Sunday, January 6, 2013

what photos...

~January 6th 2013~

Well poop!  Either I'm at my photo limit...AGAIN...or something is amuck! Geez!  I hate this! Blogger is not letting me upload photos from my computer! UGHHH!!!!!

It ticks me off to no really does!

So anyway...{breathe}....

This past Saturday Hunt had a cub scout event at Sid Richards ranch called Cub-O.  The boys to use a compass and how to read a topographical map.  Then they had a contest/race to see who could find the most flags in a 2 hour time limit.  Let me tell you...this chunky girl was a bookin it! We were walking{a FAST pace}, climbing hills, going down hills and summits.  Some of the guys and boys were even running.  Not me though...I know when too much is too much for me! I wasn't trying to have a heart attack.  And the terrain was rocks and cactus...everywhere!!!!
Each flag had a different punch.  When you got to the flag you punched your map on that flag number and headed for the next one. 42 flags in all. There were a few accidents.  Some thorns in shoes. A fall on a knee going down hill and a few other mis-haps, but the boys did great!  Little troopers they were! 
We ended up with around 205 points.  We decided, before we got our map, that we would head for the flags that were worth the most points first.  Meaning that these were the ones further out and up on hills and down in ravines. The one I got Hunt a photo of punching was the one on this big summit/hill.  Glad we did it.  It was way up there, but you could see for a ways. 
When everyone made it back we had exactly 1 minute and 1 second left!!!! WOW...almost missed the time, but we didn't! We'll find out soon who the winners were I hope. 
Some of the boys and dads camped out NO!  Something about sleeping in a tent when the temps drop to below freezing just doesn't sound like fun to me! We drove in on Saturday morning and just attended the day's events. Still a fun time for the kids!

Hopefully I can get some photos uploaded soon!...Hopefully!!!{cross ya'll's fingers for me}.....

Catch ya'll on the flip side........

Thursday, January 3, 2013

a hunting trip and snow...

~January 3, 2013~


For those of you that know us well, you know that hunting is a big deal to the men of our house. So with that said I wanted to warn you of the following photos...they aren't terribly gross, but do show a harvested deer.
The weekend after Christmas Hunt and hubs headed out to the deer lease.  This was Hunt's first trip this season, so as you can guess they both were pretty excited! And hubs saw a chance at this buck and took it.  It was a nice one.  We'll have deer in the freezer and a beautiful mount on the wall.
Below are a couple of photos...


Hubs with his buck.

And Hunt with his PaPa and the buck.
It was a special treat for Hunt to be there on that lucky day.  There with Daddy, hunting, having "guy" fun, and helping Daddy bring home some meat. meat a week or so.  It's at the processors still.

We got snow on Christmas day here in North Texas!  What a nice surprise it was! Happy Birthday Jesus! Em and I ventured out to enjoy it for just a minute.  Brrrrrr...and about a minute was enough for us.  We weren't dressed for it that's for sure, so we enjoyed it the rest of the time from the indoors!

Christmas was a bunch of fun and the kids got some awesome goodies as usual!
I'll be posting Christmas photos and stuff on my next prepared! HA!

Until next time.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

re-cap of our New Year's Eve...

~January 2, 2013~

2013...Day 2

So I said yesterday that I would post about how I kept my kiddos busy and awake on New Year's Eve. 
I found this awesome idea...on Pinterest of course.  You make hourly bags. The kids open a  bag every hour.  I started mine at 7:00pm and made one for every hour up to 12. I included crafts and fun ideas as well as a prize and yummy treats! They looked forward to opening them each fact, the little one kept asking and bringing them to us.  We had to keep telling her that it wasn't time yet. HA!

Here's the bags all ready along with some streamers and noise poppers. On each bag I made a clock face with the hour.

Our first one had some gummy bears in it and this note. Instead of buying party hats we made our own out of news paper.

Daddy help Em with her's.

Then they decorated them with foam stickers.
Party Time!

And what is a party without balloons?! I made some confetti balloons.  I only had small ones though. The kids liked them just the same. How pretty!!! I filled them with paper dots, sequins and stars.

8:00's bag said for us to play board games.  Em picked Candy Land of course first.  They love playing board games. 

Me and my baby girl!  Love her to pieces!!!

9:00's was to make a necklace!

Here's Bubba's!

And Sister's!
Em especially loved making these.  She made several through the night. 

Banjo enjoyed hanging out with us from time to time. Silly kitty!

Thumbs up on the rootbeer! They rarely get rootbeer, or coke/soft drink for that matter.

Chugging it down to! Goodness!

Hubs with his New Year's Eve drink.  The man loves his Crown!  Let's just say he was feeling pretty good by 12! What a goof ball!!!!

Bag number 10 was a gift and ice cream!

I made both kids some non-skid socks.  Hunt's was LEGOs and Em's was a gumball machine.  I made a few pair for Christmas gifts in December.

Yummmm...Ice Cream!!!  Look at hose mini cones!  I saw these at the store and thought...oh cute look baby cones!  Well needless to say they were very mini! The kids loved them, small and all. To an adult, it's more like just enough to make you mad. HA!

Then it was dance time! Here's Miss Em dancing with her dance partner...Daddy! She had a blast and was laughing the whole time! Daddy was having fun to. So cute!

And the dip...

Hey Bubba! I love him so very much! He's the greatest!!!

And 11:00's...make a noise maker!

Made from toilet paper rolls, construction paper, rubber bands and beads.


Em decided she needed to play the guitar and sing us a song.  Look how she's getting into it! A little entertainer, that one!

Shortly after the BIG 12:00 came around!

 Here's my champagne..a Korbel sweet rose`...I remembered it from last year.  I'm not a champagne fan, but this one isn't bad.


Look at that sweet face! Such a doll!

And A Happy New Year!!!!!

The kids got to have a new year's drink to...some cran-grape juice! And pop streamers of course!
It was a great night and I hope the kids had fun! I know some people don't let their kids stay up until 12:00 hits, but I do...and why not? We didn't have plans for the next day.

On the 1st we hung out at home. Didn't do anything special really.  We had planned snacking on chicken salad dip and other snacky items and have a big dinner. Around 10:00 I had a mimosa.  Very good to! I'm not sure why I don't have them on the weekends more often. HA! Do I sound like an alcoholic?
So here are some photos of our dinner.  Not sure what I was thinking...all this food! Geez! 

Steaks, Lobsters and Baked potatoes from the grill...Thanks Hubs!!! And I made the asparagus.

And of course brussel our cabbage.

And black-eyed peas...because it's just tradition!!! 

And for dessert...I made some Boston Cream Pie cupcakes!  Pretty tasty little darlings!

So now that I've caused you to bang your head on the wall looking through all these photos and hearing me ramble was ya'll's New Year's Eve and your First Day of 2013 ?1?!?!

Catch you later my sweets.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

it's a New Year!...

~January 1, 2013~

Happy New Year Friends and Family !!!

My first post of 2013...Woo Hoo!!!

The entire Harvey Household stayed up and rang in the new year. 
On my next post I'll show you how I kept them busy and awake New Year's Eve.

Hope everyone has their BEST year yet!