Monday, January 31, 2011


~January 31, 2011~

Did y'all see what happened?!!!!

Whoops...It seems that my recent January 30th post didn't appear at the top of our blog diary! I think because I've been working on it since December! Sorry!

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Sorry for the confusion!...

Monday, January 24, 2011

back in the saddle again...maybe...

~January 25, 2011~

Well here it is January 25th and my attempts at keeping up with our blog diary are not going so well. We've been fighting off colds, ear infections and arm injuries. These on top of everyday activities and this mama has been more than busy around here!
So I think I'll just throw this post in so maybe it will help me get back in the saddle again on posting our family news...

Alrighty, let's see...I still need to post 3 months back, but we'll start here...this past Friday, just before picking Hunt up from school hubs and I decided to stop off at a park not too far from Hunt's school. We had extra time before picking him up and decided to get Em out and show her some ducks and geese there. So we made our way around and parked. I got out and noticed a duckling laying in the grass next to the curb. It was on it's back and I thought it was dead until I saw a foot move and then the eyes open. So I turned it over and it wouldn't walk or move. It appeared to be sick or hurt. There were a few ducks in the vicinity of it, but none close enough and with babies to assume it belonged to any of them. So I picked it up and told hubs that I couldn't just leave it there. Over across the pond we did noticed a duck with babies that to me looked like they were bigger than the one we had just found. Anyway I took it with us in hopes that we could help it or at the very least keep it warm before it passed on. It was so cute, with black and yellow down. Hunt named it "Bob"! We ended up taking Bob to a vet's office. We knew a girl that worked there and she said she would have the vet look at it. She took down where it had been found and even said that the vet has a pond with ducks to. By the time we left, Bob was trying to walk more and moving more than earlier. Poor Hunt was crying because he wanted to keep it. I would have kept him to, if we only had a place and a pond.
SO Luck to you Bob!!!{I called and left a message with our friend at the vet office to see how Bob was and where he'll be ending word on him yet}
Later that evening we meet Kelley and Ken at Martha's for some yummy Mexican food and drinks! It was to celebrate Ken's birthday which was on the 19th. We had a nice dinner as usual!

Oh yes...Hunt got his report card Friday as well. And he got developed(they do kindergarten grades at his school as D-developed, S-still developing or N-needs improvement) in all areas! His teacher even tested him and marked "D" in areas that aren't normally tested until later in the year. But the down side is(dunt, dunt, dunt)he got an "N"in behavior!!! N for needs improvement! Tell me something I don't already know! We keep going down hill on the behavior area of the report card. First E then S, now N. The only other grade is a U for unsatisfactory!
I pray that it doesn't get to that point. Ugh!!! What's a mama to do I ask you?!!!

Saturday we meet up with Kelley and Ken and Wendy and Monte for a trip to the Fort Worth Stock Show. We love to go every year and check out all the animals and exhibits. And...some of the yummy cinnamon rolls and cowboy burritos!!! If you go, you MUST try both!!! To Die For!
This year Emma really enjoyed everything to! She liked looking at all the animals and making the animal sounds. I think her favorite was the cows and sheep. She did not care too much for the horses! I think she didn't realize how big they were, and when they whinnied and snorted, well that was the end of it! Her eyes got as big as saucers and she was ready to move on to something else. Ha! Here are some photos I took of what we saw and did at the Stock Show...

{look at those hams...}

{because who knows how much longer he will want to hold my hand...}

The highlight was just at the very end of the day as we were leaving. We got to witness a calf being born! It was so very awesome! It brought tears to my eyes! In an instant a new little life starts, so amazing! We almost missed it. The only reason we were lucky enough to see this was because I had decided to cross the road opposite everyone else and go snap a few more photos of some cows outside the barns. I stopped to shoot a photo of this one cow and she was in labor. She was laying there and I didn't notice it at first. The owners were there helping her and so Kelley and I had to stay and watch. Then the rest of our group joined us in enough time to see this little fella drop. Of course by then a crowd had gathered to. Poor cow had absolutly no privatsey what so ever! I took a few photos, and I will not gross you out with all of them. Just one of the mom and babe minutes after birth.

Both kids had pretty good behavior the entire day!!! Yay for that!!!

Monday Em and I picked Hunt up from school and surprised him with a trip to the park.

The weather wasn't too cold and the day was pretty. I took Em out of the stroller to run around some while Hunt played. At one point Hunt was on the bottom of a slide and jumped off and landed right on Em, knocking her down. Of course she started crying so I picked her up. She cried when I put her back in the stroller, but after we walked around she stopped and seemed fine. Afterward I loaded her in the tahoe and she started crying again and I just assumed it was because she didn't want to get straped in, and wasn't ready to leave. She stopped before we drove away. Getting her out at home she started crying again and that's when I noticed she wasn't moving her right arm. When we got inside I tried to get her to raise it and she really started crying. So I called her Drs office to try and get a nurse for help. She phoned me back and told me to go ahead and take her to the Cook's urgent care center just to be safe.
After waiting for over 2 hours in a waiting room more than past full, we saw a Dr. He felt up her shoulder, on her wrist and up to her elbow when he said... "yes! there! I felt it pop!" He said that a ligament in the elbow had got stuck. And he just realigned it and popped it back in place. They call it a "nursemaid's elbow" and said that it is common for children under 5. And that one third of children who have this will have a recurrent episode in the future. Oh just great!!!
But after he did that Em wanted down and was trying to get into the cabinets and such in the room, so it seems she IS back to her normal self. Crazy how fast it worked! Up until then she didn't want me to put her down. At least she's feeling better! They went ahead and gave her some Motrin there at the center for pain. Now, if we can seem to keep well after being that long in a waiting room full of the strep, flu and Lord knows what else, we'll be doing good! At least the kids are both still on antibiotics from the ear infections! Halleujea for that!!!

I think that's enough to leave y'all thinking about, huh?!!!
Ear infections, report card behavior, a half dead duck, stock show highlights, a calf birth and an arm injury...yep, that should do it...

I'll holler at y'all later!..