Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what's been going on?...

Happy Tuesday Everyone...

Had a nice weekend. Hubs went to the lakehouse with friend Sat. so it was just Hunt and I. And hubs came back Sun. We hung out with great friend Steph and ate some lunch and did a little shopping. Then later that evening it was off to dinner with another great friend Kel. Then back home, bath time and I even let Hunt stay up late to watch a movie with me. It was really a nice day...and weekend.

Monday I did end up skipping yoga so that Hunt and I could take a trip to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day. I think we saw EVERY animal there. I opted not to take the stroller or wagon in hopes that Hunt would be able to walk the whole time. Well, it was a good choice...Hunt did superb! He got a little tired towards the end, but did great! He kept saying a like going to the zoo! We also rode the little YellowRose train there at the zoo. We were both pretty tired once we got home.

Today Hunt had physical therapy. He hadn't been in about 2 months. His therapist did a little evaluation and said that he looked good. His shoe inserts still fit good(or at least for 3 to 6 more months...unless he has a growth spurt). We go back again in December. So now I can go and get Hunt new shoes. I've been needing to get him some for months, but have been kinda waiting to see what the PT visit would hold. Hunt also got his yearly flu vaccine. I was sort of dreading it. But...we went in and they did it so fast that he didn't have a chance to cry or even think about crying. I told him what a big boy he was and he was all smiles. So afterwards we went for ice cream. It went as good as can be!

4 more...days...until we leave for va-ca!!! YEA!!! I've got several tasks to do before we leave, but am confident that I will get them completed in time.

Tomorrow is yoga and I hope it goes easily. I've had a pain in my neck/upper back area today. Not sure what I did...maybe slept wrong... I've also got to make a run to the grocery store, maybe couple of stores to and the cleaners. This will knock off a few of my tasks to get done before Sat.

that's about all...see ya'll

Friday, September 26, 2008

my silly little monkey boy...

"are we driving on the sidewalk"?...asked Hunt today as we leave the drive-thru a Grandy's this evening. "No silly...we aren't on the sidewalk" I say. I guess since the drive way and parking lot was narrow it appeared to him that we were on a sidewalk. Kiddos are so funny sometimes. This morning he was standing on his bed and pushed the wall with his index finger and proceeded to lower himself down while bending his knees. Then he said "number 3". I asked him what he was doing and he replied..."going on the elevator"! He's such a cutie! I know...he's mine so I must be partial...true, but he really is a cutie! He hardly ever meets a stranger(which might not be such a good thing). He's always telling people hi and asking their names. He has such an outgoing personality and almost always cheerful and happy. People tell me this all the time. This past May while on vacation, an old woman walked by our table while we were eating dinner and said what a cute and handsome boy your are. Hunt just replied with "I'm a monkey boy to"! The older couple and their friends just laughed. Hunt smiled and laughed. I sometimes call him monkey boy, so I guess that's why he said that. A friend of the family often tells him that he's a nut. It's no wonder he keeps telling me he wants to be a clown for Halloween this year. It fits his attitude perfectly!T

Today we attending the KECPTA Fall Festival. Hunt had a blast! It was at a park in Keller. The group had several activities for the kids to do in addition to the park playground and sandbox. They rented a bounce house, had bubble wands, sidewalk chalk and did tattoos. Of course EVERYONE loved the snow cone! Someone brought a snow cone machine. I myself had to try several flavors! And Hunt loved them to. What a hit it was. The festival was for the group and as a membership drive as well. I think we acquired a couple of new members. Many seemed interested. The turn out from the group was good so it seemed to make others curious as to what was going on. The sign and banner that was out helped to. I took photos so I'll post them when I have them ready.

Let's see...next week's agenda goes something like this...Monday is my normal yoga day, it is also the KECPTA groups' zoo day. So I may just skip yoga so Hunt and I can visit the animals at the zoo. It was spring the last time we went, so a visit is due. Tuesday we normally try to hit the library for story time, but Hunt has a physical therapy appointment at 11:00am and then the wonderful yearly flu shot scheduled at 5:30pm. So that day will be just a bucket load of fun! Wednesday is yoga day for me again, so I need to be sure to go. Thursday is playgroup day. And Friday, well I'll be more than busy getting together our vacation junk. We'll leave for va-ca on Saturday morn. I don't really enjoy the day before we leave for a trip. It's always hectic and I'm SOOOO tired!

Speaking of tired...I'm kinda feeling that way now so I guess I'll close this post and chat later...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Man... I've had a busy day. Hunt was a little stinker today and even Zoe was extra crazy. Was it a full moon or something??? I'm just glad to get to sit a spell and rest for a bit. So I've been thinking about va-ca(11 days by the way) this evening and was wondering...I have a terry cloth swim suit cover up/dress that is a mint green and I want to dye it a mocha color or navy. Anyway, I know there is that Rit dye out on the market...has anyone ever used this dye? Or ever dyed some type of clothing before? I read the Rit web site and got a little info out of that, but was wondering if anyone had actually used it. I'm scared, but really want to give it a try. Just curious... I don't want the dress to turn out a disaster, but would much rather have it in a darker color. Maybe even a black.
Good news...hubs emailed our vacation destination-Port Aranasas to see how the hurricane effected everything down that way. And it seems that pretty much all is a go! There was some beach erosion and board walk repair to be done, but YEA!!!! at least that's one worry off our chests! I bet the beach will be a mess still from all the debris that got washed up. Sometimes the beach has a lot of seaweed and sometimes they keep it clean. Not sure why that is. I hope it's not too bad. One of my favorite things to do at the beach is collecting sea shells and making things from them when I get home. I know it sounds boring, but I like it. Earlier this year a friend and I found a entire sand dollar intact. I've never found a whole one before. You always find broken ones, but never whole ones. I've made a cool mirror with some sea shells I collected and added a few that I purchased to. I'll have to post a pic to show you guys. It actually looks pretty good. I want to make a few pic frames and maybe a large cross. The mirror I did was done on nude wood and a type of grout. It's messy, but fun.
Next year I'm trying to talk hubs into taking us to somewhere different for va-ca. Maybe another beach. I'd like to go to South Carolina or maybe Florida. I think I've heard that either one of them has good beaches. I can't wait until a couple more years when we can go on bigger trips like Disney World! Hunt will be older and can do more. We've talked about the 2 week trip where you go on a cruise and then to Disney World. I think you do a week on the ship and a week at Disney. It's been just before Hunt was born since we went on a big vacation. And several years since we've been on a cruise. I love traveling. I like to experience new things and see new sights. We've been to many places, even traveled practically to the other side of the world. On 3 cruises and numerous trips to the caribbean. The water down there is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And we've had WAY TOO much fun! I can tell some pretty good stories...let me tell you!!!!! We have toned down a lot since Hunt was born...I guess it's a good thing. Who know what trouble we could have gotten into. And besides...Hunt is a lot of fun to! And being a mommy is SO MUCH more fulfilling!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

end of summer...boo hoo...

Not much has been going on lately. Hubs was in classes last week so our usual schedule was off kilter. It was good though since he was there for dinner and in the evenings. I know he hated to get up at 5:30...or as he put it "the crack ass of dawn". It was nice. Hubs came home one day barley able to walk though. They did a type of training similar to the "red man"(suit) where each had a turn trying to fight off everyone ganging up on them one after another from different directions. He swung so much and all of that after running and other activities...he was SO SORE! I did however miss yoga since no one was here to watch Hunt. So I'm sure tomorrow's yoga will be...horrible, just peachy!

About 2 weeks until vacation! Yea! I just hope, since we are going to the coast again, that Port "A" will not have too much damage from huricane Ike. We looked at photos and it didn't seem too bad. Hubs wants to take Hunt fishing this time. And wants me to go to. Last time I went deep sea fishing I was sick the entire time. I feed the fish(with my vomit...i know gross, but true). Hubs said that this trip will only be about 4 hours and be in the bay, possibly at night. I'm just not so sure about this idea. Imagine this...us...some friends...and a three year old...at night from about 6pm to 10pm...on a boat...no where to go...and me possibly nauseated or even sick. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A FUN PICTURE TO ME! I just know Hunt will be cranky tired and not interested in trying to help fish. All the while I'm trying to hold my cookies down and not puke! Lord help me now! And will the hurricane that just passed not too long ago, fishing might really stink! Like I said Lord help me now!

We brought the boat back from the lakehouse last weekend...boo hoo! It was time to winterize it and put it up until next spring! It looks like most of the lake fun is over until then. It seems like summer flew by this year. Oh I'm sure we'll make a few trips back. We'll probably go for New Years and maybe Christmas again I'm sure. Christmas there last year with our friends was really a fun time. I brought a small Christmas tree from home and we exchanged gifts one morning in our pj's. Good Times! And New Years has been celebrated at the lakehouse for several years now. We buy lots of fireworks again(remember July 4th)and set them off...as the freezing wind off the lake chills us to our bones! True we're all wrapped up in cloths, coats, and even blankets, but still BURRRRRRRR! Lucky we fix some hot toddy's to help us with the coldness.

Oh...Zoe turned one year this month(around the 3rd). HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!!!!!!! Hunt and I sang her Happy Birthday. I told him that we'll do a birthday party for her on the day we got her, to celebrate, which will be Dec.3rd. We'll have to get her a doggy cake and maybe invite a few friends like Steph and Kelley to bring their doggies and go to the dog park(maybe). Weather permitting. Zoe is still a little SPAZZ!

Playgroup is going well. Hunt loves to attend and play with other kiddos. It's just hard to get him to leave when it's time to go. Ugh!!! At least he enjoys it.

Well I guess that's about all for now...