Thursday, December 31, 2009


~December 31, 2009~

I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

I'll have Christmas photos and stuff up soon!

Be safe, love ya'll!.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

~December 21, 2009~

First off I want to wish my best friend Stephanie a Very Happy Birthday! Is this
Happy Winter Solstice!

Today was the last day of pre-school for Hunt until early January, and it was also pajama day!

All the kids(a total of 3)and the teacher wore pjs.

Miss E really likes the BUMBO...

Thanks for passing it along Aunt Misty!

The other day Hunt was playing with play dough and came to me with this...

He told me that it was Mary with baby Jesus. I asked where is Jesus, and he said...he's inside her tummy! How sweet!

This year I'm having to do a lot of letting go. Letting go of all the crafts and handmade gifts that I didn't get completed, or even started, that I wanted to give for Christmas. It's been difficult, but there is always next year...right?

Look at these two! I could eat them up...they are so darn cute!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new post soon (BELOW)...


~December 15, 2009~

Yep I'm way behind on posting...

I'm working on it though, so look for it soon.

And will be a long one!...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

where have you been?...

~December 20, 2009~

OK, so I'm going to attempt to get some-what caught up on this blog diary!
I've been sick for nearly 3 weeks fun...but, slowly getting better!
So...just a warning that it will be LONG and with MANY pictures!

And how was everyone's Thanksgiving Day?!

I made Emma a little turkey dress and bow...isn't she the cutest!!!!

Our turkey day was good! We went to grandma and grandpa's for Thanksgiving lunch.
We filled our belly with turkey, dressing, green beans, sweet pots, gravy, rolls, fruit and pies for dessert. Yummmm Yummmm! It was all so very good!
The cousins played and played. Hunt and cousin Mick decorated some Thanksgiving place mats. Uncle David took them outside to run off some energy to...they had a blast!

grandma and Grandpa with the grandbabies

I really wanted to make it to my cousin's house to see some of my family, but we were too tired by the time we left.

Friday November 27th hubs had to work, so the kiddos and I just hung around home. No Black Friday sales for this girl! They just aren't worth it to me! Waiting in long lines, rude people, traffic...etc! Just not what I want to deal with, even if I had no kids!
But later that evening we meet daddy, Stephanie and Nick in Downtown Fort Worth for the Parade of Lights. It was so freaking crowded! But Hunt had a nice time and that's what it's all about! Daddy hates crowds, so he didn't enjoy it that much. I liked it pretty well. I did have to get rude with some people and push my way back to my seat at one point! Some sorry people wouldn't let me get past them to where we were sitting. Man...some people!!!!!

See this light sword, I bought it at the Parade of Lights. It was the source of a light show in the Tahoe on the way home.

Stephanie loving on Hunt.

Hunt getting tickles from Nick.

Hunt and mama

The crowd ready for the parade

Daddy holding Emma

Santa wouldn't turn around our way :(

Saturday the 28th we took a trip to Fossil Rim. Our season passes ran out in November and it was such a beautiful day to go. But apparently everyone else thought that to because I have never seen so many people there! It took us an extra hour and a half to go through it because people who were taking millions of photos would not move over to let people pass! I love to take photos to, but like the rules state...move to the side to let others pass! Ughhh...more rude people! And because of this delay Hunt didn't get to brush the goats. So we had a mini melt down about that! All and all it was nice though.
Hunt took this photo of us

Of course since we were out that way we ate at Hard Eight!

December 5th we had our family portraits done. They turned out pretty good. Honestly I'm never to happy with the way I look in photos. Both Hunt and Emma did really really good!

We had some snow fall in Texas(sorry can't remember the exact day...tired mama brain)Sad to say that we didn't get outside in time to enjoy it falling down from the sky and it already started to melt by the time we made it outdoors.

Here's us picking out and getting our Christmas tree...

And the winner is...

Elf hat I made Emma.

And at home before, during and after decorating it...Hunt LOVES that part!

And the first ornament to go on this year is...a tractor!

Hunt went with grandma and grandpa to the Gaylord Ice on December 12th. He had a good time over-all, but got a little frightened at one part...the huge Grinch head. Maybe I'll get to post some photos. Grandma took some while they were there.
Since Hunt was with the grandparents, and hubs was out of town hunting, Kelley, Stephanie and I headed to Granbury to the town square for a girls day. James and Emma was with us to, but not any trouble at all. I had a nice time with the girls and hope to do it again soon.

Last Sunday I took the kids to see Santa in the Sundance square. The line wasn't too bad at all and the Santa looked pretty real with his real beard and all. Both kids did super!

I made Emma this little elf hat to. I just love this pattern!

Aren't they beautiful!!!!!

The cutest kids ever!!!!!

Tuesday we went to Casa Manana and saw the performance Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. It was ok, but not great. Hunt sat through it and watched, but a few mommies and kiddos left early. Emma slept through the entire show in the mei tai wrap...Thank Goodness.

Emma had her 2 month shots done Wednesday. I had taken her and Hunt to the peditrician last week. Emma for her 2 month check up and Hunt because he has had a small cough. He got meds for it and is now over it, but Emma was running a small temp., so we waited until this week. She was crying before the needle was even close to her. She did NOT like the idea of the nurse pening her legs down!

A little late, but...
EMMA you're 2 months now what have you been up to?...
*you weigh 11.8 and are 23 3/4 (50% weight and 90% length)
*you wear 0-3 month clothing(mostly 3 months)
*you sleep 3-5 hours a night
*smiling all the time and laughing/cooing alot, this actually has been goin on for several weeks
*you love us to pull you up to sitting and when we say "up" you raise your little head and pull up your feet
*you've rolled over a couple of times already, but I think by accident
*sometimes at night you get fussy, especially if you are tired
*you don't like to sleep anywhere at night except in our bed...ughhh-
*you love the swing, bouncer and the BUMBO
*you follow us around with your eyes all the time and have done this for a while
*you have been blowing bubbles like crazy and Bubba calls it spit up or throw up
*you're starting to hold things
*you still don't care for pacifiers
*and more I'm sure I need to add, but can't remember at this time(tired mama brain again)...

Hunt's pre-school calss had their Christmas party on Friday. The kids have been practicing 3 Christmas songs-"Jingle Bells", Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"and sang them to us. It was SO SO SOOOO cute I wanted to cry. I know...crazy mama, but it was so touching! Hunt did great! One of the grandmas even said that he was going to be a dancer one day, and said that she needed a tango partner and asked him if he would be her partner...he said no of course :) ha!
Here are some photos of the party...
Waiting to perform

Singing for us

I could pinch him he's so handsom!

Got a stocking full of goodies from the teachers

And did a book exchange with classmates

Hugging Ms.Rebeca

Opening his book gift

Hunt did really good during the Jingle Bell song and even danced after it was over. I was cracking up and everyone was laughing. He was just a shaking his booty and hips and dancing around. His little scarves were flying! So cute I wish I could have recorded it!!!

This weekend we managed(well hubs managed) to pretty much finish up shopping for Christmas...YAY!!! If you are not happy with your presents, take it up with him...HA! We are so excited to see Hunt's little face come Christmas morning! But we've also been teaching and reminding him the true meaning of Christmas. Although at 4, it's hard not to think about all the goodies Santa will be bringing to the good boys and girls!

After shopping this Saturday we drove out to a neighbor hood and looked at their Christmas lights. This neighborhood usually does a great job at decorating for Christmas and I remember going when I was a kid. seems that as the years go by we see fewer and fewer houses done up. It's sad to go each year and notice less people getting festive. A few had their lights set up to Christmas songs.
Here's a photo of a cute Santa on a tractor.

(picture may be too dark)

So if you're still with me and made it through all of this posting then you deserve an award!...Thanks so much for taking the time to read!...