Saturday, January 30, 2010


My oldest babe turns 5 today! 5!

Where has the time gone?!
(sniff, sniff)

Wasn't it just yesterday that you were entering this world?! On the day I entered the world years before. A special thing to happen and so unexpected. And then you turned 1, next 2, then 3, then 4...and now 5! I can't imagine life without you! You are such a loving and caring little man! You are the most handsome little boy alive and SO smart!...sometimes too smart!!! HA! But I love you So very very much and know that you are a very special person to daddy and I especially!
With the longest "snuffleupagus" lashes ever!
{"Eat you up I love you so!" and "Love you more!"}

I'll post photos of Hunt's Birthday day soon. Oh and fill you in on how some of our Birthday was spent at the Care Now clinic for a sick mama and daddy...oh yea, joy!!!

Happy Birthday Hunt!
All my love forever and always!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~January 30, 2010~

Alrighty....let's's what's been going on with our little family this month...not a whole lot...

Went to the Dallas Safari show early January with some friends Ariana and Mike. Hunt loves going and looking at all the hunting stuff and mounts.

Also early January we had our gift exchange with our great friends Stephanie, Nick and James. Hunt got a Ben 10 movie and watch thing. He likes watching it and has been wearing the watch on and off since then. Em got a cute bull frog book. She just kept looking at it and loved it. I got a cool Aero Garden. I can't wait to try it!

On the 11th the kiddos and I had a nice lunch with grandma at the golden arches. Of course Hunt never complains about going there. I didn't tell Hunt that we were going or that we were meeting grandma there so it was a surprise. He was excited to see her and screamed some when he saw her coming over to help him out of the Tahoe. It was cute. He later told me..."I guess grandma wanted McDonald's to"! Such a cutie! I had to tell him that I knew she was coming, but didn't want to tell him because I wanted it to be a surprise.

The 16th we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show with our great friends Kelley, Ken, Stephanie, Nick and James. We had a nice time and the weather wasn't bad at all! Which if you live here in Fort Worth is good news! It is ALWAYS very cold and possibly ice and rain during the Stock Show. But it was a nice sunny day and not too cold. Hunt started to have a melt down towards the end though, so I'm sure our friends will never want to go anywhere with us again! So friends, if you still read my blog, and are reading this we are so sorry for his behavior! And hope that you will still want to hang out with our crazy, heathen, whiny bunch again!
Anywhoo-here are some of the photos I took of our day.

Hunt checking out the goats.

A lady feeding a baby goat.

Looking at more goats.

Awww...look at that kid getting mama milk!

And these piglets were the cutest!!!

Baby chicks!

Whose this hot guy?

I loved this one!

This rooster's comb was big, but it doesn't look that big from this pic.

Hunt checks out the yard bird!

So handsome!!!

More cute piggies.

Hunt and James.

Hunt playing at the toy tractor booth.

The guy folk enjoying an adult beverage! Nick, Hubs and Ken.

Hunt and daddy and cows.

Ooops...looks like Hunt is getting a talking to.

Because Stock Show water fountain water taste SOOOO good!!!!

And of course Hunt LOVED this mini milk hauler truck!

Hunt watching a milking demonstration.

Emma decides to wake up and take in the sights at the stock show.

Emma and her Daddy!

OHHHHHH girls...I feel you!!!! Ok well maybe not completely, but I know somewhat how you must feel!!!!

Tractor time!

Emma and daddy loving on a horse.

Hunt feeding a horse.

Here are just cute kid pics...

Look at this look! What a toot!

My baby boy turns 5 next Wednesday on February 3rd! F-I-V-E! 5! Good gracious! Already 5! Oh why does time have to fly by SO fast?!!! (sniff sniff)
He has decided to have a Monster Truck theme birthday party. And we're having it at Putt Putt on the 6th. So we've got all the plates, napkins, cups and goodies that we need. And I've almost got the favor/goody bags ready. I'll have to post a pic of the bags and favors. Hunt wanted to invite his friends from school and of course our family to.
We've ordered a cake from one of our favorite bakeries, Texas Star Bakery. Their cakes are so AWESOME! And they do such a good job on the decorating to. This time the cake is suppose to look like a Monster Truck arena with 2 monster trucks and some crunched cars. I can't wait to see it!
Some gifts that he will be getting are talking woody and buzz dolls, legos, a couple of monster trucks on the cake and one wrapped up and army men. These are things that he said that he wants. And maybe a cash register. He has been mentioning it alot. AND...Daddy got Hunt some tickets to the Monster Jams show! He's going to love it! He'll get to have a guys day with daddy! I'm not however looking forward to the daily task of having to tell him that today is not the day or not yet. Because I know he will be asking us EVERY DAY until the 27th of February, when they go.
Wednesday I plan on bringing cupcakes to his school to celebrate his day. I discovered last week that that was the day they had planned on going to Let's Jump. A jump house place. So I'll be bringing them there. I plan on going and watching Hunt and his school friends have fun!
Here are some photos of Hunt's party invitations. We found them at a party store and HAD to add our special touches. I let Hunt roll a tire track stamp across the cards and envelopes and I glued a flag to each one that I made out of cut tooth picks and ribbon. Hunt also wrote his name on all of them and I let him write his classmates names on theirs.

and after...

I made this flower hair do-hicky to match this dress. It turned out ok, but next time I'll do it different I think. This is about as much crafting/sewing that I've had time to do.

I had to take Miss Em to the Dr. on Jan 27th. Poor little babe had an ear infection. I knew the night before that she wasn't feeling well. We were up and down ALL night long...until about 4am. So I made an appointment and we headed to see Dr Coutoumanos. Em got medicine and seems to be feeling fine since then. Oh and she weighed in at 14.4!
Hunt has had a bit of a runny nose to, but has been ok for a couple days now. Now mama has a stuffed up AND runny nose(still not sure how this happens)and 2 days with a sore throat. Ughhhh! At least the throat has felt better!

So I hope to be back sometime later next week(toward the end)with photos of the school birthday cupcakes and jump house.

Until then...

Monday, January 25, 2010

not much time...

~January 25, 2010~

Well with little time here lately to catch this blog diary up, it just keeps my head. And not here on my pages.

There's been birthday planning going on, fun with friends and a trip to the Stock Show.
So I've got lots to share and tons of photos to post.

I'll be trying to update this week and get back on track. I hate to go longer than a week without posting, but sometimes you just can't help it...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my babe turned 3 months old!...

~January 6, 2010~

Someone in our family turned 3 Months old yesterday.Already.3 Months!

3 Months...

2 Months...

I didn't get a 1 month photo with the quilt bear :( , but here's one when she was 1 month old...

And not even a day old...

Miss Emma...what have you been up to?...

*you smile all the time and I got you to giggle twice
*you make new sounds/noises almost every day
*you've been drooling/slobbering like Crazy!
*it's so've started making raspberries with your mouth and tongue alot
*you suck on your fingers/hands(hince most of that slobber) and at times it seems that you can stick your Entire hand in your mouth!
*both Daddy and Bubba adoreyou! Mama too, but you are their special little angel!
*you've noticed your feet! you will look down and stare and watch them
*I've been helping you hold you feet with your hands and telling you that these are your "feet". and just tonight I pulled your feet close enough that your hands can touch them. I told you to hold your feet and you did several times for about 3-5 seconds each time!!! SO smart!!!
*you've recognized your name a few times and looked at us when we called your name
*and when we ask you "where's Hunter" you look around until you find him and then you stare at him
*you wear size 3-6 months clothes
*and still do several cat naps during the set napping yet
*not sure of you weight, but you rolls are getting bigger!Ha! and you're getting longer to

And just for fun(and since I never got them posted to the blog yet)here are some of the maternity photos. Taken a little over 2 weeks before she was born. No unkind words about these ok! I agree and am fully aware that I look like a blimp...and still do!Ha!

In case you couldn't tell...Hunt was writing "Emma" on my prego belly.

Today was a busy errand day for this mama! Took Hunt to school, came back home to get my day planner that I forgot(needed to see what replacement size I needed for the new year) and to get some stuff to go to the post office, ran to the post office, then to Staples, then Target, ran to the cleaners to pick up hub's uniforms, picked up Hunt from school, grabbed Chik Fil A(no time to fix a home lunch today), ate it at home, feed Emma again before going out to the grocery store. All of this from 9:30-12:45ish!!! This mama was tired after all that!

Have a good laugh at my preggers pics and I'll catch you all later own...