Wednesday, January 4, 2012

day number 8 of 2012...

~January 8, 2012~

Into day number 8 of the new year and how is everyone doing?

Our happy little family is doing pretty good! Not counting a recent trip to the ER. Miss Em's elbow got out of line again{this makes #3} Monday evening. We waited for around 2 1/2 hours and finally got to see a DR. By then it had worked it's self back in line. All I can say is having a child with a nursemaid elbow is no fun! You know how 2 year olds are running around and pulling away and very active. We are always having to be extra cautious with her arms.

On top of that this past week I apparently used up all my free photo space on this here blogger! So now I must pay to have more photos added to my blog through Picasaweb! UGH! This really stinks! Not sure when or if I'm going to pay this big whopping fee...starting at $5, not sure what to do really. Wish I new more about blogging... Ho Hum...what to do? What to do!!!

Saturday we went to the Safari Show in Dallas. The kids and hubby loved it!!! We went with some of hub's co-workers and his hunting buddy. It was a real nice time and the kids were great!

More great news. Hunt was on very good behavior this week a school! Which if you know him or us, you know this isn't always easy for him. Way to go Bubba! He earned a pre-historic animal and caveman set that I've had for months...waiting for a week where he was on super great behavior!

Maybe a few of you have seen all the felt food and goodies that people are making for kids to play with. I love them I tell you! So...I decided to make Em a stuffed turkey.

It turned out pretty cute. The wings and legs are detachable with velcro. I got this idea from my friend Michelle, but I added the wings to mine. She will love cooking it in the kitchen she got from Santa.

Until next time...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

....Happy New Years!...

~January 1, 2012~

Happy 2012 everyone!

It's a new year and a time for some new beginnings, or maybe just some finally getting finishes. Maybe some things we've needed to finish for a long while or things we decided we now needed to start. At any rate...luck to y'all during this 2012 year!

One of my things to do/keep up with is our family blog diary here! I can easily say I'm so far behind it's ridiculous! And I know I've said it before, but I am going to try my HARDEST to make an entry at least once a week!!!

So with that are some photos of the kids ringing in the new year.

We ate some lobster, had some chips and dips(my homemade guacamole...yummm!) and I made some chicken, jalapeno and cheese wrapped with bacon. The lobster was pre-steamed all I had to do was heat steam it in a pot and it was ready to go! And it was yummy to...and super easy!!!
Hubs had to work on the 1st, so he went to bed early and didn't make it to 12:00! Before he retired to bed he did play some XBOX games with Hunt and Em! They had a blast!

Hunt and Em had a sprinkle confetti ice cream cone! They hated it!....HAHAHA! know that wasn't true!!!

After putting our PJs on...
I enjoyed some rose champagne...

It was the best I had ever had! I will buy this again next year for sure!

The kiddos tried some sparkling grape juice...

I even put it in some cute little plastic glasses.

Em was not a fan, Hunt said it was OK.

This morning I made myself a mimosa with some of my left over champagne...pretty good stuff!

Again....HAPPY NEW YEAR...Hope it's your BEST one yet!!!.....