Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what we've been up to...

Happy "Late" St. Patrick's Day to everyone. I didn't get a chance to catch up on the blog until I'm behind a bit.

Hunt had an orthotics(sp? I know I should know this...right?!) appointment today. His PT wanted to see if he needed new shoe inserts or maybe try some short braces again.
His right foot is doing well, but his left ankle still wants to turn in. I think Deborah, our orthotics woman, wants to try Hunt in an EOS brace on the left foot and a new insert for the right. It will be kind of weird I would think. He's always had both feet in the same thing whether it was a brace or an insert. We'll see how it turns out. We go back to see her on April 2nd to try the new ones on.
After the appointment Hunt wanted to try out some new goodies that he got.

A bubble gun and worked ok

Of course we had to ride our tire horse and try it to.

A roly poly playground.

We also painted.

My photo of Hunt making a silly face.

Hunt's photo of me. Nice job bubba, where's the rest of my head and face???

It was a nice day yesterday at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. We walked the grounds, took many photos and enjoyed what little flowers were in bloom. Some friends from KECPTA group joined us there for a pic-nic lunch. Hunt played ball with some of the boys and ran wild. We did pretty good considering he is still clumsy. We manage not to fall in the pond, but did come home with some skinned knees and wet shoes and socks(he just had to step into a small stream).
What is it with boys and getting as dirty or wet as possible??? If it's a mud puddle, water puddle or small area of water boys WILL find it! I mean I looked over today to see Hunt climbing the huge pile of mulch and fertilizer at the gardens. I mean the stuff even had an odor to it, but none the less he was on top of it playing "king of the mountain". And forget about the 100 signs telling everyone to stay off the flower beds and to stay on the sidewalk...I know I told him so many times I can't even remember the count.
All in all we had a good time, but were ready to head home and get a nap shortly after we had our lunch.

One of the moms brought a strange type of rice/sushi roll today. So I HAD to try it. It was a piece of spam wrapped up in rice and rolled in seaweed similar to a sushi roll. It wasn't bad, just different. I can't remember the name of it though. I'll have to ask her again what it was called.

Let's see... Tuesday was "green" day. And being part Irish I always try to at least wear some green or do something special to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.
Hunt and I meet good friend Steph for lunch downtown. We took Hunt to Uno's pizza. It was tasty and I knew Hunt wouldn't complain. We did a little catching up and had a good visit.
Hunt and I made some Irish Soda Bread. It didn't turn out too pretty. And after reading the recipe I discovered that I DID NOT follow the directions!!! What a dork I am. I totally forgot to add the salt and I didn't mix it the way the recipe told. Oh well. It was really simple to do.
I had some with butter and it taste fine.

I'm also contemplating on getting my hair cut and colored. Here's what I would LOVE it to look like... know how that goes. I'm tired of it and want a change. Right now it's to about my bra line and it's just there. Nothing cute, fancy or anything. Just plain B O R I N G !!!

A little over a month to go until we go on vacation. Yippee!!!

That's really about all that's been happening around our neck of the woods.

Catch you all later...

Friday, March 13, 2009

rainy friday...

Well, here we are at the end of the week. Ready for the weekend to start.

It's been raining here in North Texas off and on for 3 days and although we really do need the rain to fill up the lakes and such, I don't care for the "lake" in our back yard. Water still standing as the rain falls. Our poor flowers and seeds drowning in the wetness. I can already tell we'll have to plant more.

Maybe all this rain will bring us lots of Bluebonnets this year. Last year was a sorry year for them. Not many at all.

Daddy came home early today, around 12:45. He needed to take off some overtime from the past two days. He had to pick up and drop off some "guests" down towards Huntsville in Dayton. This required an overnight stay. He left Wednesday morning and came back Thursday afternoon. For those of you that know what hubs does for a living know what I mean when I say "guest".

We haven't been doing much this week due to the rainy cold weather.

Today I decided that we had to get out of the house for a while so Hunt and I had lunch at Chick Fil A. Later we may run up to Walmart to grab some necessities...such excitement I know.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

getting ready for Spring...

So is everyone getting a little accustom to the time change yet?

Daddy is working first shift for a while so for him to have to get up early is a big change, not to mention having a time change on top of that.

Our past weekend was a nice one. We celebrated daddy's birthday on Saturday. The old man is another year older...(ahem)! Hahaha!

Hunt painting daddy a birthday card

Hunt and I made a guitar pen and pencil holder. We bought it at Michael's unfinished and decided to do some painting on it and decoupage. It turned out really cute, but I can't seem to get Hunt to leave it alone. He's always picking it up and strumming it like a real guitar. Of course since we made it, I'm not sure how well it will hold up. So I kindly ask him to put it down...and that it's just to hold pencils and to look at. He's not convinced that it isn't for a jam session!

We also got daddy a book. The title is Long Rifle . It has to do with a sniper over seas in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right up daddy's alley. He loves military books. Also there was a guitar game that he wanted, but it's not released yet. So I told him that when it comes out we'll go get it.

Daddy holding up his birthday card from Hunt.


Not sure what Hunt is doing in this photo.

Helping daddy open up his present.

We had lunch at Red Robin..yummy...Saturday! Have you ever tried their Campfire sauce? Oh man how I love it! I'm so picky at eating sauce and I don't like mayo or mustard or even salad dressings. But this sauce...ohhhh boy! I do LOVE it! We were told by a waiter a while back that it was bar b que sauce and mayo mixed together. I'm scared to try to recreate it at home. So if anyone out there has ever heard of the "true" recipe for it...forward it on PLEASE!!!
For dinner daddy wanted to go to Sweetie Pie's and have some beef. Which was fine with me. It's probably the best steaks that we've found in a long time. You have to make a drive out to Decatur, but they are worth it. And don't forget if you go to get a slice of their pecan pie. Ken and Kel went to dinner with us.
We took some of the cake pops that Hunt and I made to enjoy after dinner. Everyone thought they were good, but I thought they could have been better. I think it was due to the fact that the icing I used to mix with the cake was a whipped type and not a simple frosting. They turned out kinda cut. I didn't have a cookie cutter that was needed to shape the cupcake shape. I had to shape them by hand.

Hunt helping make cakepops...

They kind of looked like mini cupcakes.

Of course Hunt had to try one! Look at that mouth...

After dinner, and since we were half way there, we decided to run up to the lake house. The lake was really down. We all could use some rain I know. With it being this low we won't be able to use the boat ramp at the lake house. We'll have to drive it around and launch it at a public ramp on the lake. Sort of a hassle.
But being there at the lake did make me miss the boat and I decided to start a count down until boating season. We usually get it out in May, so that means it's something like 53 days...yay!!! I'll be ready to throw on a swim suit and spend the weekends there. I'm sure we'll go up again before May. We'll need to do some cleaning up and mowing soon. Awww...those fun summer days!!!

Sunday was spent here at home. Although we did take a trip to Lowe's. I love Spring. And getting ready for it is nice. We needed grass seed and fertilizer. And I wanted to get some stuff for the garden and flower beds. We should have brought the truck...we came back with fencing and t-posts as well as bags of soil, seed, fertilizer, bird feed, flowers, plants, garden tools and other odds and ends. Hunt even got his own little person rake, hoe, shovel and trowel.

Today Hunt and I cleaned out the front flower bed and planted some flowers as well as the peony bulb and poppy seeds. Peonies and poppies are my favorite! I hope at least one comes up, but I'm not holding my breath on it.
Hunt was fascinated with the snails and grub worms. I took a few photos...

I guess that wraps up the past few days for us.
Have a good evening and we'll talk at you later...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


A very slow week around here for us.

Not much going on at all... boring...

We made some sweet egg carton caterpillars in addition to our workbooks and other small craft and art activities.

Daddy finally got his truck back Thursday. Yay! Fingers crossed...we won't have any more problems. It still comes up with a mechanical code. It could be due to the power box that he has on it. It's a box that gives the truck more power to go faster and pull better. Hubs says he needs to contact the manufacturer and ask them about it. Maybe there's an update that needs to be run.

This coming Saturday is daddy's birthday. Hunt has started a birthday card for him and he'll finish it up later today or tomorrow. I'm planning on making some cake pops. They're really cute and seem easy enough to make. Tomorrow Hunt and I will go out and get his gift. We're meeting friends for dinner somewhere...hubs choice.
I'll post some photos of the pops if and when I get them made.

I've been so lazy lately.

So that's about it, told you...not much going on...

Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend, in a nut shell...

Here we are again, back from the weekend and ready to start the week.

It's still been pretty quiet around here. With not too much going on.

Saturday we attended a retirement party for two of hub's co-workers in Burleson. The couple worked together with hubs and both were retiring to their ranch near Hillsboro. Everyone meet at Spring Creek Bar-B-Que around lunch time and had lunch and visited. Invitation was given to us by the couple to come out and visit them sometimes. Go fishing in the lake or let Hunt ride the tractor or tend to the cows. So we'll have to make a day trip there sometimes.

After lunch we went to a TSC(Tractor Supply Company) store and then to two feed stores. TSC had some sweet bunnies they were selling, I guess since Easter isn't that far off. Hunt kept asking if we could buy one. I told him that I didn't think so. He had a nice time of petting them over and over and over.
At one of the feed stores I purchased 2 small tomato plants and some small onion plants as well as a small brussel sprout plant to. I thought what the heck...give um a try...since my tomato seeds didn't sprout anyway. So now I need to keep them alive until I think we won't have any more frosts so they can be planted outdoors.
At the other feed store hubs bought a small practice rope for Hunt and some fresh eggs.

Sunday we had dinner with hub's parents and brother and sister in law and little cousin. We went to Joe's Crab Shack and had some steamer bowls. Mine had 2 kinds of crab legs, sausage, shrimp, a corn on the cob and some new potatoes. It was VERY good and I ate it ALL!

So that was it, our weekend in a nut shell. Not too much. It's pretty sad that here lately the most I write about seems to be food...

Have a good week!...