Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Camps...

~June 22, 2016~

So I am, sitting here with this computer in my lap.

 Thinking that I really do want to restart my blog diary.  The last post was well over a year ago. SO many changes going on right now. So many things happening. My kids are getting older I know, and it is hard for me to deal with that sometimes. I'm floored often at how fast life goes.  How fast the days, weeks, months and years roll by. Our busy lives, like everyone's, has us running like crazy. Children grow up and your lives get fuller.  Saturdays and most of the weekends are almost never completely free. You can't do it all, you just do what you can...right?!

Hunt graduated from Cub Scouts earlier this month and has crossed over to Boy Scouts.

The ceremony was neat, I think the boys liked it.
Earning the last rank of Cub Scouts- Arrow of Light.
Hunt and most of these AOL Scouts went through both the old and new Webelos/Arrow of Light courses and earned it twice.
Bubba joined Boy Scout Troop 170.  I took a few photos of his first official meeting as a Boy Scout. 

This past Sunday we dropped off Hunt at Worth Ranch for his Boy Scout Camp. This is the first time that he is at a camp without hubs or myself. It's hard for me.  He wasn't feeling 100%.  That along with the fact that he was not with all of his scout friends made it a bit scary for him I think.
His camp trunk was packed!  I much of this stuff is not going to make it back home...what items will he forget at camp?

Normally the Scouts would ride to camp as a group, but we weren't sure he was feeling up to going until Sunday late afternoon, so we drove him out.

I mailed off letters this week to Hunter at camp. Yes...I am that mom! Ha! It was tough to drive away knowing that I won't see him until family day Thursday evening. But...I know that this is so good for him.  Good for all boys.  They learn so so much.  We want our boys to grow up and become great men right?!!!! 

I saw this on FB the other day. I'm sure it's pretty accurate! Oh boy! PRAY FOR ME!

Sister also had Girl Scout camp this week.  Her's is a day camp at Camp Burnett in Grapevine. I drop
her off and pick her up daily.
 She was so excited to go!!!
And HOT, sweaty and tired some when I picked her up.
She loved it though!
I'll be posting about our summer vacation soon...tons of photos! We had the best time!


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