Saturday, January 10, 2015

we haven't tried this before...

                                                         ~January 10, 2015~

I've been walking this week several times.  Trying to get moving be more physically active you know. I even got my rear-end out there today and walked/jog my mile.  I was proud of myself for that. Every day I'm improved my time.  It might not be by much, but every little bit counts in my book.

We tried from Across the Pond pub & eatery tonight.  This restaurant had true English type foods like shepherds pie, bangers and mash, fish  and chips...etc.  They also had some Italian type foods and salads and a couple of others.

I had the fish and chips with mush peas. 

Hubs had a meatball sub, Em had spaghetti with meat sauce and Bubba had a huge slice of cheese pizza. 
My food was good.  Bubba's pizza was really good. Hubs said his sub was ok, not great. and Em didn't eat but a few bites of her pasta.  She said she didn't really like it.  I tried hers and it wasn't that great.  SO all in all it was good.  I would go back.  The bread they served before the meal was very yummy! To be honest I haven't had that much true foods from England.  I have tried shepherd's pie, and don't care for it that much.  I do hear that that dish from here is good. As well as their bubble and squeak.

Every smile makes you a day younger!

Friday, January 9, 2015

A year in photos::2014...


~January 9, 2015~
So here it is. Some highlight photos of 2014! 
January started off with the kids and I out to watch the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade.  It was cold as usual, but we had snacks to keep our minds off the temps as we watched the parade.

The kids participated in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  They both got 3rd place!

The Fort Worth Stock Show was great as usual!  The kids love to see all the animals...and the food and snacks are yummy!
Hunter celebrated his 9th Birthday February with family and friends at Altitude Trampoline park.

(a Nerf theme for this party)

Also in February Emma and Daddy attended a father daughter dance. A special night for just those two.  Sweets and dancing!
Daddy gave Em a corsage.  I love this photo!

Hubs and I celebrated our Birthdays with family at Razzoos in March! Yummy Cajun food and a fish bowl drink! Always good!
Em took gymnastics again.  She loves it!
Easter was fun.  Look at those loaded baskets!  
Easter Egg hunting at Grandma's. They look so nice! Love these two turds!
Spring time means camping starts! Bubba putting up his tent at our spring cub scout campout.
Em also took dance again.  Her recital was so adorable!
Dancing...and singing! HA!
Hunt did great at field day at school! Go Bubba!
 We said good bye at the end of the year to a great 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Jones.
Em got her first pedicure! A great treat for starting off Summer and vacation!
(less than 24 hours and she already had polish off a few) 

Vacation with friends at the Coast...Port A!

Texas State Aquarium...we love going there!
Brothers and sisters and friends!!! Movie night!

A morning bingo game at the beach house.

Splash pad...Hello summer!
Our annual keyhole garden.  
 Bubba enjoying archery at day camp.
Hunt had a first this year...his first away camp!!! This mama missed him so much! He went to Camp Tahuaya for 4 days with some of his Cub Scout friends.
 Bubba's camp group. (Daddy did go to help)
Getting ready for his first canoe trip at camp.
Someone got braces in 2014! Oh boy!
 Still my handsome little man!
 Along with bottle rockets, Bubba tried his luck at Rain Gutter regatta with his Cub Scout friends.  It was hot!

Before we knew it it was July4th!!! We stayed the weekend at our friends' Lake House. Thanks Ken and Kelley! Love and miss yall!
 Of course we swam in the lake...
 And shot off and watched fireworks with friends!
 Our first trip to NRH2O with friends.
Emma and Emma! 
 A day at the deer lease was fun, but so so HOT!
 We shot some skeet! I love love!!!

We surprised the kids with a trip to the Lego Fest! There was some cool things there! Here's Emmet! So neat!!! All Legos.
We love the library story time! Em with two of her good friends! All with "E" names!

 Another Cub Scout campout in October!  Worth Ranch is so awesome! I love it there.

 Goofy boys! Look at these two!

 Sister helped out with the scouts learning "scout skills". She didn't mind!
My two kids climbing the rock wall at our cub scouts rally. 
Before long summer was ending and it was getting close to back to school time. Bubba meeting his 4th grade teacher. Mrs. Walker. 
First day of 4th Grade. 
 Em started Pre-School this year. Here she is meeting her teacher Mrs. Paola.
Emma's first day of Pre-School. She did great! Mama...not so much. Why do they grow up so fast?

Look at her! So sweet and innocent.  Her life ahead of her!
October...and Em turned 5 this year! 5!!! Seriously?! 5!!!! How can that be? She had a super fun Brave party.
She chose a skating party. 
Em had her first field trip.  Her class went to the pumpkin patch.
 She was SO excited to ride in the "bus"!
Then I took both kids to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch for some great photos and fun!  We go every year! We have gone every years since Hunt's first Fall!

Bubba earned his Webelo patch and Paint stripes!

                                            Way to go Bubba! Look how big he is getting.

Daddy attended a Wood Badge Course.  And earned his neckerchief and woggle! YAY!

Look who we saw at Halloween time...An Egyptian Queen!  Em wanted to dress like Katy Perry on her music video for the song Dark Horse! She looked so adorable! Her class trick-or-treated around the office where she attends pre-school.
Along with our Egyptian we also had a Snow Trooper from Star Wars.

And later that evening we Trick-Or-Treated with some friends.

 We heard about and visited a cool park. There we found some statues of a Wooly Mammoth and a Saber Tooth Tiger.  Right up Hunt's alley!

The kids and I stopped by Peppi le Potter to paint ceramics. And a few weeks ago I heard that they were closing.  Dang!!!

Thanksgiving was nice. We spent time with family and had yummy food and decorated cookies.

 These kids really dis-like Christmas! Ha!  And tree decorating.

                                                                               Look how great our tree was!  We did a good job!

 Hunt and all the 3rd graders had a funny Christmas program. 

Hunt was Comet and had 3 talking part!  He did GREAT!!!!

 Em's class had a book gift exchange for their Christmas party.

And sang us Christmas songs!  How cute it was! She was not shy at all.  Way to go Em!!!

 We talked Daddy into joining us this year for Breakfast with Santa at Bubba's school.

And look who Jingles the elf brought back from the North Pole. Meet Belle! Em named her.  Now we have 2 elves to watch over us at Christmas time...and to report to Santa on our behavior and good deeds! 
Hunt and Em participated in an International Gift Exchange.  What fun it was!  We mailed gifts to our 2 exchange friends Elsa in England and Evan here in the US. And we received gifts from them!
Grandma treated us to a trip to Gaylord Ice!  How cool and beautiful!  Bubba had been twice before a couple of years ago.   This year's theme was Frosty the Snowman.  Look at these 2 in those big'ol coats! 
The best part was the ice slides at the end!
 The kids slid until all their turns were used up!
 We had such an awesome Christmas!  Some really good gifts!
 During December the kids and I decorated HUGE gingerbread men cookies!  Wow they were BIG!  And fun to decorated. 
Here are the 4 that we did. Pretty good job!
Christmas at Grandma's was awesome as well! Lots of goodies and clothes.  Everyone made out nicely.
I didn't take photos on New Years.  We celebrated at home with the kids.  Santa brought our family a karaoke machine, so we had a blast with that.  We had mini ice cream sundays with sprinkles and rootbeer for the kids.  We played 2 games.  Em didn't make it to 12am.  She was gone about 20 minutes before.  And Bubba made it just at about 12! 
We are so Thankful for a healthy and safe 2014.  We did lots of fun things and have many memories to. I am always thankful for the things that we have and we get to do. We are blessed!
2015 I know will be just as great!!!