Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Lord, has it really been over a month since I last posted??? This time of year is always busy and it seems that this year has been super super busy. I've got lots to share with everyone and tons of photos. I may have to break it down into several posts instead of one LONGGGGGGGG one.
So check back in a day or so to see what we've been up to this Holiday season...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy turkey day...


Hope everyone is having a super week. We haven't done much, but it's been pretty good thus far. I'm still working on Christmas crafts. Look what came in the mail yesterday...gourds. I'll be doing crafting with these.

Also, has anyone heard of or seen the Waldorf dolls (hope I said it right) or maybe the Bamboletta dolls? These are SO cute, and SO pricey. It's silly, but I want one. I sent off for instructions for the Waldorf ones, so I may have to make Hunt and maybe me one to.
So tomorrow is turkey day. I'll be up before sunrise getting ready for the Turkey Trot race. I always do it every year with good friend Steph. We'll meet at Ihop to eat and then head over to Camp Bowie for the race. I'm trying to get out of taking little man with me. I could do it a lot quicker without a stroller. And besides, he's getting too big for it. I guess I could pull him in the wagon, but ughhhh...like I said...quicker without the babe.

And here's our contribution to Thanksgiving feast tomorrow...

pilgram hat cookies.
We're heading to hub's parents and I was told that we didn't need to bring anything. Well, I can't show up without something, so Hunt and I made these. They consist of a cookie, choc. chips, marshmallow and icing. Super easy and really not too messy. Of course they don't look fabulous, but with a 3 year old you can't expect perfection. They are still cute. After lunch and visiting a bit Hunt and I will go to my cousins house and visit some of my side of the family. Hubs has to work, so he'll leave after he eats lunch.

That's about all I have time for today, so I'll leave it at this...
If any of you head out Friday for Black Friday sales...be careful and safe.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Momma!...

Good evening...

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was pretty good. We didn't do much. We were out and about Saturday running errands and stuff and today just hung out here at home. We watched a few movies and I did some decoupage, sewing, painting, glueing...etc...just craft crap.

Today would have been my mother's birthday. She would have been 57 years old. I still miss her terribly. She was such a great mom and person. I'm happy to say that she was my best friend! We were as close as friends could be...as close as mother and daughter can be. Hunt is really missing out on not knowing this wonderful lady. It's sad to think about how much fun Hunt and Nana(mom always wanted to be called Nana by the grandbabies). I'm sorry that she pasted before Hunt was born. She went through a terrible time towards the end. I question myself ALL the time about the medical decisions that I had to make. I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through it. Even at 28 years of age I feel I was way too young to have to make these decisions. I wish more than anything that she wasn't in pain and forgives me for everything. Even now typing this tears start to run down my face. There is so much I wish I could have asked her before her time was up. So much I want to know about me as a child. Was I like Hunt? Is this how I did this or did that? Was I this stubborn and defiant? I know from photos that Hunt and I look alot alike, but I would have loved to known more. When your young you don't think as much about asking these types of questions. It seems that everyone will always be around. Well the truth is...they won't and there's nothing we can do about that. We just go on without them. You never get over loosing them, it just gets a little easier day by day.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I miss you and hope your having a lovely day up above!

Friday, November 21, 2008

dried squid...what?....

Hey there...

Did you know that a flounder is not born with both eyes on the same side of his head, it happens later? And that a dungenes(sp?) crab will lay on its back(pretending to be dead) waiting for a fish to swim between its legs and grab it, squeeze it and then eat it? These are just a couple of things we learned this past Tuesday at Central Market. We took a tour and learned some neat stuff. We also got to sample lots and lots of goodies. From fruits to bread, cheese, gelato(sp?), fresh peanut butter...etc. It was well worth the tour just to try these things. And in addition to a few groceries we came home with this...

Hunt was so excited! The whole time we did the tour he kept saying "I like that little shopping cart". Over and over again. And it is cute, so yes I had to buy it. He thought it was the cutest thing. Which he also said MANY times before and after we purchased it.
Here are a few other things we bought...

Dried squid...what, you don't eat dried squid? Look, before you turn your nose up you have to try it first. But...only if you love seafood because it's pretty fishy. And no, I didn't just see it and go..."oh look dried squid, I think I'll give it a try". I had this or something similar years and years ago. I have always wanted to try to find more, but have never seen any anywhere. And it tastes the same as I remember. To me it's like a fish jerky.

Sweetleaf tea...in original, peach lemon and pomegranate.

Fresh California rolls-sushi. That was my dinner that night. Aren't my plates cute?

That's about all that's been going on this week other than library story time on Wednesday and a potluck lunch for the Keller Early Childhood PTA group on Thursday. Today we're just at home relaxing a bit. I need to get some paint and other craft supplies, so we may head out to a store later. If not this weekend. How exciting huh?...hahaha
Sorry for any spelling errors or such, I'm not feeling like re-reading and correcting right now.


Monday, November 17, 2008

just stuff...

Well hello again...glad you can join me.

Just sat down here for a moment and decided to do a little post. I've been so excited about the Christmas gifts I'm making. I found some really awesome ones. Not your regular ole handmade goodies(ok, well maybe a few), but ones that I can't imagine people NOT wanting to receive.
I had a nice lunch this past Saturday with some friends. I was minus one little tag along, Hunt. He went with daddy to the gun show and then running around. Anyway we enjoyed sushi and laughs. Afterwards Kell and I were headed for a full day of shopping. I had tons of things that I wanted and needed to get, but just decided to play it by ear and enjoy the day. Our first stop was Hobby Lobby(which is one of my favorite places currently). I purchased a lot of stuff that was on my list to get for some crafts I'm making...YEAH!!! After Hobby Lobby we were off to Target where I gathered more crafts/gift supplies. And then HOORAY...an antique store! I found a few necessities things I couldn't live without. Like these...

3 mini photo frames, 1950's "what is it" wooden lace toy, metal collapsible cup and a malt shaker

And I ordered a couple of things through EBAY(which was great because I wasn't sure where I was going to buy them locally). I wish I could show you all these things I'm working on, but a few of my gift recipients my be reading this...sorry girls!
I can show you a few things, which I will do so as I get a chance. I will post photos of them all eventually though. Maybe after the holidays, we'll see.

Can you guess what I've started this weekend(actually, re-started or started again)? Here's a hint...

Yes I've started knitting again. And here's how far I've gotten and how it's going so far...it's about a foot long and I've only got a few hours put into it...

This last photo shows the two "baby" hats I knitted the last time I got out my knitting stuff. They are both white and on the left side and right side on top of some yarn.

Not much I know, but I'm slowly puttering along. I know very, very little about knitting and can't seem to teach myself even with the books I have on the hobby. I've been using knitting looms. Maybe if I sat down without disruptions and read through some directions i might get the hang of it. Sometimes it takes me two or even three times reading something before I comprehend it. Not most of the time, but I admit there has been a couple of times I've had to do that on a project.

From time to time I may post a small list of current loves. Below is my first one...
Here are 10 things I'm loving right now...

1)this little man(ALWAYS LOVING!)

2)these good friends(not a great picture)

3)these cozy and warm house shoes

4)the homemade Christmas gifts that I'm working on

5)the super awesome blogs and craft sights that I have recently found(especially Soulemama...beautiful writing, just simply beautiful)

6)this little crazy girl

7) & 8)this mug with yummy tea and this old blue milk stool

9)this wonderful camera(I wish I new more about photography...I love taking photos)
10)cooler fall weather

I recently made this(looked better in the book) strawberry cool and easy pie. It is delicious! It contains strawberries, strawberry jello, cool whip and graham cracker crust...I say, how can you go wrong with those ingredients?

I know I said little post, but I just get carried away...

Friday, November 14, 2008

changing of seasons...

Is it a sign you need to take care of some hygene issues when your 3 year old son tells you(while running his hand across your leg one morning)"momma you're a hairy girl"?.... Ok I admit that with fall trying to stick it's head fully through the door and weather trying to get cooler that I ignore a little leg stubble. And why not?! It's long britches weather anyway. I try to run the razor across them once a week. It's just not top on my priority list, that's all.

Hunt and I had a fun day today. This morning we toured a fire station. Really cool especially when your say...three and a little boy. We learned a little about life as a fireman in the fire station. Like lounging, eating, sleeping etc... And of course the awesome firetrucks! The station we toured was fairly small so the vehicles they had included a large ladder truck, an ambulance and a brush truck. Neat none the less. We learned about most of the equipment that they use on and off the fire truck. I was kinda bummed that none of the kids got to sit in the fire truck. I mean isn't that the coolest part? Maybe times have changed and that little extra goody isn't allowed anymore. I wanted to ask, but was feeling a little shy about doing it. So I didn't.

Late afternoon Hunt and I went for a nature walk. We drove to a wonderful park in Keller and collect leaves, sticks(Hunt's favorite part), acorns and a pecan(I guess the little squirrels missed a few). I showed Hunt how leaves change color with the changing of the weather and seasons and then fall off the trees and die. How the trees, ground, grass and nature in general takes a little rest through winter and sleeps. Laying almost still until Spring comes around and with a stretch and a yawn things appear to come back to life. There's a book that Hunt and I got recently from the library called... In November by Cynthia Rylant. It's a beautiful book with sweet pictures and cute accounts of what happens during the autumn/fall season. I think I enjoy it more than Hunt.

Hubs is taking Hunt to a gun show tomorrow and some running around(boy stuff). So I'm meeting some girlfriends for lunch and shopping. Hopefully to collect some Christmas gifts to mark off my list. I plan on doing several homemade things this year. I try to do some every year, but this year I want to do more. I've got some fantastic ideas and can't wait to get them completed...I know...I'm such a dork!

I'll post some firestation photos soon along with some of our nature walk ones as well...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

feeling better and decisions, decisions...

Well hello again...

I decided I needed to sit down and have a rest from todays chores so I'll post a blog. I was busy doing almost double duty house work today since yesterday I was sick. I was nauseated and had more than enough trips to the potty. These along with some stomach cramping that has carried over to today. But I feel way better! Neither Hunt or Hubs has been sick so that's a good thing! It must have been something I ate that they didn't.
Not much has happened the last few days. We haven't been doing much. Tomorrow is playgroup and Friday we have a visit to tour a firestation in Keller. I'm sure Hunt will really enjoy that.
This weekend I'm planning to do some Christmas shopping since Hubs is planning on taking Hunt to the gun show...YAY! Sad to say, but I'm looking forward to being without a male big or small to tag along. I think a few girl friends and I will meet for lunch and shop afterward. I need to make a run to Target for sure. Hunt is in major need of some new bedding. I haven't bought any since he moved out of his baby bed into the toddler bed. Target has a real cute cowboy set. I've been looking for a cowboy/western set for a while. I wanted something that wasn't going to be oust of style in a few months or even a year. There are so many character sets out and frankly I'm just kind of tired of them. A cowboy set can last a while and never go out of style. The set at Target has a few neat accessiories that you can get to. I plan on getting the bedding(sheets, comforter), a valence, a lamp, a night light and maybe the wall sticker/clingy things. I'm also not sure if I'll get it, but there is a hook rack the says "cowboy" to.
Here's what it looks like...

I've also spotted a few other goodies to get for the room as well. The Canton flea-market has a cute 4' or so tall metal cowboy statue holding guns. It would be handy for his cowboy hats or even a jacket or belts. And I found a company that will make your name out of a rope so you can hang it on the wall. We'll see what I eventually end up with. Canton isn't for a little over 3 more weeks. I'm counting down!

Well CRAP!!!! Look at the other bedding possibilities that Target has online. Now I just don't know I like them all. I'm sure I'll stick with the cowboy theme though...

Oh the possibilities...Isn't the internet a glorious thing???!!! ...or maybe not...since my options have widened now!

I'll let you know what I decided...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

wow...was I behind on my blog...


As I said I would do, here are a few vacation photos...FINALLY!!!

Lighthouse on the tour.

Dolphin jumping out of water on dolphin tour.

Dolphins swimming towards the boat on the tour.

Hunt being silly at Crazy Cajun.

Hunt standing in front of this cool sandcastle gift shop in Padre Island.

Dolphin show at Texas State Aquarium.

Hunt feeling a rainbow boa snake at aquarium.

Hunt greeting a fish in the large aquarium tank.

Hunt trying to look through the viewing scope at the wildlife refuge.

This is just a few...
Sorry for the delay on posting them...

Let's see here...we've been terribly busy since we've been back from vacation. And, does the laundry ever end!!!???(I know the answer to this...just had to complain)

One top of all our activities and playgroups and etc. I worked on Hunt's Halloween costume, Christmas gifts and such. I also made a tie dyed Halloween t-shirt for Hunt. I snagged the idea off of a CafeMom craft site. It turned out cute. What do you think???

On the back of the shirt I used the black paint and drew a line with a spider hanging from it.
As you may, or may not recall before vacation I wanted to dye a french terry dress brown, but had never dyed anything before. Well, it turned out pretty good, so dyeing this jack-o-lantern shirt didn't give me a scare.
I only have a short amount of time each day to do a little crafts or sewing. I've completed several Christmas goodies and have a few more in the works.

Also the week we came back we took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the KECPTA group. I took tons of photos...see below for just a few of the many I took. The highlights of the trip there for Hunt was the hayride, and jumphouses and slides. It was a perfect day to go to. Not too many people there and the weather was magnificent. I always enjoy going to. I love pumpkins. Not so much the taste of them(not a fan of pumpkin pie, but usually love pumpkin type bread and cakes), but just the color and shape of them. I've always loved Halloween time!

Hunt and other kiddos in the hay maze.

Hunt poses as the ghost sheriff.

Hunt decides that he enjoys throwing the hay.

Here's Hunt holding his little pumpkin...the kids got to choose a small one of their own.

Hunt also chose a BIG pumpkin for us to take home.

My little pumpkin head!

Thursday October 23rd we had playgroup at Chisholm Park in Hurst. The weather was superb! I brought some craft supplies so that the young'uns could make Halloween Cards for the people in the nursing home that we went to on the 27th .

Also on October 27th the Watauga Library had a costume creation night. Target supplied all the supplies for kids to make some fast and easy costumes. Hunt made a sword and shield out of cardboard and foil as well as a batman mask, belt and trash bag cape. So very cute! Just look at him...

Here's "Knight Hunt" with his card board and foil sword and shield.

And of course we HAD to do Batman! Mask and belt made from construction paper and cape from a trash bag.

Friday we went to the Pumpkin Patch again. Grandma, aunt M and cousin M meet us there. We tried getting photos of the boys...kind of a hard task to do. They couldn't keep still for anything. It was a nice time. Afterwards the boys got McDonald's...they didn't complain(of course). Look at the little pumpkins...

Cousins posing with grandma.

Cheese!...Hunt smiling.

Yep...he has grown since last year!

Awwwww...giving hugs!

Hunt on the hayride pointing out all the pumpkins.

Hunt sliding! I had to beg him to do it...NOT!!!

I finally got my hair done on October 24th! It sadly needed a cut and coloring. I had to take Hunt since Hubs was at work. He behaved so well I was so proud of him.

Saturday October 25th, before we went to a birthday party celebrating one of Hunt's little playgroup friends, we had to do a little bit of shopping. Hunt so desperately needed new shoes and a coat and jacket. We managed to get a coat and pair of hiking-ish boots. Now I still need to get him some new tennis shoes and maybe a little jean jacket. He was acting like a little turd while shopping, so hubs was more than ready to wring his neck. The birthday party was at The Little Gym in Southlake. Hunt had a blast and it appeared that all the tots had a super time. It was a reminder to me that Hunt's birthday, although in February, will be here before we know it. I need to decide what kind of party he is going to have and where. I can't believe he'll be 4 on his next special day. My baby is growing up sooooo fast. The other day I was going through some photos and came across some of his very first ones. Boo-Hoo...why do kids have to grow up so fast!? I sat there and started to cry. It just seems like not too long ago I was in that wonderful hospital gown holding him right after giving birth. Oh well, hub's keeps telling me..."you have them, they grow up...that's how it's suppose to be". Which...I know, but I think it's just harder on mommies. I feel more attached to Hunt, almost like he's more mine than hub's...I guess because I gave birth to him. Whoa is me...

Sunday the 26th we had our family portraits done. We've been doing them every year since Hunt was born. It's neat to look back and see how everyone has/or has not changed. And reminded that time goes on and you can't stop it. You just sit back and try to enjoy life as best you can. They turned out pretty good I guess. I always hate the was I look in almost any photos. Hubs and Hunt seem to look good in most pictures taken of them. I'll try to post one of our family photos and a separate one of Hunt when I get a chance.

The KECPTA group planned a costume parade for Mimosa Manor nursing home on Monday the
27th. All the residents loved seeing the little kids and their costumes. Hunt was sporting last year's lion costume to the parade. I was still working on this years.

On Halloween day Hunt and I attended the KECPTA Halloween party. We both had a nice time and liked looking at everyone's costumes. There were some really cool ones. I got Hunt's robot costume completed and it was a hit! It turned out pretty good! I was pretty satisfied. Here are a couple of pic from the party...

Hunt-Bot...complete with a Fun-O-Meter,Goofy Gauge, Lunch Timer, On/Off switch,reflectors and a flashing light.

Back control panel for the Hunt-Bot.

Hunt trying his luck at a game.

Some of the kiddos in his 3year age group on stage for the costume contest. Hunt won first place! YEA!!!!
Halloween Night was a BLAST! Hunt and I joined Steph and James and Kel and Ken for trick-or-treating in Kel's neighborhood. I think we all had a great time and the boys both came back with tons of sweets...yea dentist trips!!! Not really...I only give Hunt M&Ms and a few others occasionally.

Hunt and James after the trick-or-treating fun.

Hunt, James and Ken going up to another door to gather more goodies. I think Ken enjoyed it almost as much as the boys.

Hunt and James again huffing it to another house.
Hubs didn't get to join everyone...it was opening season for hunting and you know where he was...ughhhh!!! He was out of town hunting from that Friday until Monday. He wouldn't have missed it for anything! Oh and also speaking of hunting...we have a new member to the household...we now have a stuffed turkey above our fireplace. True story!!! From one of his hunting trips over a year ago. We had deer horns up there, but now it's home to the turkey. We paid a pretty penny for it to be mounted so of course hubs wanted to put it in the living room. It's so honking big. I'm getting use to it now though. It's not strange to me to have mounted animals or horns around since I come from a family of hunters to. My dad had a couple of mounted deer and even a stuffed snake. I can't tell him no, you can't have it here. It's what he likes to do, his hobby. And it's his home to not
just mine.

Kel and I had a wonderful trip to Canton. It was a superb day to go(everyone else thought so to...it was SO crowded)! It had been a while since our last trip there. If you've never heard of or know about Canton you're missing out! Canton is a town in Texas that has a BIG ASS flea market/trade days. You can find just about anything there from antiques to new stuff. Clothing, jewelry, furniture, animals, crafts, tools, candles, toys, holiday goodies, etc, etc, etc....like I said, just about anything. It's about a 2 hour drive or so from where we live to there. And you can never walk the entire place in a day. Plus...there are also other markets and pavilions close by it and down the little hwy. It's always been on the first Monday of each month. The last trip we made out to Canton was almost a year ago. I can't believe it's been THAT long. We usually try to make a couple of trips a year. Usually a few in the spring and a few in the fall. It's best to go when the weather is cool and not burning up(that leaves out June through August or September) or freezing outside. I bought a few Christmas goodies for Hunt and a Christmas ornament as well as some dip mixes. I have my eye on a few other Christmas gifts there to if we make it back next month. We're planning on it so I'm crossing my fingers!

This past Tuesday we had my famous "Grannies Tacos". They are the BEST! They take a little time to make, but SO WELL worth it! I call them Grannies Tacos because the recipe(so to speak) came from Hubs' Granny. She made them for him when he was a kid and he showed me how to do them. He says mine are the best! What a sweet heart!

Wednesday the three of us headed to Fossil Rim. We enjoyed a day of seeing and feeding the deer, giraffes, Addax, orox, zebras, ostrich, black buck deer, waterbuck deer, red deer, gemsbok, rhinos, etc...a few more too. It's always fun to go there. The scenery itself is beautiful plus all the animals roaming free...always adds up to a good day.

Overlook at Fossil Rim, Glen Rose, Texas

Hunt brushing a goat.

Hunt feeding whitetail deer.

Hunt feeding an addax.
Then we stopped off at Hard 8 bar-b-que. Our bellies bulging from all the meat and fixins.
Thursday Hunt and I meet some group members for a Casa Manana play of The Stinkey Cheese Man. It was pretty silly, but Hunt said he like it. Next month's play is Rudolph...no doubt it will be a fun one to see.
Yesterday Hubs and I took Hunt to his first movie at a movie theater. We saw Madagascar 2. It was cute, but I feel that the first one was better. He was good through the whole movie. He saw a movie poster when we were leaving the theater about Ice Age 3. He was so excited and said that he wanted to see that movie. It doesn't start showing in the theaters until July 2009. I tried to explain that to Hunt, but he's too young to understand the concept of time. I wonder how long until he forgets about seeing the poster. He's already asked a few more time today to go see it...oh boy!
Today we attended a birthday party. A little boy in the playgroup turned 4. Hunt took present giving well. I wasn't sure that he would completely understand that the gift we bought our little friend will be staying with our little friend and not returning home with us. He has already showed great interest in the MatchBox set that we purchased...imagine that! BUT>>this afternoon we went shopping. I picked up several presents for my little man and one was the exact MatchBox set. He's going to LOVE it. One of the other gifts for him was a doll house. Yes I said
D-O-L-L H-O-U-S-E! Is it weird for little boys to want, and repeatadly ask for a dollhouse? Because...if so my child is in that catagory. I did manage to find one that was all natural wood(not pink or girly), not too large, with 2 people and some furniture. It opens and closes up so that all pieces can store easily. Which if your a mom, you appreciate! I've also bought him a wooden castle with men and truck and tractor driving sets just to name a few...to his ever growing toys he'll have.

Oh and I'm asshmed to say that I have not been to yoga class since before vacation. It's just that SO much is going on. I promised myself to get started again in the next week or so.

I actually started this posting on October 25 or before, but haven't got around to finishing it so I keep adding more...

Well...I've bored you enough...I'll end it here...