Monday, July 14, 2008

hope you have a minute...or ten...(long post)...

Hello all...
I've finally made it back to blogger to do another post. I'm trying to do better and create frequent posts, but it seems I keep getting busy and buried under mommy duties.
Let's see... we had a SUPER 4th of July at the Lakehouse. We enjoyed spending time with friends and hanging out. The guys displayed another awesome firework show for us! I bet there was close to 40 people there to watch the show. We always buy alot and shoot them off. Even people across the lake and at nearby homes look forward to seeing them. We seem to get hoops and hollars from far off. Hunt even stayed up to enjoy them ALL. He was a little scared, but is doing better than last year.
We enjoyed steaks on the grill along with homemade mac and cheese and strawberry shortcake. I even made some of my cutie cookies(I'll post a pic). And got out the old ice cream maker and made a batch of homemade vanilla ice cream(courtesy of hub's great grandmother)and orange sherbet(also courtesy of great grandmother)...they were fabulous! Here are a few photos of the Holiday Weekend!
Here's Hunt wearing his 4th of July shirt that I made.

Hunt and mommy.

Steph with the boys.

Steph and James riding Big Mable.

Hunt, Steph and I waiting to see the fireworks.

Hunt with sparkler.

Some of our awesome fireworks!

More fireworks.

Hunt and daddy watching the post fireworks bon-fire.

Some of the 4th of July cookies that Hunt and I made.

I'm on FACEBOOK now to...only because I have all this free time...HAHAHA... to blog and email and upload pictures and tell stories...HAHAHA It's neat to see some of the family and friends on there to. Plus I have added tons of photos.
Hunt finished up swimming camp swim lessons. I'm debating whether or not in the fall signing him up for the once a week sessions. Just to keep up with the practice and plus the exercise will be good for his little body.

Hunt and I also had fun days at Chisholm Park Pool and Bedford Splash. He loves the water! Luckily we didn't end up with Crypto.....what ever it's called! There was a bit of a scare going around because people had gotten infected at different places like Burger's Lake and some other pool. I wish we could have gone more. It was a joy to see him having such a good time! I don't have all the pics from the water camera done yet, so these photos will come at a later date.

We've been spending every weekend that we can at the lakehouse. We've really enjoyed the boat and riding the tube and stuff this year. We've even had a Cajun boil one weekend there...YUM YUM!!!!! Check out the yumminess!
Just look at that delicious goodness cooking in the pot!

Ready to dig in...crab legs, shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob and new potatoes...ummmmmm!

Smile everyone!

Hunt taking a shot at the crab legs...we got these cute little wooden mallets at a little crab boil place down by the coast called the Boiling Pot. The first time there was with hub's grandparents and we had the BEST TIME! WE MISS YOU GRANNY AND MICK!!!!

Hunt even got a turn at riding the tube this year...with mommy of course. He LOVED it! He especially like all the wake waves and bumps. Mommy on the other-hand didn't. Due to the fact that a 3 year old rump bouncing on my chins is no fun at all! But it was worth it. Hearing his little laughs made it worth while!
Hi...we're ready to go!

Hunt's having a GREAT time!

And now taking a little swim to relax.

The beautiful lake sunset.

Zoe had to have surgery...poor baby girl! The stiching that they used for her spay BACK 5 MONTHS ago seem to have caused an infection. I guess her little body didn't like them. The vets say it's like one in a thousand or more that this happens to. Figures that our Zoe would be one of them. Anyway they cleaned her up good, cut out some infectious tissue and stapled her up. After the 3 meds and 2 weeks with healing and staples she's as good as new. And back to her old spaztic ways! Sad to say, but it was kind of nice when she was still sore from the surgery and not very active. But...I am glad that she feels better. Oh and we also got her a bark collar. I hated to do it, but at night she barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks....we were afraid that someone might eventually call the police due to the excessive noise. The collar has different levels(1 through 7 or so) and it seems that about #3 or #4 do the trick. It sends off a vibration for the first couple of barks, then after that the shock. Hopefully she'll learn and we can leave it off of her eventually.
Zoe with one of her bandages and collar...oh what a joy that was...

Hunt and Zoe.

I signed up for yoga classes the first of August and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I don't really feel intimidated or shy at all. There are only about 5 of us in there and the teacher is super kind. I can tell that it's doing something for me because I sweet like a pig and have been sore most of the days afterwards. It's really been nice though.

I finished some baby goodies for my cousin in Mississippi. She's due in Sept. It took a little longer than I planned because of a certain 3 year old seeming always to need my attention. I could only work on them a little each night. I enjoy making things. There's a certain fulfilment you get out of handcrafting items for people. Sometimes I think it's way better than buying gifts. Although I know some people don't appreciate them.
I finished a quilt, made 2 bib and burp cloth sets, made a door knob name and photo hanger and a matching wooden pull horse, a snuggle blanket bear and a name picture. I also threw in a few books and a toy.

Hunt had a FIRST again...I took him bowling for the first time this month. He had a really good time. We went with the KECPTA. I snagged a few shots while trying to teach him what I know about the sport...which isn't much at all. I've only been bowling like twice or maybe three times my whole life.
Wow this ball is heavy!

Is it going to make it????

Let's try this...much better!

I had no idea they made bowling shoes this small!

We start the playgroups up again this August the 28th. I only hope we can make it to them. The one that Hunt is signed up for are on Thursdays 9:30. That is usually his therapy day, but therapy has been moved back to about every 6 weeks so I'm sure it will all work out ok. Hunt loves to interact with the other kiddos and he needs the stimulation to. Being home with mommy all the time, though way COOL, can still get boring for a 3 year old! Hard to believe, but true. Plus I get to spend a little time with ADULTs (other mommies) to. It's a win win.

Let's see what else...
We're planning another va-ca in October. We'll be heading back to Port "A" for a week of relaxation. Good friends Kelley and Ken are coming again to. It's nice to have another couple to spend time with.

So I've been asking Hunt what he wants to be for Halloween this year and have gotten several different ideas. None have been the same. Here's what he's come up with...a buffalo, elephant, rhino(year before last's costume), giraffe...
I guess I'll just come up with one for him...after all how much longer can I be the one to pick out his costume?????? I'm guessing another year or so. Last year he was this...

...a lion...I made the costume. It turned out pretty good I thought. SOOOOO I'm wanting to make his again this year. Which is the reason I've been trying to get ideas out of him this early. It will take me a bit to decide and then make a costume so I need as much time as possible. I've thought about a zebra or toucan. They are a little different than the norm. I like to do something a little offbeat or at least homemade. One that you can't go pick up at the store or that looks unique. In the past he's been a lion, rhino and humpty dumpty. I did purchase the rhino and humpty costumes. They were both simply too cute to pass up. We've always gotten fantastic comments on all of his Halloween outfits.

I've also started on Christmas gifts. I'm making several homemade things again this year.

Well I reck'n that's all I'll bore you with this round. I hope to have another blog entry soon...