Friday, April 24, 2009

off we go...

Hey all!

We're leaving for vacation tomorrow morn. I just wanted to say have a good weekend and week to everyone before we leave.

I'm sure to have lots and lots of photos to share with you all, so be looking for our vacation update and pictures hopefully the week after next.

Have a good one!!!...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hunt's going to be a BIG BROTHER!...

Yep, it's true!

Hunt will become a Big Brother sometime in October!

I've had a pretty smooth pregnancy so far, or at least up until my OB visit and sonogram Friday the 17th.

It seems that my blood pressure is too high and I now have to take medication for it. And on top of that I will have to pee in a jug for an entire day the day before my next OB visit which is on Monday May 4th. Oh what joy that will be! Especially since we will be at the lakehouse that Sunday. seems that I have placenta-previa! Which means the placenta is blocking the passage for the baby and if the placenta and baby don't move before it gets close to the due date I will have to have a c-section! I'll save you all the rest of the details about it. They can be pretty scary. Man...I threatened not to come back to the Dr's office because of all the issues this last time. I'm praying that all will turn out just fine.
I'm scheduled for another sonogram on May 15th and the fun "sugar test". Which means I will be in the office no less than an hour that visit.
The good news is that the babe's heart beat was 164 which I was told sounded good. And the sonogram showed that the baby looked good to. Of course it's still small(about the size of a lemon)since I'm only about 14-15 weeks so the sonogram couldn't show too much. I was surprised that you could make out the head, body, spine and possible the face on a few of the sono pics.
Let's see if I can scan the best pic in here. I'm sure it won't come out that terrific. And I'm sure it's only one of many since I have some issues as of right now.

The little babe is in the middle-top of the sono. You can see the head is on the left then the body and part of a leg.
Notice that blob under the baby...that's the placenta. Man I hope everything moves around in there. I'd rather not have that c-section!

Anyway, I thought I better share the news finally now.

So here it is...

continued from last blog...

Here's the scanned Easter Bunny photo. I didn't get it in the previous blog...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

busy, busy April...

Ok, let's get started...especially since I started this blog on the 14th and it's now the 20th!!!

We've had a somewhat busy April so far.

This past weekend was nice, even though the weather was a bit yucky at times.
Saturday was cousin Mick's 2nd birthday party. We had a nice time and the children had a ball playing and running outside in the sprinkling rain. Lunch was hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and a caterpillar birthday cake for desert. Mick really liked the wooden fire truck we gave him and a metal dump truck that he got to. Happy 2nd Birthday Mick, We love you!!!
Also Saturday we bought Hunt some new tires(shoes). He got some tennies, black sketcher type and brown sandals. shoes are just as high as adults!!!

Sunday we did some things around the home and meet Ken and Kelley for dinner.

Last Friday I had a Dr appointment. More on that later.

Hunt and I attended the Vendor Fair on Thursday the 16th that the KECPTA set up. There were alot of interesting things and even some animals to. We saw a macaw, a spiny lizard, a chinchilla and a hedgehog.

We didn't make it to our Orthotic appointment on the 2nd. Hunt's orthotic didn't make it in. We did however go and finally pick the brace/orthotic up on the 9th. Hunt has been doing just fine with only one brace. I admit I was a little worried about it at first. We had to go pick up Hunt's new insert Thursday to.
Hunt will see his PT on the 23rd. She's had a busy schedule as well.

Last Wednesday Hunt, Kelley and I drove out to a little farm and picked some strawberries. The drive wasn't too far at all and I love to go to "pick your own" farms. There's just something about picking your own produce. I love it! It reminds me of my childhood and the gardens that we had. Hunt enjoyed going to...although I think he enjoyed playing with some of the bugs there more than picking berries. Next month their blackberries and beans will be ready for picking and you can bet we'll be there to pick our share. I washed, patted dry and froze the berries for later use. Kelley and I plan on trying our luck with canning. So strawberry jam will be a tasty treat to try soon. We also want to try pickles, pickled okra, tomato sauces and a few more. I'm excited about this new "adventure" we'll be participating in.

Ready for some pickin'

Hunt picking berries.

And running...

Showing me his strawberry.

Checking out the plants.

Holding a yummy berry.

Taking a rest.

Hunt and Mama.

Lookin for bugs!

Still looking...

Mama this is heavy!

Look at all those berries!
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Hunt sitting by some garden boxes full of lettuce.

Sign to the farm.

We picked up some fresh radishes to.

Our own little garden is still hanging in there despite a couple of really hard rains. And a small amount of hail. I did manage to cover them up twice when the hail hit. Thank goodness I had enough clay pots that were large enough to cover the little leafy darlings. Hang in there guys...mama loves you!

The KECPTA Easter party was lots of fun.
The kiddos enjoyed some crafts and coloring. During snack/lunch the Easter Bunny showed up! He greeted everyone and posed for pictures with the brave children. Hunt was a champ, but some didn't take to the long eared, hopping guy so well.
After bunny photos we headed outside for the Easter egg hunt, waited for the Easter Bunny to give the OK and they were off. Running and snatching up eggs as fast as they could. Each child got to grab as many eggs as they brought.
Off to the playground they went after the egg hunt. Below are some pictures of that day along with the rest of our Easter photos...slideshow version.

Hunt and I dyed Easter eggs on the 10th and I made strawberry cupcakes on the 11th. Both were taken to Grandma and Papa's house for Easter lunch.
The Easter Bunny made a visit to our little home here in Texas and left our little monkey boy a basket full of goodies. He was thrilled to wake up Easter Sunday and see his basket filled to the rim with sweets and trinket/toys.
Around 10:00am we left for Grandma and Papa's for more Easter celebrating and visiting. Hunt and little cousin played together and got to dig through their baskets that the grandparents made up for them. Then it was time for lunch. We had a variety to choose from and it was all tasty. There was ham, brisket, sausage, hash brown casserole, deviled eggs(courtesy of our egg coloring on the 10th), baked beans, rolls and for desert our cupcakes and strawberry shortcake. It seems there was a strawberry theme going on. Maybe because it's strawberry time of year and we were all ready for the yummy red fruity goodness.
Finally after lunch was gobbled up it was egg hunting time. Because of the rainy weather and muddy-ness outside the boys had to hunt eggs inside. None the less it didn't bother them one bit. Papa took them outside to play in the deer blind/stand while the rest of us hide the eggs around the house. When all the eggs were hide and (strategically...haha) placed in came the boys to get the game underway. This was little cousins first egg hunt, but Hunt's 3rd(he's getting to be a real pro now!). Hunt took off and was filling his basket quickly to the top. Little cousin was slowly getting the hang of it and had a close run for Hunt. With all(or at least we hope all) the eggs were found, the boys sat down in the floor and went through their stash. And what a stash it was. More goodies and such than 5 children needed much less 2.
See above slideshow for photos of the Easter fun...

Hunt's dentist appointment went very well. His teeth looked great! YAY!!! And he did superb! They took X-Rays, cleaned, vitamined and thoroughly inspected each one. The only thing I need to do is floss him...ughhh! I hate to floss myself except when I have a food particle stuck or something. Of course he was an angel when they were doing it, but at home...hahaha! We'll have to work on it.

I finally got around to taking Hunt to see the Easter Bunny and get our yearly Easter photo done. We had had things going on and had not had a chance until the 7th. We'll see how the scanned photo comes through...

The Casa Manana play was cute and funny. Hunt sat and watched it without trouble and enjoyed it. I thought it was kind of silly, but all the kids seem to like it, not just my crazy child.

Our Canton trip on the 4th was SUPER!!! I came back with a few goodies. Take a look...what do you think?????

One wooden cross I will be grouting shells on and the other two wooden and metal will be painted and stacked on each other. Like a three layer cross. And I've been wanting some colorful huge, chunky and gaudy looking beaded necklaces for a while. One is just beads and the other has beads and a placket that says "Mom's Rock" on one side and "My Kids Rock" on the other.
Also that beautiful baby quilt underneath. I also bought Hunt's friend Rebecca a oilcloth bag and had her name embroidered on it. Oh and a oilcloth mat to go under Hunt's easel.

See how cute they are worn together!!!

Oh and I'm excited to finally have a hair appointment on the 22nd. I just hope it turns out good. I'm crossing my fingers(and toes)that it will turn out how I imagine it. I'll try to get a photo of my current, un-styled, hair before the day and then an after picture...only if it looks ok. I know, silly, but I'm strange like that.

Here is a photo of the little puppets Hunt and I made for Rebecca's birthday to go with her bag and scrapbook. And the Birthday card hunt made for her.

And just 5 short days until we leave for vacation! Yee Haww!...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

well hello there...

Well good Wednesday to you...

Where have I been?...not updating lately huh? I've been getting lazy and been tired alot.

Wow, and it's now April. Can you believe it????

So here's what's been going on...

On the 22nd we planted our garden. Oh that was some fun. It was originally my little task, but thank the Lord hubs helped me. We were both a little sore the next day. He tilled it up, fenced it off and helped plant. We planted a blackberry bush, a blue berry bush, tomato plant(I'm wanting to do a few more), strawberry plants(that I fear are barely hanging on), some onions, a yellow squash plant and some taters. I'm working on more radish and peppers. And will try our carrots and cucumbers again.
Hunt tried to help, but got more in the way than anything. But we did let him have some hoeing and digging time.
Zoe hasn't messed with the fence at all from what I can tell, so that's a good thing!
Here's some pics I took of some of the garden fun.

Hubs tilling.

Hunt's dirty feet.

Hunt hoeing.

Another dirty feet photo.

Hunt doing more gardening work...haha.


More dirty feet.

Our little blackberry bush.

The finished little garden.

And another dirty piggies pic.

On this same day we made a trip to Lowe's to get a few more supplies and stuff. At Lowe's we saw some good friends that we hadn't seen in a while. It was really good to see Amy and Steve and the kids. It's weird because we only live like 5 min from each other. We planned a family dinner night at some point coming up to catch up and spend some time with each other. Isn't it funny how time flies and passes before you know it.

March 26th was grandma's birthday. We joined the family at Carraba's and had dinner. It was a nice time, but the food could have been better. Hunt and little cousin didn't even eat their pizza. And Hunt is an all out pizza man. You know something isn't right when kids don't touch pizza. Hunt painted grandma a card and signed it. And Hunt and I made her a memo pad/pen holder box thing. We also gave her a GC to Kohl's.

Hunt painting Grandma's card...a flower.

Painting her gift.

The finished present(we stuck on stickers that says grandma, and cute saying).

We had planned a camping trip for this past weekend, but because of the weather and cold temps we decided to postpone it until later, probably in May since April's weekends are full. And thank goodness that we did! We did however spend the weekend at the lakehouse. It was fra, fra, freeeezing! I would have been miserable in a tent for sure. The weekend was spent mostly watching movies indoors and a trip to Walmart. Sunday Hunt finally got a chance to play outside and run some stink off of him! He had fun ridding his 4 wheeler and running like a mad man. He was ready to blow off some steam. It's no fun at all being cooped up indoors for a few days when you're 4. And it's not much fun to be cooped up indoors with a 4 year old who needs to get energy out either. C R A Z Y !!!!
Looking over the lake made me wish for warmer weather. I'm ready for some boating and swimming! About another month and we'll get the boat ready for summer fun.
We'll see how everyone does with skiing, boarding and tubing this year. We all had fun last season that's for sure!

We've got so much planned for April. Hunt had an appointment with Dr.Packwood(his eye specialist) today. Everything seems great and he cleared him of further visits. YAY!!!! That's one less visit for mama to remember. I can mark those off my day planner!

Tomorrow we have to go pick up Hunt's new insert and brace. We'll see how he does with one of each. He's never had this before and always had both feet in the same thing. I'm crossing my fingers that he takes to them well. We've never had any issues with him fighting us to wear them...ever.

Friday is the KECPTA Easter party. I'm sure to have way to many photos, so stayed tuned to see the fun we had.

Hunt has a birthday party to attend on Sunday. One of his little friends will be turning 5! Happy Birthday Rebecca! Hunt was invited to come and is excited. This little friend is the one that holds his hands and gives hugs and kisses. So sweet! We've been making her some special little gifts in addition to one we'll pick up Saturday. We hope she likes them. I'll post photos of them shortly.

Next Wednesday Hunt has his 6 month dentist appointment. This was the one we had to reschedule since January. He's been doing wonderfully at brushing his own teeth...what a big boy!

Then that Thursday the 9th is a Casa Manana play Rockin with Mother Goose.
Aunt Kelley is going with us so I'm sure we'll have an awesome time!

Then Easter the 12th at grandma and papa's. Hunt and little cousin M will hunt Easter eggs and we're sure to stuff our faces with some Easter goodies.

Little cousin M's birthday party is the 18th. He'll be 2 years old! Wow! Happy Birthday Cousin M!!! And I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but cousin M will be a big brother some time around May 9th. We will have a little girl cousin to play with and enjoy.

On the 21st Hunt has an appointment with his PT Dana. She hasn't seen him in about 6weeks to 2 months. She'll see how Hunt is handling the new inserts and braces.

Then on the 25th we leave for vacation! Yippee! We'll be gone from the 25th through May 3rd. As I said before we're heading to San Antonio and maybe then a few days at the lakehouse.
And( this is too much)on the 30th of April hubs and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it 15 years! Man has it been 15 years already? Whoo Hooo! It sure doesn't seem like it.

Aunt Kelley has a birthday coming up on the 28th. I've already decided what goodies she'll be getting. I'm sure she'll like um.

Sometime soon, this week or next we'll go see the Easter Bunny. And I want to get some bluebonnet pictures this year to. So maybe next weekend on the 11th I can talk hubs into taking us to find a good patch. I've seen a few areas, but none that looked really great. We may need to make a little trip of it to find good ones. Last year we missed them due to lack of rain fall. This year seems to be looking good.
And the pick your own farm that's in Arlington says they open in April, so we'll soon make a trip that way to. I need to be sure what they have and when we can go first. I can't wait!

And lastly Kel and Steph and I will be making a little trip East this Saturday. We'll be heading to CANTON!!! I just love Canton! Steph's son and Hunt will be tagging along to, so it won't be just the girls this time. Oh well, it's Canton, who cares!!! I try to go every chance I get...kiddos or not!!! HA! I've got my eye out for a few things, so we'll see what we end up bringing back.

I know this posting was kinda long...thanks for hanging in there.(word of caution..i didn't check for grammer or spelling on this post..hahaha)

Catch you soon!...