Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 months gone by...

~May 5, 2010~

Today Miss Em turns 7 months old! Geez...over half a year gone by already since she entered the world and joined us!

Happy 7 month Birthday Em!

What's been going on...
*On April 24th we noticed that you cut your first tooth. It's on the bottom right side.
*You smile and laugh most of the time with your tongue sicking out. Just a cute trait you have right now.
*You can sit up, but still out of balance at times.
*You have started getting on your hands and knees more and started rocking. You're on your way to crawling soon I think.
*You like to scoot, on your knees/feet and kind of on your face. It looks like it hurts, but you manage to go a bit and do turns.
*You're ticklish and you love laughing
*You sometimes lay your head to the side when smiling, especially when bubba does it...it's so so cute!
*You had your first vacation trip the end of April and did so good!
*You also started sitting up in a high chair at restaurants for the first time while on vacation
*You're still enjoying cereal and mama milk. And sometimes star puffs.
*You can feed yourself some(using your thumb and pointer finger). We give you half a star puff and most of the time it makes it to your mouth, some times not.
*When you're tired and start to cry you say mum-mu-mu. Not sure if you are trying to say mama, or a version milk. But when I get you, you stop.
* You get so excited when I put you in your bath seat. You love baths! You bounce around and squeal.
*You have tried to sit up while on your tummy, but can't do it yet.
*So much more that I'm sure I'm missing.

We love our little girl!!!

I have so so much to post about vacation and strawberry picking and stuff, and photos to add like her 6 month studio photo...so look for all that junk coming soon!...I hope!...

Monday, April 12, 2010

~April 20, 2010~

Let's catch up a bit, shall we...

I'm in the "getting ready for vacation" mode, and have been for a couple of weeks now. We all need to get out of town and do a tad of R&R! We leave on the 24th, this Saturday...YAY!!!

So last Monday, Hunt's first day back from his suspension, went well. He behaved much better I was told. I was hoping that he would...what with all the threatening I did and the stunt I pulled that Friday. But he did hit a friend that swung at him. He didn't get hit, but he did hit the other child...UGHHH! But other than that, he was good. And good the entire rest of the week! I had told him Monday afternoon that if he was good the rest of the week that I would take him for ice cream. And so I did. He really enjoyed it. So I shall try that again this week. Monday he did great, so...

Last Tuesday we went to story time at the library. Afterwards, before we left, we headed out the back to the playground. Hunt found some kids to play with and played for a while, until he hit his mouth on the spring frog thingy. He came running over screaming with his hand on his mouth. Then took them away to display bloody lips and hands. I was thinking, please don't be the teeth! We already had an issue with teeth a couple of years ago when he almost knocked one of the front ones out. Luckily it was just a bit/busted lip. And not a bad one either(phewwww)!

Thursday we attended the performance of Cinderella at Casa Manana. I almost didn't take Hunt because I wasn't sure how good it would be and how Miss Em would behave. But I'm SO glad I did!!! It was one of the best ones I had seen there. And they stayed true to the story again. Which if you had seen any last season, you know that they twisted some around. So far this season they have been good and going by the story lines. Our next, and last one will be Peter Pan on May 6th. We invited Grandma to attend it with us. She enjoys going to plays as much as we do!

Saturday was cousin M and cousin R's birthday parties.
{here are some of the photos I took}

{Em was all ready to go to the party!}

{Em and Grandma}

{Hunt and cousin M}

{He looks like such a big boy with his hair cut}

{trying on Hunt's cap}

{Hunt was hiding from M}

{R woke up in a good smiling mood. She must have known it was her party! She kept wanting to come to me all day }

{M beating the pinata}

{Hunt's turn. They really liked hitting it!}

{The candy!}

{M with his cupcake}

{R with her cake}

{the gifts!}
Since both kids have birthdays in April, they decided to have them together at their home. It was originally planned for the 24th, but that is when we were leaving for vacation, so they generously changed it so Hunt and Em could attend on the 17th. Cousin M was turning 3 and R 1. The theme was Sponge Bob. They were going to have a jump house for the kiddos, but due to the rain it was a no go. It didn't seem like the kids minded much though, they just played inside. We enjoyed burgers and dogs and then there were sponge bob cup cakes and a #1 pink cake. They also had a sponge bob pinata, which the kids loved beating on! He was a tough booger though! It took several and I mean several tries to even begin to bust him open. At first when candy finally fell out everyone just stood there and watched. And then when all the adults said go get the candy, the kids went after it...in kind of a picking and choosing kind of way. They didn't start grabbing like crazy the way we use to years ago...kids these days!!! He was originally a "pull string" pinata, but they decided to use him as a "beating" one.
Hope you had a fun Birthday Cousins!

Em got her beaded Amber necklace in on Monday.

The Amber is said to have anti-inflamitory and pain relieving properties. They have been used for centuries in Europe. I've heard that it helps in teething pain. We don't have any showing up yet, but should very soon.

I made my first batch of ice box pickles last week. Yummy!!! Yay for spring/summer time! I found a few pickles recipes I plan on trying soon.

I'm excited about my hair appointment on Thursday! Boy does it need something done to it! It was just before Em was born the last time I went. Crazy!!! I really need to have it done in a some what regular time frame. I hate waiting so long, but I get busy with my babes and stuff and keep putting it off.

Poor Hunt woke up this morning and came in our bedroom kind of whining. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his head was hurting. So naturally I held him and asked if anything else was hurting or if he felt strange or anything. He said no, but I noticed that he was a little warmer and thought that he might have a small temp. I went and got a thermometer and the Tylenol. He had 99.7 so I gave him a dose of the medicine. He layed down on the pillow and was looking sort of strange. I asked him what was wrong and he sat up and was drooling some and then started crying. I asked again how he felt and only got out of him that his head was hurting. I told Hunt that it was ok to feel sad and it wasn't his fault, but if he needed to throw up that we needed to go to the bathroom. He said no and layed back down. He layed around the house for a while and we watched the first Harry Potter movie. After that he said he felt better and had a lunch of spaghetti o's(which I was thinking might not be such a good idea, but that was what he wanted).
I guess I still worry SO SO SO much about him when his head hurts or he is acting weird. And seeing Em turn the age he was when he had a stroke gets me remembering and thinking about it to...ALOT!!!! I am so thankful beyond belief that he is now healthy and shows very little signs of ever having one! But still I am cautious, a little more I guess than I would have been had he not ever had one. And with the drooling comes the remembering the seizure he had Christmas 2006. Oh our kids...we can be such a mess of nerves and worry because of them! But what we wouldn't do for them huh?!!! I love my babies with all my heart and no matter what lies ahead for us, I just want them to know how much they have filled a place in me that could never have been filled without them!

Daddy is in class this week, so that means he's home at normal hours...yay!
Yay for the help this mama is getting and needing!

If I don't get back on here before we leave for Port A, have a good weekend and great next week!!!! We have an Anniversary(ours 16 years!) to celebrate as well as a Birthday(Kelley)!....

Friday, April 9, 2010

the gift of an ordinary day...

Just had to share this.....

So very touching it made me cry!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

a lesson learned?....

~April 9, 2010~

Alright, so I set the alarm and got up like normal this morning. Hunt got up and after eating a little something I told him to go get dressed and brush his teeth. We both got ready as we normally do on a school day. I combed his hair, he grabbed his school backpack and we were out the door. We drove to school and pulled into the parking lot. We sat there as each class mate entered the building. I would say..."look there's "C". He's going inside to class. Does he get in trouble and have to sit in time-out?" To which Hunt answers..."No he's good". Oh that's "A", she's nice to". Then ..."look there's "A" and "B", are they good and listen?" Hunt answers.."Yes, they are good".
{All the while Hunt doesn't know that this mama is about to drop the bomb and make him SO VERY upset!}
Next I say.."hey there's "J"! I bet he's going to have fun today!" Hunt says..."Yes we will have fun". Then mama says..."there's "R", she's good at school and doesn't get in trouble. All your friends are good and nice and will have fun at school today." Hunt starts taking off his seat buckles.
After everyone is inside I then proceed to go on..."Boy is everyone going to have a fun day. Maybe even go outside to play or watch a movie, they may even have a party!." I turn off the truck engine and take the keys out of the ignition. {I lay it on thick about how much fun they will have today at school} Hunt says..."yes, can we go in now"? I start to open the door and stop!!! I turn around to him and I say..."Oh wait, you can't go...you got suspended and they don't want you to come!"{I know it sounds rude, but maybe it hit a nerve} So then he starts to bawl. Not just a cry, a BAWL! Then Hunt starts to beg and beg..."please mama, please can I go in?! I'm be good. I'll listen, PLEASE!!!" I turn back around put my seat belt back on, tell him to put his buckles back on and start the Tahoe. Still he's bawling to almost a scream and still he begs! All the way home he cries and tells me to turn around. So all the way home I explain again why he can't...you don't listen and mind the teachers, you take toys, you push kids out of swings...etc! "The teachers don't want you to come back if you aren't going to do what they ask and be nice to your friends"! "I'll be good today"... he begs!
Sad to say, but it was kind of funny!
So we get home and he's still SO upset that he can barely talk.
When daddy wakes up I tell him to ask Hunt about school today. So hubs asked Hunt how school was and Hunt says..."well I couldn't go. They put a note up(I never mentioned this, he came up with it all on his own)and locked the doors and I couldn't go". Then hubs goes through just about the same stuff I went through about how he needs to be nice to the other kids and mind the teachers.

SO ...
Who knows if this worked! We shall see come Monday...when he goes back...if they don't call before then and say he is expelled the rest of the year!...

Monday, April 5, 2010

suspention of a pre-schooler and some milestones...

~April 8, 2010~

Em's 6th month check up Tuesday went good. She got 3 shots and an oral med. Poor baby cried when she was given them, but stopped right after. Bubba did good to, without tears. As you may recall, last time he was there to see little sister get shots he cried.

Miss Em weighs 18.2 at 81%. And her measurement height was 26 1/2. Which is only 1/2 inch from last visit. The Dr says that she is sure the last measurement was off and that she is still in the 67th% for her age. I didn't mention this before, but finally yesterday Em pooped. Gross I know! But man, she was going on 6 days with no bm! The Dr said that breast feed babes can go 8-10 days sometimes! Anyway, yesterday when she went it was a good one! I won't go into the nasty details, just believe me! EXPLOSION!!!!
After the dr, and stopping for a lemonade slush, we stopped by the park so Hunt could blow off some steam. Em was asleep and resting.

Since Monday was Em's 6 month b-day, we decided to celebrate by trying out some rice cereal and she seemed to like it. It was also the first time for her to sit in the high chair. She did wonderful and loved banging on it!

WHY am I sitting in this thing?!!!

What's that?!!!

You want me to what...try it?!!!

I don't know about this...looks weird!

Ok, I'll give it a shot..


Hey, I think I like it!

Yes, I think I will have some more. Here let me help you!

Yep, not bad at all!!!
Also to celebrate, I ordered her this set(except with a heart instead of the moon on the spoon)...

And this...

{For when enough hair actually comes in to brush}
I love the stuff that Nova Naturals sells and have my eye on a few other goodies for the future.
Also another small milestone this week...we tried Miss Em in her bathing seat instead of the baby tub that she is outgrowing. It's a seat that you set in your tub to bath your child. First we tried it by herself...

...and the next time with both kids together. She loves it and is getting use to a bit of water in the face...due to a splashing brother. She's cool with it though!

How does one get suspended from Pre-school...Honestly?!!!!
{Ok, I need ANYONES help!}
Well my darling son did. Suspended...for one day, Friday! I'm almost at my wits end on what to do. I don't think that he think about...no, I'm sure that most the time he doesn't think about things before he does them.
We've taken away his Nintendo game(which he normally gets to play on the weekends), offered prizes, spanked twice(I know some out there will not like to read this), taken away movie privileges and even toys. BUT...still nothing totally works.
So Wednesday I was told that he pushed a little boy out of the swing. When we asked him what happened he told us that he pushed him because he wanted to swing...UGHHH!!!! Have you ever heard of a pre-school/pre-k-er getting suspended?!!!What's a mama to do I ask you?!!!

I know Hunt is still in trouble from Wednesday's stunt, but today was Casa Manana performance day. We had already paid for the seats and can not get a refund. I threatened him Wednesday that since he had got in trouble that he was not allowed to do anything "fun". But this morning I decided that I didn't want the seats to go to waste so we went. It was such a GREAT show to! I am glad we went! Hunt and Em both did wonderful! I kept Em busy with toys and mashed up star puffs(yes I know she's a bit young, but I broke them in 3rds and mashed them before sticking them in her mouth)kinda messy those are, kept her a little occupied. She squealed twice, but other than that all was great! After the play we headed to lunch at our usual after Casa eatery, Los Vaqueros. I love their chicken fajitas, but rarely make it over there to eat them. It was yummy!

Since tomorrow is Hunt's school day AND since he's suspended I think I will get us ready in the morning, drive up to school and let him see all his friends going in.
I'll remind him why it is that he is not getting to go and what he needs to do like... make better choices and be kind and hands to himself and stay off the furniture and don't take toys and no hitting, pushing, shoving and...ohhhhhh LORD...!!!
I wonder how he will take it? With him not getting to go and have fun with the rest of them maybe it will sink in...and maybe not...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

celebrating Easter and a half year birthday...

UPDATE::{I accidentally published this and wasn't finished. This is the completed version}::

~April 5, 2010~

Happy 6 Months Birthday Miss Em!!!
Can't believe it! Half a year old!

So what's been going on...

.you love to start a yelling fight with Bubba...you two go back and forth taking turns yelling ...in the car makes it so much fun!!!HA!!!
. you like to put your hand palm side down on our cheeks...so sweet
.you almost have it down, but still working on sitting up
.you tried your first bottle(it had breast milk I pumped)...March 19th...you sucked it down
.you also had your first out of town trip and overnight stay in a hotel. you did great!
.you still want to wake up sometimes at night to eat a little
.you have fun picking things up and moving your hand/wrist around exploring it
.you wear size 2 diapers
.you wear size 6-9 months clothes and size 2 or 3 shoe
. while on your stomach you will push up on your tip-e-toes and try to scoot. thing is is that you need to raise your face and arms off the ground first.HA!
.whenever you are in your car seat and are waiting for us to take you out you start hitting the buckle with your hand
.you drive mama crazy sometimes reaching for everything you can
.mama has been trying to get you on a nap schedule with bubba, and for the past week it has been working.
.you almost always hike up a leg while I'm feeding you and it cracks me up
.you enjoy your stacking cups and you love to hit them on the table. you love the noise
.you're a mama's girl for sure...maybe it's due to the fact that I have the food...HAHAHA!
.I've heard you on a couple occasions trying to put letters/sounds together like (ah-goo)
You're such a big girl Em! WE LOVE YOU!

::Thursday after a visit with the Easter Bunny we came home and ate a bit of lunch and went down for naps. When naps were over we played outside for a while.

{I got a little smile}

{oh the life...}

{we put toys in a basket and she loves getting them out. then we put them in again and she's like...oh wow where did these come from...new toys. then she gets them all out again}

{here she's yelling at me. I guess she was tired of all the photos}

{she's looking a little POed in this photo}
I got several photos of Em, but Hunt wouldn't be still and let me get more of him. To busy playing! And I love Em's urban bonnet. I got her two different ones for the summer.
I found some cute Easter pasta so for dinner Hunt and I had that.

Hunt managed to scratch himself with a stick so I snapped a pic of the injury. If you look real hard you can see it(ha,ha...Hunt runs over to me and says "mama I HAVE to go inside and look in the mirror! So I say why? Hunt says LOOK!}It looks a little worse now, scabbed over.

{sadly this is the only photo of Hunt}

::Friday Hunt didn't have school and hubs was off from work, but we still just hung around the house. Later that evening Hunt, Little Miss(strictly supervised) and I dyed eggs. It was fun and Hunt is getting old enough that he can almost do it all by himself. Here are some photos of the fun...

{crayon coloring}

{awww, he wrote sister's name}

{lil sis...hanging out}

{coloring complete, time to dye}

{pants optional}

{nice job Bubba}

{aren't they beautiful}

::Saturday Em and I took at trip to Canton. We picked up a few things...

I bought Em 2 smocked dresses(love love love smocked dresses). The green one with turtles she wore for Easter with the matching bow and the yellow one will be for next Easter since it has bunnies and was $40% off(YAY!). Hand smocked dresses aren't cheap! I also bought her these monogrammed "E" bloomers(she also wore those on Easter, a perfect match), 2 bug houses for future gifts and vintage linens...table cloth, 2 child quilts, some hankies, a quilted pillow case and a embroidered 2 pocked possibly clothes pin holder(not sure).
Hunt and daddy drove out to Gander Mountain to check out there outdoor goodies. We later meet them for some dinner at Pasados.

::Sunday the babes woke up to baskets filled with treats from the Easter Bunny!

Hunt of course knew what was going on, but not Em. She just wanted to dig in the baskets and taste test everything.
I took several trying for a really great photo, but it just wasn't in the cards. A few are good, but not great. Photos and kids...need I say more?!!!

{I bought this basket, decided it needed more color and added some pink and green rick-rack}

Some of the things Mr.Easter Bunny put in the baskets were...bubbles, books, candies, mini lego sets, golden money eggs(Hunt got $5 and Em $1), funny glasses, caterpillar flashlights, finger puppets, drink holders with straws, pirate gun, colored pencils, slinky, crayons, sail boat, 2 shrinky dink sets, 2 mini scrap books and a few others. Then he left them cute grass baskets with stuffed bunnies inside. Wow what a haul!

Around 10:15 we left to go to Grandma's and Papa's house. We had a great time there!
We played, hunted Easter eggs inside and outside! Then we feasted on some yummy steaks, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, salad, twice baked potatos, egg salad and pies! Man were we stuffed after all that! Good stuff though!!!
Here are some of the photos I took from the day...
egg hunt at grandmas.......
Indoor egg hunting and playing-

{Hunt playing with Easter goodies stuff from Grandma}

{Em testing out her new "name" cup}

{handsome Hunt}

{look at these two goobers...can you believe Hunt STILL puts things in his mouth}

{Em looking over her basket Grandma gave her}

{kiddos playing}

Outdoor egg hunting-

{Em, Daddy and Grandma}

{look at them go}

{Em and daddy}

{Em and Mama}

{Hunt and cousin Mick checking out their goodies}

{Papa cooking}

{Hunt going through his basket...again}

{Em and her goodies}

{Em with her eggs}

{Em and Mama}

{Hunt playing with some snakes, lizards and frogs...what a boy}

{Em would NOT leave her shoes on}

{Em's cute bloomers with the monogramed "E"}

::Tomorrow you go to see Dr, Coutoumanos for your 6 month visit. I'm excited to see how much you're growing!

Finally done! It took a while to upload all the photos.
Another long post...but thanks for stopping by to read it and check out our photos...