Wednesday, February 24, 2010

just ramblings...

~February 24, 2010~

Just rambling on...

The other morning I was laying in bed and I heard "mama". It wasn't loud or anything just regular toned. I lay there trying to wake up and trying to decide if I really heard it. Then again I hear "mama". A little louder, but still not in a panic. So I was like, yep that was Hunt. What does he I'm not ready to get up...I'm still tired! Then again I hear "MAMA"! This time loud enough that I knew it was Hunt and that he was in a little of a panic this time. So then I jump up out of bed knowing that something is wrong. I grab my glasses and run out of the bedroom. Just knowing something was wrong! I make my way to the kitchen and see Hunt sitting sideways in one of the kitchen chairs with his little arm stuck between the chair back slates. Silly Goober! I wish I would have taken a picture! He stuck it through and couldn't get it out.

And if I'm not waking up to Hunt either playing or getting into trouble, I'm waking up to Miss E blowing bubbles or razzing...ha!

So I've been thinking of getting Hunt into a sport of some sort. Soccer, baseball, etc...whatever he feels he wants to try. So the other day we were driving home and I asked him what he might want to try. I mention baseball, soccer, flag football and even karate. He asks me..."What is karate? Is it where they wear the white clothes?". I say yes. He then asks..."What do they do? So I respond that they learn self defense moves and teach motivation and discipline. And then my little darling says.."Yes I want to do that!...I want to hit other boys and jump on them!" Oh dear Lord! Maybe karate isn't right for him!...HAHAHA!!!

Here's a look at some of Hunt's homework coloring pages...

Pretty colorful huh? I wonder why he's into this type of coloring method...legs, arms, heads, etc...different colors. I wonder what it means??? Anybody out there have an idea?

Oh and...
Want to keep your 5 year(or older male- be it child to grandpa)entertained for over an hour? Just get them some Flarp noise putty! I swear Hunt plays with it all the time and it keeps him entertained for a long time. He got some in his stocking for Christmas from the grandparents. His grandpa has 2 containers of the stuff sitting next to his chair at home. And he likes to drag it out and make the toot noises just for his grandkids! Fun stuff! And it is addicting! Even mama and daddy like it. I like the smell. It smells like a new toy. If you don't know what it is, let's just say it's this putty stuff that comes in a little cup. You quickly sink your fingers down in it and it makes a toot sound. Hunt calls it tooter play-dough!

Ok, that will do it...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I saw this on a blog that I frequently awesome!

Just had to share...

wanting warmer weather please...

~February 23, 2010~

What state am I in...oh yes, Texas! Wow I can't believe we got more snow today. It wasn't alot and it didn't stick around, but wow.
It's such a shock, I tell you. This weather we are having. Just last week, I believe it was Thursday, the weather was in the 60's. What's going on?

A couple of mornings in a row I hear song birds singing.
I see robins everywhere.
And...I've seen trees budding.

Maybe Mr. Groundhog was off just a tad.

I am ready for the warm weather though! Ready for some time at the lake and fun on the boat. Last year I was pregnant and couldn't do anything but joy ride in it. I'm ready for some sun on my face and warmth on my body! Shorts, lemonade, flip flops and cook-outs!
And to make it even worse vacation is still a little over 2 months away. Not too long, but in my mind not soon enough!
We'll be heading down south, to the Port "A"! YAY! We didn't go last year. Instead we had a trip to San Antonio, so I'm REALLY ready!!!
Awwwww...the warm sun, soft sand, waves crashing on the beach and rocks, coastal activities and the seafood!!!! Let us not forget about the seafood!!! Oh how I love thee! Fresh and tasty(wiping the drool as I type)!
I remember the first time we took Hunt. He was a little older than Em will be when we go. I remember him crawling after the sea gulls! So cute! I'll have to post a pic of it.
So until then, I will just have to deal with our cold weather.

A good thing about this weather is that the bluebonnets should be awesome this year. They love lots of rain. I see a trip towards the hill country on the horizon. Maybe around the end of March, first of April...down around Willow City Loop.
The bluebonnets there are amazing! Great photo opps!
And with all the rain and snow our lakes should be up. We needed that to.

So today the kiddos and I went to the library story time. It was about snow, so appropriate! Both of them did good. Em was even awake the entire time and did super! We picked out about 9 books, 2 Hank the Cowdog audio books, a kid music cd and word world, reading phonics and oceans dvds. We'll be set for a week or so...ha!

I wanted to show you Em's little bunny slippers. They were given to her as one of her baby shower gifts from someone on my side of the family.

Aren't they the cutest!!!!

She agrees!!!

Speaking of little Miss's what she's up to SO much lately...

grabbing at anything and everything she can! Here grabbing the camera.

She's also been doing a lot of this still...



But no teefies yet! I check that little mouth all the time! Or at least as well as she'll let me..Ha!

And I had to show you all this to...

Hunt has been doodling bunches on his Doodle Pro.
Here he has drawn a "happy fish", so he tells me.

Well I'm off to work on some laundry, tata.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~February 18, 2010~

We made our way to grandma's house this afternoon to finally give her the Valentines we made for her. Hunt made her a card, we got one for Em to give to her to and hubs and I gave her one also. Then I filled a candy jar with Valentine colored M&Ms, that was Em's gift to her. I found some neat foam-ish heart shaped boxes at Michael's and Hunt decorated one with doilies, a flower and a little paper Valentine pick with a saying and a little boy on it. We filled the box with cookies and a few chocolates. Here's how they turned out...

Before the decorations.

And after.

We had a nice visit and was going to go eat dinner with them, but Miss E was getting we headed home.

Hubs has been working 2nd shift for a couple of weeks now. I hate it so much! It's almost like I'm a single parent. And yesterday he tells me that he will be working 2nd shift for 3 more weeks to cover for someone going to classes and on vacation...UGHHHH!!! So the next three weeks will be not much fun!!! Normally he's off on Saturday and Sundays, but the person he's covering for has Sunday and Mondays off, so this weekend those are his days! Double UGHHHH!!! AND...Sunday he has planned a trip to the lake house with Ken to get some things due to the lake water rising. AND...Monday his brother wants him to go check out the deer lease! Ummmm...what about your family?! It would be great if you could spend some time with them. Mama would love the back-up support. But I know it won't be like this long, so I'll have to deal with it right?!

Hunt had a fun time playing with his barrel-o-slime. We put them in the favor bags for his birthday party. I'm sure the parents love me was kinda gross and messy. Of course Hunt LOVED it!

And he also had a funny time with these "Bubba" type teeth! Can you say...Goof Ball?!!! These were also in the favor bags. What else says Monster Trucks or Monster Jams than slime and Bubba teeth?!!!...HAHAHA!!! Maybe a beer, but the favor bags wouldn't have held it...hahaha!!! Kidding!

And look at this little critter! Looks like she has a touch of the rabies. Foaming at the mouth...

Oh how Em loves to make raspberries/razzies! If you look close you can even see the spit marks up higher on her cheeks. And if your close enough and really lucky you even get to feel them on yours...ha!

Monday, February 15, 2010

snow, valentines and a Dr visit...

~ February 16, 2010~
{Long with lots of photos}

Blanketing the earth, like a fresh sheet laid out upon our ground, covering every inch of our surroundings. The winter white spread along tree limbs as icing added to a treat. Empty streets layered with slush and wetness. And ponds quiet and still without life.
-This is Winter's snow

So now that the snow has almost all but melted away I feel kinda sad. It was so beautiful...and VERY rare here in Texas! And I know most of you think that I'm crazy for feeling sad and missing it. But being a sahm it didn't interfere in much of our daily/weekly activity. Of course school was cancelled Friday for Hunt, which meant his class Valentines party was postponed. But still there was no where I had to go and nothing I really had to do.
Hunt and I made a couple of trips outdoors to have some play time in the snow. Throwing snow balls and building a wee snowman. Just enjoying the white stuff!
{snow photos}
Hunt was so excited to get to play in the snow.

Giving our snowman an arm.

Hunt checking out the snowman.

Hunt and Mr Snowman

Isn't he the cutest?

This was funny...he had fallen down and both hands went down in the snow. When he went to pull his hands out of the snow, his gloves were still stuck so his hands came out of the gloves. I thought the pic was cute, just the gloves stuck in the snow.

Gathering up snow.

Throwing his snowball at mama.

This was as far as Em and daddy got(the door). He didn't want to go outside(he had to go to work later)and Miss E didn't need to get in the cold.

Hunt kept messing with the snowman. Towards the end our snowman didn't have a head.

Silly boy!

Zoe playing in the snow!

I know a few of you are going to think this is gross, but...
I found a recipe for snow ice cream. Hunt and I decided to give it a try Thursday night. And it was surprisingly good!
{snow ice cream}

Thursday and Friday was spent finishing Valentines. We completed the cards and goodies. For Hunt's class he made homemade cards and I cut out newspaper envelopes. Then I put some goodies(pencil, cute pad of paper, heart box with candies, lolli-pop and other candies in these cute mail box looking tins I found at Target. Then I wrote each child's name on the mail boxes with a paint marker.
Hunt cut out hearts(good scissor practice)

He used glitter...



Wrote his name and each class mates name on each one

Here are some finished ones. They got foam and regular stickers to.

In the envelopes.

Up close view of one.

{Mail Boxes}
The girls got white and the boys got red.

{Teacher gifts}
The teachers got these gift baskets I put together.

Note pads with lips, crown pens, small box of chocolates, flower petal soaps and a lolli-pop.

Our Valentines Day was good. Hunt made me a sweet card and hubs gave me some chocolates and a touching card. Then daddy and Hunt went to a gun show and mama and Emma went to JoAnn's and Ross. That was a gift in going to JoAnn's without Hunt...hahaha(sounds kinda mean huh?! Emma slept and I slowly and quietly made my way around the stores without being in a rush.
{Photos of my babes this weekend}
Miss E

Saturday's outfit.

Up close of her tee(it says...Peace + Love = Me) cute!

Hunt and Miss E. They are SO ADORABLE!!!

Miss and Daddy! Valentines Day outfit.

{Here's what I gave my babes for Valentines...}
Their cards
Hunt's (notice he made himself a homemade one to)

Em's cards

Em's stuff-lovey mini blanket, stuffed pony, large pink and purple crayons(for future use), t-shirt, socks, candy...etc.

Hunt's stuff-dry erase alphabet cards, motorcycle, books, stamps, stuffed tiger, candy, mini skate board, Buzz socks, note pad...etc.

Bagged up and ready to give.

Hunt checking out his goodies.

Em loving hers.

Hubs got some candy and the movie Saw 6. He loves the Saw movies and we had not seen this one yet.

Since Hunt's pre-school was open this Monday, they had their party then. They had some snacks, watched Finding Nemo movie, played for a while in the gym and then came back to the room and exchanged their cards and favors. Mama was there and took a few photos.
{school party}

Today I had to take both kiddos to their peditrician, Dr Coutoumans. It was Hunt's 5 year check up and Miss E's 4 month. Both of them did well. Although at one point I was thinking Hunt wasn't about to put on the cute gown they had for him. But he did. And Hunt got a hearing appears that he hears perfectly!!! there are no excusses for him not doing what mama and daddy ask him to do...HA! And an eye chart test was done to, his sight is fine as well.
I took some photos while we were there.

Em- weighed 15.6 pounds-80% in weight
height was 26 inches-90% in height
Hunt- weight was 43.6 pounds-70% in weight
height was 43 inches-just over 50% height
Poor little Miss E had shots due...she cried of course when they gave them to her and her Big Brother cried to. He was so sad to see and hear her crying that it made him cry. I guess he has such a big and tender heart! I kept explaining to him that she will be ok and that the shots will keep her well. I told him that she will be a little sore, but she will be fine. My poor babies!!!! I did have to give her some Tylonol. It seemed that her leggie was bothing her a little later. sniff sniff
The last few days Hunt has been all worried about him having to get a shot. He wasn't due for one this time, and boy was he happy to!

whoooo hooo...finally done...