Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~January 30, 2011~

Wow... the weather here in Texas where we live has been awesome the last week!

We've made 3 trips to the park!

I hear it's going to get nasty next week, so I made sure we got out today! We all needed to blow some stink off us! Ha! Both kids now have runny noses and some sneezing, which actually started when they woke this morning. Now, after being outdoors today, both my babes will be fighting off what I hope is just allergies. Hub's allergies have been so horrible since about Thursday. Poor honey! He's been miserable! And we're still waiting for the allergies medicine to fully kick in!!! I've been fine until this evening...just a little while ago...my throat is starting to feel scratchy! I'm crossing my fingers that it will be gone by the morning.

So I've been thinking of getting one of the hiking type child carriers. The ones that you carry on your back like a backpack. I've been wanting one for about a year or so and now am really wishing I had one. So I've been searching online and checking reviews of a couple different types and styles. I'm leaning more towards the Kelty FC 3.0

I tried one on at Cabela's and put Little Miss E in it. At first she seemed nerves, but then once I walked around she seemed to be fine with it. It seems very sturdy and safe, but I just wish the price tag was A LOT less!
Another company called Deuter makes carriers as well that I've read good reviews on.

It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as the Kelty.
So with hopes I will be getting one maybe soon!

And now for some more catching up...
Back on October 18th I went with Hunt's class on a field trip to the Green Meadows Petting Farm. It was a lot of fun! I had Hunt and 5 other class friends in my group. All the children behaved so well I was very pleased! The kids got to learn about and pet cows, pigs, horses, ducks, turkeys, chickens, sheep, zebras, buffalo and goats! About halfway through we meet up with the rest of the class and ate our lunch and watched a cute show. Then rode on a hay ride. At the end the kids got to pick out a mini pumpkin. Hunt was so very excited because this was his first time to ride a school bus! He loved it! Here are some photos I took while we were there...

I took photos of all the kids and had extras printed up that I gave to the teacher to give to the parents of the kids in my group.

The kiddos and I meet Grandma, Aunt Misty and cousins "M" and "R" at the Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound on October 7th. We had a fun time and Emma had a ball! We took lots of photos! We rode the hayride, the kids and I rode the little train, they played in the jump houses and we picked out pumpkins!
After the pumpkin patch Grandma treated us all to McDonalds for lunch and let the kids play some more!

{cousin "R" was loving on Em}

{look how happy the girls look! And the boys...well...}

{mama and her babes}

{Hunt on the hayride}

{Grandma looks like she's having fun!}

{Em enjoying the hayride}

{Hunt and cousin "M" getting ready to ride the train}

{riding the little train}

{wow...can't even see little Em because all you see is Big Mama!...Geez!}

{new additions to BedRock!}

{brother and sister!}

{goof ball!}

{time to slide...}

{my punkin' heads!}

{we found our pumpkin to take home}

{Grandma treated us to McDonald's after the Pumpkin Patch}

{ Well... so many photos, just not so many that are that good! Dang kids!!! Oh well, we all had a good time!!!!!}

October 11th we headed into Keller to Homestead Farms! Hunt got to pet and feed goats, cows and horses and hold baby chicks. We saw where they milked their goats and meet Scout the farm dog. There was another little boy with his mom there to. So Hunt had a friend to play with!

{too funny! There was another little boy and his mother there that day to.}

{hay jumping}

{holding baby chicks}

{getting hay}

{in the trailer going to feed}

{mama and Em...mama looks horrible!}

{time to feed...}

{feeding and petting the goats}

{where the goats get milked}

{checking for eggs}

{they were nice enough to let Hunt play on the tractor}

Thanks Michael and Sarah for showing us around!
We have since been back to the farm to purchase fresh pork sausage and bacon and fresh eggs...ummm ummm good!!!

Hubs and I took the kids to the zoo on October 8th. Both of them loved it or course!
{ready for the zoo}


{look at those big turtles!}

{checking out a lizard}

{Em checking out a fish}

{Hunt got to pet a snake}

{let's see how far we can jump...}

{even daddy gave it a try!...go daddy}

{tickle time}

{he's getting so big!}

{bird head...}

{we loved the penguins}

{and loved feeding the birdies}

{my sweet babes}

{daddy and Em}

I hope everyone(all 2 of you)hung in there through all these photos!