Her names is Rebbecca. She's a little doll and is IN LOVE with my son. She was so excited to see him today and showered him in hugs and even kisses(oh my). It was sweet though. They held hands on and off and she made sure that she kept up with him through the entire tour. Oh sweet innocent love!!! It was so cute!
(***I can't get my stupid camera card to download to the computer, so I'll post pics as soon as I figure out what the (bleep) is wrong!***)

Rewinding a bit again...This past New Years wasn't too exciting. We didn't get to make it out to the Lakehouse like the past few years. We just stayed home. Daddy and Ken had to work. Kel came over and we worked on some terrariums. She left around 10pm or so. I decided to let Hunt stay up and ring in the new year with daddy and mama. And he did. He was a trooper. He was getting a bit tired and was ready for the bed shortly after 12. Daddy made it home around 11:30, so we were all together for the 12 o'clock chiming in. Here are a few of our first 2009 photos! Boy do we look tired!

Hunt shouting "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!

Hunt also had another "First". A few week ago we took him to play miniature golf. Hunt and I had a fun time, but daddy did not. His allergies were giving him hell! He spent most of the time sniffling and sneezing and wiping his nose. Hunt did pretty good for his first time. He needed help though. But all and all it was a nice family activity. Photos below on a slide show...

As I've said before Hunt is getting so good at dressing himself and even has buttoning down...almost! I snapped a few photos of him trying to button up his pjs.

I did it!

(high five)...Way to Go!

Hunt received some card and board games for Christmas this year. So, every Sunday night has been family game night here at the Harvey House. We've played Candy Land, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, gold fish, old maid and slap jack. Hunt is better at some than others of course, but he's getting the hang of them. It's been alot of fun. Here's my guys, ready for Hunt's first family game night...(excuse the crummy card table)

Oh and I just finished the book Marley and Me. Oh how I wish I had never read it. It was SO sad. So if you are thinking of reading the book, DON'T...especially if you are a dog/animal person like I am. I cried and cried. I know there's a movie out now, but not sure I want to see it. Maybe it won't be so sad. If anyone has seen it, please let me know. I don't think I can handle it if it's pretty close to the book. It does have some hilarious parts that made me laugh, and it is a good book, but oh very sad.

*** just a note...I've added some captions to my slide shows. Just put your mouse over the slide show bar and hit the quote cloud next to the yellow person.***

Have a Great Evening!...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

when did it happen...

When did my little baby turn into a "boy"?

Man it seems these days he's so Big!
-big for learning to put on his own clothes
-big for taking a bath most of the time alone
-big for getting his own juice box and holder
-big for getting his own cereal out of the cabinet
-big for wanting to use one of the following words in every sentence...poo poo, bobo, hiney, poop, toot, pee pee, tee tee...etc!

Why is it that ALL boys, and men for that fact, find it SOOO amusing to use these words? I mean give hubs an opportunity to hear a fart noise in a movie or see a poop scene and he goes crazy with laughter. Dear Lord help me!
So now my "little man" seems to enjoy this male silliness. Is it a male bonding experience for son and father to sit and giggle at such things? Like two little school girls talking about a crush they have. hee hee!
He's even to the point of tooting on you and laughing and has even gone as far as deliberately running to you or sitting on you JUST to toot on you. And being only 4(well almost), I can only look to the future and cringe.

On a much much brighter note, I have more photos to share. Want to see them? Thought so. The first set is of Hunt and I hanging up a window view bird house and small feeder. Hunt received this bird house from Santa. It's made of all wood except the back side of it. The back side is made from a plexiglass/clear plastic material and has suction cups. You suction it to a window and because of the clear material at the back, you can see inside it from the inside of a house window. We put it on Hunt's bedroom window in hopes that by spring we will have a little bird family to spy on. We hung the small feeder on the crepe myrtle tree outside the entice birdies to come around there. We'll see how it works. We've purchased a few bird books that stay in a nature book basket under our nature table. We may just need to scan through them to identify our little bird neighbors.

Oh and I don't think I've posted photos of our nature table yet either, so here are some of those. I lifted this idea from a blog I love to read. I set up this old sewing table in the family room and we've been adding to it ever since. You can find, shells, feathers, a walnut shell, rocks, sticks, pine cones, acorns, leaves, sponge and daddy even contributed with a turkey feather and a set of deer antlers. Way to go Dad! We also pained a few pictures to set on the table as well. And I had to add a little log house I had. The table is such a good thing to have. When love to be outside and sometimes we like to bring a little nature in with us. I'm sure it will be an ever changing set up due to season changes and such, but it serves as a reminder of all the beauty nature brings us. A constant work in progress.
Under the nature table is a basket with nature books. Book about birds, bugs, the woods, rivers, spring and seasons, animals and plants. Hunt loves looking through these books all the time.

I can't wait until Spring! I know it's still a ways off, but oh how much I miss it. It's my favorite season, especially here in Texas. Summer probably would be my favorite if it weren't so hot here sometimes. I recently found a pick your own farm close enough to our home to go every week or so. We went over a year ago to a strawberry farm and picked strawberries. YUMMY!!!!! I LOVED it! Hunt enjoyed it to. We went with friends Kel and Ken and stayed in the Hill Country that weekend. Oh how I dream of living out in the Hill Country! (But that's another post all fact I've written about a trip there in a back post- titled "Our Favorite Place". I know I'm rambling on now...
Anyway, this farm is about 25-30 minutes away and they have strawberries, blackberries, garlic, onion, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes. Hubs was the one that mentioned it to me. He's driven by it a time or two and told me where it was. So now I'm just im-patiently waiting for the crops to kick in and produce. I guess it will be like the other pick your own farms and charge you by the weight of the produce you pick. To get to pick your own and have the produce fresh...what more could you ask for??? I guess for other veggies and fruit that I'll want I'll just have to make may way(like I always do) to the farmers markets. I'm even contemplating starting a very small garden here at home. Not sure how Zoe will do with it though. When I was a kid we had a garden or I guess I should say two gardens. One towards the back of the house and the other on the side lot. We grew peppers, onions,radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, beans, okra(tons and tons). All of these grew very well and we had more than enough for us and more than enough to share with neighbors and friends. We also tried out luck with potatoes, cantaloupe, and watermelon, but these didn't turn out so well.
Thought you guys might like to see some photos of the pick your own strawberries. Fun times!!! Also sent through some bluebonnet photos from that weekend as well. It was a fantastic year for them. Unfortunately last year was not, so no photos.

And yes more Christmas time photos to...I've decided to try to do a slide show of them. I tried this on yesterday's post with some Stock Show parade photos and it worked long as you logged into blogger and my blog, but if you get the blog updates automatically through your email for some reason it doesn't come through.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Good day!

Hope everyone here in North Texas is trying to stay warm. It's rainy and cold. And we're due for a Winter Storm of freezing rain so they say. Oh joy! At least there is no where I have to be. Poor hubs has work, and will be out in it.

So how was everyone's weekend? Ours was great! Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show with Kel and Ken. We stayed somewhat warm, it wasn't too bad. We made our way through the cattle, swine and poultry barns to visit some livestock. Hunt enjoyed seeing all the animals. We got to take a peak at cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, llamas, horses and rabbits that kids were showing. Then we made our way to the kiddie barn area where we saw more of these animals(in baby form) along with turkeys, donkeys, duckies, and other foul. We also made it through the exhibit room where you can purchase all sorts of western things from clothing to furniture to jewelry or even toys and ranch stuff. Our tour through these areas was a quick run because a certain little someone...ahem(Hunt) was whining most of the time. I'm sure he was getting a wee bit tired of walking and with no nap either...well, what do you expect...right? All in all we enjoyed it. It made me wish more than ever we were away from the city. I'd love more animals! We'd love more animals!
Hunt was skeptical, but eventually petted a llama. I didn't schelp my camera along on this outing, but now wish I had.
I did snap some photos at home before and after we went.
Hunt with his "towboy" hat on.

Hunt and daddy ready for the Stock Show.

Hunt trying on daddy's boots after we got back.

Still need some growing to do Hunt! But not too fast!

These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they did! Hunt's, mama's and daddy's boots. We were all tired after we made it back home.

Daddy was all tuckered out. How did he get away with using Hunt's coveted blanket??? Just luck!

Hunt was too busy to notice daddy using his blanket...riding boots is a rough and tough job!
After the Stock Show we meet up with more friends at Razoos for dinner. It was great to see everyone and to have them all together was fabulous! The last time was at the lake house during the summer. We really need to do it more often.

Here is a slide show I put together from photos of the Stock Show Parade from the previous weekend.

This Sunday we spent the day at home. We watched some music videos and did alot of dancing. Then afterwards we made our way outside to enjoy the nice weather. We played with Zoe and swung on our horse tire swing.
Here are a few photos of the tire swing that I haven't posted yet. Hunt LOVES it so much! Thanks Santa! He giggles and screams with delight. I love seeing him have such a good time on such a simple thing as a tire swing. I think if given the chance he would swing all day long.

Hunt sitting in the tree waiting for the swing to be ready.

Ok, I'm trying to catch up. STILL more to come from Christmas and up to now.

Stay warm and dry...