Thursday, September 20, 2012

results and new things...

~September 20, 2012~

My sweet men!!!

We got the results Tuesday from the Dr about Hunt's spine x-rays.  And it seams that he does have scoliosis. Luckily he only has a mild form of it!!!! YAY!!! We have an appointment to meet with a Ortho Dr. in December.  From what I've read, anything over a 10 degree curve they consider scoliosis.  Hunt has a 12 degree curve.  More than likely they will just want to keep an eye on him until after he's finished growing.  Maybe doing x-rays and checks for a while. I'm just happy he doesn't have to worry about a back brace or even surgery. I pray that it doesn't get worse as he grows! Guess we'll know more after the Ortho visit in December.

We've been doing a small amount of Fall decorating around the house.  The kids put up fall clings on the front door and the hall bathroom mirror..."their bathroom".  These are such cheap and easy decorating for kids to do.  No mess and they are re-usable!

We'll be adding Halloween and then Thanksgiving clings in the future.

Have ya'll seen these?!

Mini marshmallows!

Here's how tiny they are!  Sweet! I may be behind, but I just noticed them a few weeks back and bought some. They taste like marshmallows to.  Can't wait to try them in all sorts of fun things!

Have ya'll been hearing the rave over these?!

They're called water beads. 

Em has been having a blast playing with them!  She loves to scoop and dump them the best! And let me tell you they feel so cool! I love just sticking my hands in them and gently moving them around! So awesome!!!
You can get them at Michael's and I think JoAnn's carries them to.

Let me tell you Hunt just loves Boy Scouts! I need to post some photos of the Boy Scout pictures I've taken so far. He has such a neat time!!!  His meetings are on Mondays, and we found out this past Monday that they will be going camping in October.  The scouts will be going to Worth Ranch in Palo Pinto.  I had to check it out on their website.  It's such a beautiful place!!! I'm excited!  They will be camping October 5-7.  Normally hubs works on Sundays, but he was going to see if he could take off that Sunday.  So he went to ask and...he can't!!! Bummer!!! And to make it worse, he has to work that Saturday to!  He needs to cover for a co-worker. UGH!!!!!! So he is unable to go!!!! And it's either me take the kids by myself, or we don't go! Oh boy!  Not sure I can handle everything By My Self!  Lord help me!
If any one out there wants to come be my husband/the kids daddy for that weekend please let me know! HA!

So I guess that's about it for now! Ta ta!

Monday, September 17, 2012

still waiting...

~September 17, 2012~

Hello Monday...

Here we are welcoming another Monday!
A start to another week.

I've been sitting close by a phone at home today.  Waiting for a call from our pediatrician on Hunt's x-ray results. Last Thursday morning I took Hunt to the Dr for a little check up. Our pediatrician did her thing and towards the end had Hunt bend over and she proceeded to check his spine.  After examining him she asked me if we had ever had his back/spine x-rayed.  I replied no( a bit worried)!  She fills out a form and tells me to go over to the Imagining center and have it x-rayed when we leave. {*gulp!*}
I asked her about the hours and etc., because I was suppose to take Hunt to school.  She told me that they are open later and are on a first come first serve basis and that after school would be ok to. I looked over the form she filled out for me to take over when we go for the x-rays.  It stated under diagnosis...Scoliosis!!! I left the office a little upset.  I mean we have already been through the stroke, seizure and therapies and this!   Well of course this was the day Hunt had an afterschool Tae kwon do class and he REALLY wanted to be there! So I opted to take him the next day, Friday after school. 

Bubba in his blue dress...Sister wanted to be in the photo to!

He's cute in his little hospital gown!

They took a couple of photos of his back and then a couple of him turned to the side.  I asked the technician when they would have the x-rays to the Dr. and she said soon and that the Dr. should call me Monday for the results. So I'm still waiting....

Since Hunt started school I've been doing some school work with Em to.  I usually try to get in from 2-3 days a week. We do work books, flashcards, and other fun stuff...not all "school work" fun stuff to!
Today I took some photos of her working!

These are our LARGE alphabet flash cards! I remember Hunt loving these when he was younger!

Finger puppet goodness!!! HA!
Em playing finger puppets.

Alphabet letter tracing.  She's doing really good on some of these!

These are the cheap workbooks I usually use.  I buy them at Target for a buck!!! Can't beat that! I have others to, but these are great! And I usually tear out the pages and slide them into clear page protectors, that way they can be uses again and again.  A lot of these books I've had since Hunt was 3 and he used them! Another little boy that Hunt went to pre-school with even borrowed them to practice to.
This one involved Em circling the same items in the row.

And you can't see it, but Em is using the mini dry eraser to clean her work off the pages.
Most if not all these books come with stickers to!  So when the pages are earn a sticker!!! What a deal huh?!!!!  To a 2 or 3 year old...that's awesome!!!
Em also worked on her scissor skills! That girl loves cutting paper!!!

I saw this cute snack idea on Pinterest(i think)!  A fishing snack game!  You use large pretzel sticks, dip them in either peanut butter(we used) or a flavored butter, or whatever you choose as the "bait" then stick them to the fish!!! Now how easy and cute is that?!!! Sure beats real fishing! HA! No waiting for a nibble and no worms! ...Instant snack yummy!  Em loved it!

Em also wanted to work with a little felt book set we have.  I need to make a big felt board!  I made a
felt set a few years back and would love to do more.  Just need a large board to do the stories on!  I
remember enjoying felt story boards when I was young!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

rewinding a bit more...

~September 16, 2012~

I'm doing more rewinding!

Here are a few more pre-school photos. The first few are on Meet the Teacher Night at Hunt's school. 
He met Mrs. Collins and got to check out his room.

Getting hugs from Mrs. Collins! A thank you for the goodies we brought her.

After we met the teacher the kids enjoyed Dipping Dots!
How pretty!

As some of you may know I love to teach Hunt and Em about traditional things that other countries do.
In Germany and often Austria to, they make what's called a "Schultut"(school cone). Sometimes called
Zuckertute in Eastern Germany. This cone is usually given on the first day of school to First Graders.
It's filled with school supplies, candy, toys and other treats. I've read that this tradition dates back as
far as 1810. 
Here's the cones I made this year.  I know Hunt is going into 2nd grade, but I thought...what the heck! And of course I couldn't leave little sister out!  So I made Em one to!

Here's what I put in Hunt's...And below is Em's.

And photos of them holding their cones.

They are the cutest kids...I know!!! HA!

Another cool tradition that I heard about from Germany was the tradition of kids eating their breakfast on wooden cutting boards. I saw some from a company I just love called NOVA naturals! They sell the boards through their catalog and online as well. I've bought several things from them and every one is the BEST quality! I didn't order these from them however.  I drew out the designs and had Daddy make them!  It makes it a bit more special when they know that Daddy made them! Thanks hubs!!!! The kids enjoy eating their breakfast on them in the mornings.  We call them our breakfast boards!

The piggy is Hunt's

Here's a photo from the first breakfast on them, on the first day of school! 
Is it wrong to serve bacon on a piggy cutting board? HA!!!

And Em's board is a bunny!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a trip to the deer lease...

~September 12,2012~

This past Saturday we made a trip out to the deer lease in Ranger. 

The kids helped daddy fill up the feeders and put out hog stuff. They had a blast climbing the feeder ladder!
Miss Em! She is such a little outdoor girl!
Hunt found out that those deer corn bags are pretty heavy! He tried helping anyway, dragging the bags over.
One of the highlights for Hunt was riding in the back of daddy's truck. A bumpy. dusty and rough ride, but he loved it! He thought he was such a big boy!
Em had fun pretending to drive!
This was the least fun part of the day.  Hubs got his truck high centered! Lucky he was able to get unstuck by raising the truck up and using a good ole bag of deer corn to support the wheel and drive it back out. In doing this his truck received a small dent and scratch to the tailgate. Ugh!
Hunt and Em loved playing around one of the ponds on the property. Throwing mud clods in the water and trying to spot turtles.
It was a bit challenging to catch the baby frogs that were around the pond to.  We did manage to catch a couple.  Here's Hunt holding one.
We found out that hub's deer blind had either been blown over or knocked over by a cow or something.

Hunt, Em and a friend helped daddy and his hunting buddy set up bottles and stuff to use as targets to shoot at.

Daddy helping Hunt shoot one of his guns.  We had a meltdown(because Hunt hates the load noises of the guns) at first, then Hunt was all smiles!
See ALL smiles!  He enjoyed shooting daddy's gun...can you tell?!
It was a great day with the family and a fun time seeing some friends.  We came home filthy, stinky and tired, but had a blast!!!