Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~September 4, 2011~

Happy September Ya'll!

It was a bit cooler today in the Lone Star the 90's!

I consider September the start of the Fall/Autumn Season! So in honor of that...

I made some simple fall sugar cookies!

And the kids and I headed out to the park!
We played in the creek bed...

in the wooded areas, and at the playground. We had a fun time!

Oh...We had a Milestone in our house recently!...
Hunt lost his first tooth on July 23rd!!!

A visit from the tooth fairy left him a gold dollar coin, a Mexican coin, a tiny little note in a tiny little envelope and a wooded gnome doll.

She was so busy that night that there was fairy dust under Hunt's pillow and a trail to the window! Wow! How cool!
Well...He lost another tooth at school this past Thursday!

And again the fairy dust was flying so to speak! HA! More dust under his pillow and another trail to the window! This time she left Hunt another gold dollar, a coin from Spain, a rolled up spiral written message and a leather journal!

The journal was left on the window sill. Hunt commented that she probably needed help bringing that! HA! If he only knew! Hunt has really been into writing and drawing in notebooks and note pads lately, so I guess the tooth fairy thought he might like a nice journal!

The week before school started hubs took a vacation week so we could spend time as a family...before the extra chaos started. I say extra because we always have chaos! We didn't do too much, it's so stinking hot here in Texas! Too hot to do much outside, even inside for that fact. We did take a trip out to the deer lease. If you know us and our family, then you know that hunting is a very important thing to the males in the household! The kids had a blast!

{Daddy telling Em about the cactus}

{Running around like uncaged zoo animals}

{Messing with the big red ants}

{Collecting animal bones and a turtle carcass}

{Shooting BB guns...and play guns}

{Helping daddy with feed and treats for the wildlife}

{Bubba and Em's matching deer lease boots. Hunt's has an orange stripe on the side and Em's has pink}

{More BB gun practice this time}

Someone thought he was way too cool getting to ride in the back of daddy's truck!

It was a fun, hot and dirty day...which the kids both LOVED!!!

Just before school started I set up a snack container in the fridge.I borrowed the idea from a friend Crystal Bond! It's been working out pretty good. The snacks that I add to it are healthy*semi-healthy*or close and in individual sizes and amounts, so it's super easy for the kiddos to grab and go. I change things out here and there to give them a variety. Maybe I'll start a little segment in the blog called...Our Snack Container This Week...and list the snack goodies for the week. Here's ours for this week...

::Our Snack Container This Week::
carrots (a container of ranch to go with the carrots if so desired)
granola bars
trail mix
string cheese
fruit chewies
blueberry rice cakes
cheese crackers

Another segment I was thinking about adding is our weekly dinners. A list of our dinner time meals for the week, called...What's Cooking...I'll have some simple and quick, and some more time consumming. Fridays and Saturdays we usually go out.

::What's Cooking::
Sunday:breaded and oven baked pork chops
scalloped potatoes
glazed carrots
simple autumn sugar cookies
Monday: dinner out with friends
Tuesday: Cheese enchiladas with chili sauce
Wednesday: Froggy in the holes
Thursday: chicken stir fry with noodles and veggies
broccoli, snap peas, carrots, mini corn)
Friday: eating out
Saturday: eating out

I don't know who else may do this, but it's something that I started last year with Hunt. Every day that he brings a lunch to school(which is most, if not all the week)I put a little note in there for him.

Just a little have a good day, or you are awesome or loved type note. Sometimes I may included a sticker or a single little candy(not often). Some I bought as a set and wrote messages on the back. About 97% of the time Hunt kept the note, but other times he would give them away to friends, usually girls, in his class. SO anyhoo, this year I decided that I would make 2 notes, one to keep and one to give away.

I forgot to throw these pictures in last blog.

{notice sisiter's mini pony tail...LOL}
Just a few I snapped while we were school supply shopping!

We signed Hunt up for flag foortball again.

He played in the spring and enjoyed it. We are hoping to get the same coach that he had last year. We really liked him. We register through I9 Sports. It's a wonderful and fair group. Everyone gets a chance at playing no matter their skill level. They learn values each game and the one player that showed that value earns a metal. Hunt won one last year for team spirtit!

I have SO many photos to share! I'm so very far behind, so ya'll hang in there, ok!

Ya'll have a good night now...

Monday, August 29, 2011

hello world...

~August 30, 2011~

MY it's been such a long time!

I keep reading blogs and more blogs and. more. blogs. and keep feeling guilty! Guilty that my sad little blog diary is all alone, just sitting here with no attention, no love. I'm sorry little blog! I really want to keep you up. I really want to update you regularly with all of our fun, photos and crazy moments. I do! I am AGAIN saying that I am going to try hard to add a new post. at. least.once.a.week!

Hunt started school last Monday. First Grade! Goodness, how can he be in first grade?! I handled it well! I didn't even cry! Yay me! I felt sad, but I made it without shedding a tear.

{My handsome First Grader!}

{First Grade}

{Hunt going into his room}

{putting his stuff away in his locker. not sure why he looks so terrified! HA}

{Giving Mrs. Ross her gifts}

I made Mrs. Ross a cute sanitizer and gave her a journal. Hunt also gave her an apple.

I snapped a couple of photos from when I picked him up...

Look how happy Sister is to see her Bubba! Such a smile!

I made a little treat for Hunt's class to celebrate the first day of school. I wrapped up smarties to look like pencils!

I also whipped up a new sandwhich and snack bag set to go with Hunt's new firetruck lunch box.
{Please just ignore the horrible stitching! My tension was off on my sewing machine. It has since been adjusted...Thank God!}

The Thursday before he started school we meet Hunt's teacher. Her name is Mrs. Ross and she seems so nice and a good person. I just pray that she has plenty of patients and understanding! Hunt is excited to go back to school. He loves it!

{Hunt was so excited to me going back to school}

{Hunt picking out is locker...#17!}

{Hunt and Mrs. Ross}

He did so great his first week! He received 15 honorable character numbers! WOW! Way to go Bubba! He has 3 friends in his new class that he had in his kindergarten class last year. He was happy to see them. He told me that he meet new friends Jonathan and Kaden. And Mrs. Ross said he had a Good Day!!! Hunt said that he really likes Mrs. Ross!!!

The parents have a curriculum meeting with the teacher this Thursday. So I'm excited to hear about what they will be learning throughout the school year. I do know that their grading system will be similar to the grading he had in kindergarten, which is sort of a bummer! Mrs. Ross said that this changed just this year.

Hope it's going to be a fun school year!!! How was everyone elses first day of school?