Friday, May 29, 2009

Good afternoon...

Well we made it back from Rocky Top Ranch. We had a super time! Hunt rode "Tony" the pony and loved it! We also got to pet some farm animals and sit on the old tractor. The playground there was lots of fun for the kiddos to. After all the kids got a turn riding a pony we all enjoyed a hayride and grounds tour. Hunt had such a good time and loved hanging out with his KECPTA friends. He and Rebecca stayed close to each other and held hand alot. We didn't see one of the cowboys that was there last year, the one that looked like Robert Duvall and talked alot with Hunt. Too bad, he was sweet.
What a fun time we had! Towards the end though Hunt was complaining about his feet hurting so when we got to the truck I took his boots off. Poor babe had a blister on his heel and redness on the other one! It looks like we will be making a trip to the western store to get him new boots come closer to fall. Maybe John Deere ones this time! I know he'll love them! He just LOVES John Deere stuff anyway.
Here's a slide show of some photos taken there...

Oh, by the way did you notice Hunt had to wear his new hat AND take his holster and guns!!! Yep, what a true cowboy!...hahaha!!! Oh well, he did good with them anyway!!!

Here in a bit we may walk down to the farmers market. I saw a sign coming home that they have blackberries $.99. And since we haven't got to pick any yet we'll just go buy some already picked! And see what else we can come home with!

Tomorrow it looks like we may try to head out to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Maybe with Steph and her son James. We love that place to!

Well, take care and have a Great Weekend!!!...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the past few days/vacation catch up day-4...

Today Hunt and I went out and bought him a new straw cowboy hat. He had one, but it was too little this year to wear. While we were out getting the new hat we went into JoAnn's craft and Hobby Lobby. I was on the look out for something that Hunt could make Daddy and Grandpa for father's day and found something(can't say yet). Hunt can paint it and help glue it and maybe help hammer it a bit(not sure on that though). But it's functional and I hope daddy and grandpa will like it. We also came home with new fabric for a cute monkey blanket and fabric for Hunt's something. He found this material with different trucks and tractors on it and had to have it. Maybe we'll make some pj pants or shorts or something. Not sure.
And I picked up a few more fabric pieces for new baby items. Like bibs or burp cloths.

So all and all our trip out this afternoon was a success!

Yesterday Hunt and I had a pool swimming day at Kelley's house. I took several photos with my regular camera and my water camera. The photos below are from my regular camera and I'll post water camera ones as soon as they get developed(who knows when that will be). Since Hunt is still not the best swimmer I kept him in his life vest most of the time. He did get to take it off to do some swimming and diving. I just wanted to be safe and relax without having to worry and watch him so much. It was a very nice time! Afterwards, because swimming really works up an appetite, we had to drive to Los Vaqueros. Mama was craving their chicken fajitas! Yummy!!! Thanks so much Kelley for having us over for swimming!!! We had a super time!!!

Tomorrow we're meeting the KECPTA group at Rocky Top Ranch for some western fun. Hunt will be riding horses and we'll enjoy a hayride, pic-nic and playing on the playground. And of course we can't wait to see the rest of the animals. Last year we saw a pig, chickens, geese, donkey, sheep and etc. The usual petting zoo/farm animals. I'm sure to have lots of pictures from this trip so keep an eye out for them within the next few posts.

On this, our last day of vacation(April 30)we woke up to heavy winds and power outages. It was pitch black at our hotel this morning at about 2:00am.
We gathered our belongings and packed our bags to leave today. Heading outside to load the Tahoe back up for our long trip home hubs noticed that our Tahoe had been broken in and my GPS and his radar detector had been stolen. Along with his IPOD cord and my cell phone cord. Happy 15 year Anniversary to us!!! Man was I ever POed! It was the perfect opportunity to do it since it was really winding and loud and not lights were on. It appeared that the sorry looser/loosers that did it used a screw driver and pried the door handle open. They must have known what they were doing!
UGHHH!!! It was kind of funny because our insurance is USAA which just happen to be next to our hotel. Hubs called them and went through all the mess you do to file the claim. We only get $250.00 for personal property and have just a $50.00 deductible for repairs. We weren't to happy about the property amount because the GPS itself was at least that much. But at least the deductible for repairs was low.
So we got a rent car, a Nissan Altima. It was a nice little car with more room than I thought at first. Even hubs liked it. And after a week we got the Tahoe back.
Here are a few photos of the damage and a sign that was posted at the hotel. I didn't take it literally at first, but now do! Makes me wonder if this has been a problem at the hotel...hummm!

Our drive home was ok even with the recent issue at hand. I mean what could we do anyway at that point. We were just thankful that a window didn't get busted or that they didn't try to steal the Tahoe and mess up the steering column or something.
I was glad to be home though. The trip was good, but not great.

Good evening to you all...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Holiday/Weekend & vacation catch up-day 4...

Ewww Weee am I tired today.

After a nice long weekend at the lake house and a yucky OB appointment today, I just need rest.

Today's appointment was for the 3 lovely hour glucose test. Which consists of going into the Dr office at 8:15, drawing blood, drinking a nice lemon lime glucose juice drink(barf), waiting for an hour in the waiting room, drawing more blood, waiting for another hour in the waiting room(which by now has a crying kid about the age of 2-3), drawing more blood, waiting ANOTHER hour and finally drawing MORE blood! I swear I must be low on the red stuff now. And that wonderful juice...oh man I almost lost it today. I had to fast so that meant no drinking or breakfast this morning then drinking that horribly sweet drink. The first hour was the worst by far(next to the crying kid). I was nauseated and wasn't sure I would make it to the last blood draw at 11:28. But I did and here I am. Oh I hope I don't have to do that again! Just not fun!!!

Memorial Day Weekend was really nice. I hope everyone had a nice one to. We spent Friday through Monday at the lake house. Relaxing, doing a little boating and the boys riding their atv's. Hubs took one of his this past weekend and Hunt's has been staying up at the lake. Just one soul brave enough to go swimming(Hunt). A little too cool still for me. We cooked ribs, burgers and dogs out on the grill. And had homemade mac and cheese, a cool strawberry pie, bakes beans, dips and other fattening goodies. We made a trip to 2 fruit stands there and had fresh cantaloupe, tomatoes and cucumber. We saw 3 snakes, one deer, a skunk and more than I care to keep track of spiders. Oh and we DID try the Listerine method of mesquite repelling. We filled a spray bottle with Listerine and sprayed it on our legs and around us. It seemed to do the trick. But...we didn't do it until Saturday night, poor Hunt already had so many bites from Friday his little legs looked horrible. Between the bruises and bites they looks a mess. Daddy and Hunt also tried their hand at fishing this weekend to. Hubs bought Hunt a new fishing pole. Unfortunately, patience is not a good quality of Hunt's. He was more interested in dropping the bait(they used corn) into the water. What do you expect of a four year old right?!
I complied a slide show of some Memorial Day/Weekend photos below...


Our last full day in San Antonio was spent on the River Walk and at the Market.
We rode one of the boats and learned some interesting info about the River Walk and some businesses that border alongside it. Our tour guide reminded me of my Best Friend Stephanie, not as cute of course. They both have long dark hair and sound almost the same. But the weirdest thing was that the guides' name was Stephanie to. Do do do do... do do do do... HAHAHA!
After the River walk we headed to the Market. And thank goodness it was not even close to being busy there. Kelley and I had an eye open for some Mexican/Pueblo dresses. After shopping around we found some. They have SO many and lots of colors and styles. I also purchased a nativity Christmas tree ornament, a Mexican doll, a indies flute for Hunt and a mexican bingo game for Hunt. See some photos below of our goodies!...

Most of the stores at the market had about the same stuff really. I wish I would have remembered to pick up a bottle of vanilla there. I've bought some real Mexican vanilla a long while back in Cancun and needed more. They sold it there in some stores.
For dinner we ate at Mamacita's. I spotted it off the highway the day we came in and remembered it from the Hill Country. We have eaten at the one in the Hill Country a few times and really like it. It has a huge Alamo and a star lite sky. Davy Crockett stands on the top as a mechanical puppet talking about the Alamo and such. Kind of cute for the kiddos to watch. Too bad I couldn't have a margarita, they have some good ones!
Here is a slideshow of the River Walk and two at the end of part of the Market...

Not too long on this one post huh?...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

vacation catch up-day 3 and other news...

Hey there...

Well the Memorial Holiday is upon us and I know some of us are going out of town or at least get a long weekend. We'll be heading to the lake house and YAY..I'm happy to say that the boat will be heading up with us to. It looks like the summer kick off is here and boat/water time is soon.

I want to thank all the past and present men and women of the US Armed Forces! With my father being a past Vietnam Vet, several family members and friends in and out of the military I am reminded of the bravery and hard work they put into their everyday lives. Thank you for standing up and fighting for our country!

Today was our last monthly KECPTA meeting. At least until next season...around August or so. We had a fun and informative speaker. Her name was Melissa d'Arabian. She gave us some insight on ways to get our kiddos to eat healthy foods and tips for us moms to make some of the everyday staple foods healthier. Some of the information she spoke of I already had heard about and tried. Such as the books The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious. As you may or may not recall I have blogged about using some of the recipes in both books. It really reminded me to go back to them and start using them more. Melissa also gave the group some tips on grocery shopping and money saving. She will also be emailing KECPTA with some of her all time favorite go to recipes. I'm looking forward to receiving these recipes and giving them a try. I'll let you guys know how they turn out, after all she's a mom to 4 girls under the age of 5 and has tried these time and time again!
Oh and if you are a fan of The Next Food(network) Star, you can see Melissa on there. She was a finalist on that contest and will be featured starting Sunday June 7th at 8c(Sunday nights). And of course she was unable to let us in on who won!

Pregnancy News::
I received a call from my OBGYN and it seems that my Glucose test that was taken last Friday came back abnormal. Of course...anything with me here lately is abnormal. Anyway It should be below 130 and it was 134. So NOW I have to go back on Tuesday the 26th and take the 3 hour test! BROTHER!!!! What a HUGE pain. At least hubs is working 2nd shift that week to cover a co-worker going on vacation and should be able to watch Hunt. I sure hope all of this turns out ok. I'm getting tired of all the Dr visits lately!


Tuesday::April 28::San Antonio Zoo & a Birthday
Today was our day to see what the San Antonio Zoo had to offer. I'm really partial to the Fort Worth so I was a bit skeptical. Hubs and I had been there in the past...over 10 years ago.
Before going to the zoo we had to wish aunt Kelley a Happy Birthday! Hunt made her a homemade card. We gave her a GC for Target, a tea tumbler and a box of flavored teas. She had commented on my tumbler a few times so I thought it might be a great gift to giver her. She seemed to like it all.
Happy Birthday Kelley! Hope you had a good day!

Since we were all a little hungry when we left the hotel we decided to grab a bit to eat before going to the zoo.
I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard of this place, but it was featured on Drive Inns, Diners and Dives. It's called Taco Taco. This super small diner/cafe had some of the best tacos I had ever had! Of course the ones that I make are the BEST!!! Hands down!!! I have been told this and not just by hubs. SO GOOD!!! I want some now just thinking about them!!!...ummmm
Oh let's see where was I...oh yeah, Taco Taco! Yes they have delicious tacos and you CAN NOT beat the prices!!! If you head down San Antonio way you HAVE to go by Taco Taco! You won't regret it! I even bought me a t-shirt from there...quote..."Best Tacos in America!...Taco Taco Cafe, so good they named it twice!
With bellies full we drove to the zoo.
The San Antonio Zoo was established in 1914. I have to say it was very nice and had a few animals that the Fort Worth Zoo didn't have. It also still had an aquarium, which the Fort Worth Zoo did away with several years ago. And a cool under water viewing tank to see hippos! We all saw the usual zoo animals such as bears, elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, tigers, lions and different snakes, lizards and birds. Even a capibara(so cute for a large rodent type of animal).
After walking around for most of the day at the zoo we needed a snack so we found us a big ole sour pickle and Hunt and I shared it. Oh it was some sour goodness!
Zoo photo slide show...

With it being Kelley's birthday we let her choose what she wanted to have for dinner. I kind of nudged her into making the guys find us some sushi. Knowing that they would refuse to eat it, we managed to find a Benihana. There we enjoyed sushi for appetizer and Hibachi for dinner. Kelley got some birthday ice cream and a song from all the staff. Hunt got a sushi sucker.

The day was full with good food, good times and good friends!!!...

Have a Happy, Fun and Safe Holiday!!!...

vacation catch up-day 2...


Ok so I'm back and ready to fill you in on day 2 of our San Antonio vacation.

Monday::April 27::Buckhorn Saloon Museum
Today we slept in a little and got up, had lunch at the Alamo Cafe(pretty good food). Then headed to downtown to go through the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum. The Buckhorn features a saloon type bar that's more than a century old. It also features mounted animals from all over the world as well as some "freak" of nature type things to. It was right up Hunt and hub's alley...since they both love animals and hunting to. It also has a small Texas Ranger museum there to and a game room.
Hubs enjoyed locking Hunt up in a replica of a jail. Hunt didn't care for it much...he started whining and crying some. Maybe this will keep him out of trouble in coming years.
We all enjoyed some beer at the bar. Well,ok...Hunt, Kelley and I enjoyed root beer while the guys had "real" beer. You can also sit down to a meal at tables by the bar or do some shopping in their store.
One of my favorite things that they had there were these old fortune telling machines. They reminded me of the movie BIG where Tom Hanks gets his fortune from one and discovers that it wasn't even plugged in...creepy! Luckily our was plugged in...believe me I checked!!! Zelda was the name of the fortune telling gypsy lady that we all got our fortunes done by. I had to take some photos of the old gal!
Slideshow of our day at the Buckhorn...

Since the day was SOOOO rainy we decided not to walk around the corner to the Alamo. We drove by it and that was good enough for us. The rain at times was coming down so hard that it was kind of miserable. So we decided just to do some driving around for a while. We drove out to where my husbands grandparents used to live as well as to the cemetery and around.
Later on we had dinner at the Barn Door. Good food and great pies! I had been there once a long while back with hubs and his parents and grandparents and remembered it to be a yummy place to eat.
So with the rain subsiding...of course, since the day was over. We headed back to the hotel to rest up. Tomorrow...the San Antonio Zoo!...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

finally doing some blogging...

Let's get started shall we?...We have LOTS to talk about...


First off, let's see... the pregnancy is going good. My OB visit on May 4th could have been better. I dropped off my pee jug(24 hour urine collection...glad that's over)and they drew blood for the Quad test. I had not started taken my meds for blood pressure yet and was told to do so! Yeah, yeah I know! I didn't want any weird side effects while on vacation, AND I really felt that I didn't need them. But yes, I did start taking them!
On May 12th was the first actual time I felt the baby move. And she hasn't stopped a day since. I had felt a couple before that but wasn't sure, but this day I was.
My next OB appointment was on May 15th. This appointment I had another sonogram and had to encounter that horrible Glucose test! Really it wasn't that bad. I only had to down half of the bottle of the orange juicy goodness...yum yum!!! Anyway, they called me back to drink the juice. I hurried to the back lab area and had to wait in the hall for a nurse to try to draw the blood from another patient. Obviously she couldn't because she left the room and came back a few minutes later with another nurse. I waited a little longer and in I went to get my drink. I drank it up and was told to go back out to the waiting room and I would be called back soon. As I was heading down the hall I was stopped and told that an examining room was ready and to go in the room after my weight was checked. Oh, ok. In the room they checked my blood pressure. Oh that was no fun! It seems that it was WAY too high! Something like 162 over something. I was told to lay down on my left side and the nurse would be back to re-check it a bit. Well hell yea my blood pressure was HIGH! I was told to go here, now wait in the hall, drink this wonderful glucose drink, now go out there and wait again and then no, come on in! That's enough to raise anyone's blood pressure in my eyes! Shoot just being at a Dr's office raises it.
After about 7 min. the nurse re-checks me and I'm down to 118 over something. She is amazed and says..."I can't believe it dropped so fast!" I say..."I'm not, ya'll had me running back and forth down the hall!" The PA comes in and listens to the babe growing inside me. Heart beat is about 146 she tells me. And that the Quad test came back normal(yay!). Then she proceeds to tell me that my blood pressure was way too high and that I need to start taking the meds 3 times a day now instead of 2! WHAT THE??? 3 times, are you people trying to kill me?! CRAP!!! And I'm told to come back on Monday the 18th for a re-check again...UGHHH!!! At least 10 min. after that was done I had the sonogram done. Our little babe was all rolled up in a ball and no good measurements and photos could be done. He was however able to get a couple of good profile shots. And here is two...can you see the nose, lips? And that pop belly...hubs said it already looks like him..HAHAHA!!!

Another sonogram is ordered in 4 weeks(June 12th). AND...I now just have a low lying placenta and no longer Placenta Previa! YAY!!! That was good news to!
Then finally about 20 min. later blood was drawn and I was able to finally leave the office. What a time I tell you. Man!!!
So then Monday the 18th I arrive back at the OB's office for my blood pressure check up. It's checked and is perfectly fine! Well yea it is, I'm taking 3 dern pills a day for it, why wouldn't it be!!! I'm told to do another 24 hour urine sample and bring it in next visit which will be the June 12th visit. WHAT??? ANOTHER ONE!!! I say to my OB(Dr. Luna). "Yes", she says! "One every month due to the fact that your blood pressure is high and the meds. We need to make sure your kidneys and liver are doing ok". GOOD LORD!!! I check out at the receptionist desk and leave with jug in hand(in a bag actually) and a sour look on my face!

Hunt and I attended the last Casa Manana performance on the 8th. It was A Year With Frog and Toad. The play was really cute and as always Hunt enjoyed it to.

Our Mother's Day was spent partially at home and partially at Grandma and Grandpa's. That morning I was given a big huge and a "Happy Mother's Day" from Hunt as well as a card and a Visa gift card. Hubs also gave me a sweet and touching card to. I like getting things made by Hunt, so I had purchased a wooden picture frame and Hunt and I will do some decoupage and painting to it and add a photo inside of the two of us together. I'll be sure to post a photo of it once we complete it. I knew hubs didn't have the patients to sit down with Hunt and do it for me.
Later that morning Hunt and I decided to make cookies and fresh bread. We took the cookies to the grandparents house. Both the cookies and bread were wonderful!
In the afternoon we left to go to grandma's. Along with the cookies we made we also took grandma's Mother's Day gifts. This year Hunt made her some heart thumb print magnets and a cute card. We also gave her a card from hubs and I and a Barnes and Noble gift card. I'll post photos of the magnets that Hunt made soon, but here are some of Hunt doing our cookies...

Last week on the 13th Hunt and I made another trip out to the farm to pick berries. We were planning to pick blackberries, but when we arrived we were told that they were not ready yet. So we stayed and picked more strawberries. And purchased fresh new potatoes, green beans, onion and yellow squash. YUMMY!!!! We put the potatoes and green beans together and had them along with the fried squash for dinner the next night. So delicious!!!! Here's a small slide show of our picking berries and the fresh produce we got...

This past weekend we had a nice relaxing time at the lake house. We made a trip to the TSC(Tractor Supply Company) and I finally purchased a water-bath canner pot and utensils. So now we're almost ready to start canning. I know our strawberries have been waiting in the freezer!!! Here is a photo of the canner kit and a few of Hunt at the lake house.

Hunt found that old fishing pole washed up down by the bank.

LOOK who arrived on April 28th! A new little cousin! Baby Rylie, Mick's little sister! She's such a doll!

These photos were taken on Mother's Day.


I'm splitting up our vacation by days, so this blog will include our drive down to San Antonio(Sat. 25th) and Our Sea World trip(Sun. 26th).

Vacation was good, just not great.
I wish I could say that it was fabulous, but I can't. You'll hear why as I finish blogging about our vacation the next several blogs. It didn't seem like a vacation really to hubs or I, but it wasn't terrible.

Saturday::April 25::Driving to San Antonio
We left early on Saturday April 25th and headed for San Antonio. We were slowed down by a horrible wreck on 281. If you have never driven 281 through the Texas hill country, you should try it. It's a nice drive with not much traffic and beautiful scenery. For this reason it was odd to be stopped on 281 not moving. We knew something was up. After seeing a Air Life helicopter land just a few hundred feet ahead of us on this small hwy, we knew just down the hill a terrible accident happened.
After a while the helicopter left and we were on our way again. Driving past the wreckage we noticed that it involved 2 vehicles and one had to have the jaws of life to cut the person out. Both the car and truck were in bad shape. I felt for all was really a messy sight.

So we arrived in San Antonio and to our hotel(Marriott-Resident's Inn). The hotel was not what we had been told. The room us upstairs with no elevator. Which if you know me, you know my suitcase never weighs less than 50 pounds. Then the room was a studio style with a bedroom upstairs and a trundle/pull out style bed downstairs. It was to be one suite with two separate bedrooms. This and the fact that our toilet didn't want to flush, light bulbs were out, we had to request more toilet paper in the room, iron didn't work, NO DVD(what the heck!), and a few other issues. Just not a great place folks!

Sunday::April 26th::Sea World San Antonio
We woke early for a fun day at Sea World today. After eating some hotel breakfast(ick) we left for Sea World.
Our first show was the sea lion and walrus show called The Cannery Row Caper. The show was a cute story about missing fish. It was really funny and Hunt seemed to understand a few silly jokes. And...WOW was that walrus huge!

The second show we watched was the Shamu show called Believe.
This show was of course the largest and most packed. But it was a nice story about a person who dreams of being a killer whale trainer and through their belief, their dream comes true. Hunt liked watching the whales splash water all over the people sitting in the wet zone.

Next we headed to Viva! , the beluga whale and pacific white-sided dolphins
show. It featured acrobats and cool diving stunts. This show really reminded hubs and I of the Cirque du Soleil shows...with some sea creatures thrown in.

After the Viva! show we decided to find us some lunch and take a look in a few shops. Lunch was ok, about what you would expect at a theme park or something of that nature. Not great, but not horrible either.

Finally after lunch we headed to the last show that we were going to attend called Pirates 3D. This show was in a sit down theater. We donned funky red 3D glasses(see our photo below in the slide show...too funny!)and sat down to enjoy a nice rest and movie. Or at least that was what we thought! See, this show as I said was 3D and a bit frightening for a 4 year old. We were chased by HUGE 3D bats and spiders and thrown into pirate sword fights. All this and air shooting out at us at different times through the movie AND water squirts! To say Hunt was scared and ready to leave was a BIG understatement! He was whining and shaking and to the point of crying. The show did give a warning that it may not be suited for younger people, but seemed cool. And it was with Hunt until the spider and bat episodes and the air and water squirts. Sad to say, mama was sort of finding this funny. I know I'm bad, but it was see my son afraid of stuff rarely happens. At least the rest of us enjoyed it even if Hunt had to sit in mama's lap for 3/4ths of it and stare behind us.

After we saw all the shows for the day we had a chance to relax and look at other stuff Sea World had to offer. We watched some of the rides. Hunt really wanted to ride some, but he's too small for most and mama's too pregnant to. Uncle Ken rode the Great White roller coaster and said it was great!
We toured the penguin area, Sharks/ The Coral Reef building.
And of course before we left we had to make our way to Dolphin Cove. We arrived just in time to feed the dolphins. It was really cool to see Hunt feeding these beautiful and sweet creatures. Daddy bought several containers of fish for us and we all got turns at feeding them. I have to say that it was my favorite part of the day!
Here is a slide show I created of some Sea World photos...


Next blog will feature Vacation Day 2-Buckhorn Saloon Museum and what ever else I decide to throw in.

Now you can take a breather, this post is over...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

we made it back...

Well, we made it back from vacation Sunday evening.

I'll be posting our trip news and lots of photos soon...