Friday, November 30, 2012

fun in the sun...errr...wind...

~November 30, 2012~


How are my readers?  It's almost 12am, but I've dated this post Nov. 30 since this is when I'm adding my writing. 
I've still got tons of catching up to usual!!!
So let's get started.

Hunt's class didn't have a Thanksgiving feast or party like the last few years, but I wanted to get a treat to the kids in his class. I saw this cute idea on what else...Pinterest! {I SO LOVE PINTEREST}
You take paper bags and make a baked turkey! Filled with popcorn. Of course mine didn't turn out as cute as the one I saw, but the idea was there.  

It was a cheese popcorn, so it kinda soaked a little through the bags.

The kids and I did several fall crafts. 
I bought this craft at Target.  A roll-up pinecone.  Easy and cute.  And glitter...n-i-c-e!

Look at this little hand.  My sweet Em!

Bubba holding his.

And sweet Em.  I had to help her roll it a bit.

On November 10th we went to the Boy Scouts Camporee. 
I called it Jamboree because we didn't camp there like some did.  It was at Texas Motor Speedway...just not a "camping" location in my eyes.
Anyway it was really awesome...the horrible wind, not so awesome!  I wore my contacts, so it was terrible on my eyes. 

There were many activities to do! MANY! And some cool Highland Games for the Boy Scouts.

Hunt...learning the "ropes" from daddy. HAHAHA! Had to say it.  Hubs did some roping in college.

Miss Em giving it a try!

She loved it! CUTE!!! Look at that face!

Time for bouncing ball fun!

And stilt/can walking.

Em decided that it was WAY easier to just put your feet inside instead of walking on the ends.

Hubs giving it a try.

Bubba took this photo.  I decided to try it to. HA!

Time for rubberband gun shooting.

And archery!

Safety goggles sister! 

Time for BB gun shooting!

And some knight fighting demo.

And men in kilts!  Nice! Love It! One of my favorite parts.

Civil War demo.  Firing a cannon.

Bubba decided it would probably be loud.

By babies!  They drive me crazy, but I love them!!!

They were butchering pumpkins.  I wanted to save one, so hubs found me a good one.  This later would become a yummy crock pot pumpkin bread! yummy!

We had dust from head to toe, but it was really a fun time!

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

~November 20, 2012~

Welcome back to my blog. We've been busy as usual around here. 
Here are some of the more recent things we've been up to.

We made french bread pizzas the other night. Everyone got to put on their own toppings.  The turned out really good. 

I think we will be making these again in the future!

We made a trip to a new little park on Sunday. 
We ran...

posed for some photos...

We slid...

We swang...{is that really a word?}

We relaxed and unwound...

played and had a fun time!

I saw a sweet little Mayflower ship craft for the kids to do.  So we got our hands dirty and made one! FUN!

And since we had our paint out, I decided we needed to make a handprint turkey to!

Em kept calling the red paint shark blood!

They did a great job on the ship and the turkeys! Love them...they look awesome!!!!!

I saw a yummy idea on...where else...Pinterest!
They took a can of cinnamon rolls and put them in a waffle maker.

Closed it up and let them cook. When done, they look like this.  I did two in one waffle area.
 Then you pour on the yummy frosting!  Or I guess you can just use syrup to if you like. They end up looking like this...sweet yummy goodness!!!
And shortly after you get these from your kiddos...

I guess it was a winner of an idea!

SMILES all around!!!

Catch ya'll later!!!