Saturday, September 10, 2011

a trip into Big "D" !.....

~September 10, 2011~

What a beautiful Saturday it was!

A very good friend of mine invited us to go with her family to the Dallas Farmer's Market.

And of course I said yes!...

Did you know that the Dallas Farmer's Market has been around for 6 decades, that's 70years! WOW! Since 1941! And they are one of the largest public markets of their type in the country!!!

{got our market baskets and Miss Em...ready to go!}

{Hunter and Kaya...ready to go!}

I am so glad that we went! Oh goodness...I had never been and let me tell you how AWESOME it was!!!!

First of all I LOVE farmer's!!!! But this one...oh heavens!!!! It was so great! There were plenty of vendors, some coming from as far as 150 miles! And they offer just about everything under the sun to make your mouth water!

{Mr. Lemley has been coming to DFM for 35 years}

And samples...let me tell you about the samples...everyone was more than willing to offer you a taste of their goods.

Tasting all the samples was divine. You could about fill your bellies up on all they have to offer...heck you COULD make a meal of it! HA! Fruits, veggies, honey, nuts, meats, spices, grains and even plants, flowers and specialty foods...just about everything I'm telling ya'll! Local and not so local.

{organic Texas raised}

And a few shops...

{Hunter and our friend Kaya, pretending like they were asleep}

{cheeeeeese! my beautiful baby girl}

Even some places to eat!...

{smelled delish!}

Of course I took my camera with us and snapped some cute photos! If I only had photoshop! How much more good they would be....

Here's what we came home with...

Sweet corn on the cobb, vidalia onions, zucchini, cucumber, two types of tomatoes and carrots!
I could have bought so so much more! It's hard not to! Just look at all the beautiful colors!...

Such freshness to make your tummy happy! HA!

{My little farmers}

Go check it out sometime. They are open 7 days a week(8am-6pm), 362 days a year!

I can't wait for the spring, and to get our little garden going again! Here's to hoping that another Texas heatwave doesn't happen next year to!

After the market we ran over to In-N-Out Burger.

Our friends had tried it before, but this was our first time. The lines were crazy long, but it went super fast! They were pretty good burgers! I don't think they are close to my favorite, but still good!

What a FUN day!!!

Thanks Vass family for inviting us with ya'll on a little trip into Big D!...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~September 6, 2011~

How was everyone's Labor Day?

To celebrate, we decided to take a trip to Fossil Rim.

Daddy took the day off and we thought we should spend the day as a family doing something. The weather was GREAT! And it seems that everyone else had this idea to. It was super busy! But the animals were out and willing to eat the pellets that we bought to feed them!

Daddy almost freaked out a couple of times at a few white tail deer there. They had some impressive antlers!

We had such a nice time, even with all the waiting in line that we did!

Oh hey... back on August 5th we found two tiny eggs amongst some dried leaves on our porch. The kiddos and I decided to put them in a jar to see if they would, at some point, hatch. So in the jar they went with some leaves and a bit of dirt to lay on. We left the jar on the porch.

Well... today I peered into the jar...

and noticed that the eggs had holes in them with nothing inside!

So after closer inspection, I saw 2 baby gecko lizards!

We have LOTS of them around our house and in fact a friend told me that that was what the eggs were. So were right! Hunt and Em were very excited when I told them about our babies! I brought the jar inside and we opened it up and set it in a clear plastic container.

See... we wanted to observe our sweet babes before we set them free! Hunt was so cute! He kept saying how cute they were and tiny! He wanted to keep them, but I told him that they needed to be outside. After we watched them for a bit I got them back into the jar and we headed outside to release them.
They were a little apprehensive at first, but finally took off into the big world!

Be free and safe lizard babies! Thanks for the lesson on patients and letting go!
{just the other day I was thinking of dumping out the jar(I thought the eggs might be duds...mama isn't always patient. so glad I didn't}

I've been getting things together for Em's 2nd Birthday Party! Her Birthday is on October 5th(a Wednesday), but I plan on having it on the 8th(a Saturday). It's not a for-sure date yet, but I'm pretty sure that's when we will have it. I'll be looking at some venue ideas today. More than likely outside area/park.

I'm going to throw some photos of summer fun and things here and there in up coming blogs. Take a deep breath...we'll make it through it together! HA!...