Thursday, June 23, 2016 we come! Florida {part 1}

~June 23, 2016~

June 10-18 was our family vacation. Florida! Disney! Fun!
Before I get started, let me just say that we have some awesome friends! Tracey and Eric moved from Texas to Florida towards the end of last year.  We have missed them so much. They offered their home to us, to stay with them for the entire time we were in Florida.  Thank you again so so much y'all!

Ok, now, this was the first plane ride for both kids. So this in itself was exciting.  A new experience!

We checked in our 3 large bags, got something to eat and sat near the gate.
 While we were waiting, I decided to go to the gate counter and ask if they do anything special for first time flying kids.  The lady said that they didn't, but pointed to the gentleman next to her and stated that he was the pilot and that he may be able to do something. So he looked up from the papers that he was collecting. He said that they use to give out pilot wings, but they got sued because some kid stuck himself with them.  Then he proceeded to tell me that his grandmother still had the ones he got back in '68 from his first flight.  Then he said that they use to give out coloring books, but didn't even do that anymore. He ask me to write the kids' names down on a paper and he would mention them on the speaker while on the plane flying and, if I wanted to, I could bring the kids to the cockpit for a photo in the pilots seat before the flight began. WOW!!!  I was so excited!!! How awesome for them to do this! OH HECK YEAH!!! So he said just mention it to the 1st flight attendant. I was totally cool with that and went to sit down.

(Bubba getting his flight ticket)

About to board the plane.

We were about to head down the plane isle (because I wasn't sure which person to tell) when Captain Howard said "hey, are you ready"? I was like...Sure!  So the kids dropped their bags down(stopping the traffic of those behind us...sorry everyone).  They took turns sitting in the pilots seat and checking out the flight wheel.  Such a memorable experience!  Here is Captain Howard!  He was awesome!

He let Emma roll the window open to.

Thanks so much for your time Captain and for taking the time to talk to my kids!

(Daddy and Emma ready to go!)

 (Bubba is ready to)

(Bubba and I)

Oh and those wings that they no longer can hand out...somehow we ended up with 2 pair! HOW COOL!!! THANKS!!!


When we hit about 39,000 feet the Captain came on the speaker and said that he wanted to wish Hunter and Emma a safe and nice first flight!  Emma's eyes got so big!!!

It was a super easy and smooth flight.  Yep...looks like Florida down there! We made it!
We landed and rode a tram to the terminal pick up area.

Had to stop for a photo or two in Mickey Mouse ears.

And just as we stepped out of the shop, look who greeted us with an awesome WELCOME sigh! Tracey!!!  YAY!!!  That was so thoughtful!

The kids enjoyed dinner at a little resuarant and played games while we chatted.

And swam when we got to their house.

These girls! Such good Friends! They are so sweet.  It was like they had never been apart.


 And this was pretty much the girls sleeping every night!!! It was a busy week!
Fun! F-U-N!!!

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